Top 10 Things You Know are Bad but Do Anyway

The Top Ten Things You Know are Bad but Do Anyway

1 Procrastinate

I'm a pro at procrastinating!

2 Go to bed late
3 Drink too much

Don't see the fun of it. In fact, it's very unhealthy - Userguy44

4 Pretend to not see someone you know in public

What if it's somebody you don't like? - Userguy44

5 Do drugs
6 Skip school
7 Listen to music loudly with earphones

I listen to music loudly without earphones in public.

I do this to block out all the annoying noise that my relatives make sometimes

8 Watch WatchMojo!

What 's bad with him?

There are channels so much worse than watchmojo.

This one got a laugh out of me, just because it's completely true, I hate them and still occasionally fall victim to clickbait and this channel. - kempokid

Ha,this is true.-DarkBoi-X

9 Mock undeserving others
10 Jerk-Off

The Contenders

11 Lie
12 Show off
13 Argue over fictional characters
14 Post negative reviews on the Internet

Not a good choice for the list.
Someone who put on this list is a bad person who is family friendly (in a bad way) and takes positivity way too seriously.

What is so bad about writing a bad review? I do that all the time.

15 Be a Feminist

No! Being a feminist isn’t wrong! It gets bad when you are a hardcore feminazi. - Userguy44

16 Eat unhealthy food
17 Sing happy birthday
18 Talk to strangers
19 Browse hentai websites on the Internet
20 Get into arguments
21 Draw Rule 34
22 Tease
23 Bully
24 Fight over politics
25 Post personal information
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