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1 Go online

No... I believe you should do responsibilities such as chores or homework first thing. Going online is not something you should do first. After all he important stuff... Maybe.

My dictator parents won't let me after school. - TeamRocket747

I knew that Video Games would be high up but anyway I always go here and I actually go here before I finish homework - simpsondude

I usually do my homework in someone else's class. But I still get good grades even if I'm not following. - Therandom

This should be number one. I always go on the top tens after school. - cosmo

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2 Relax

It's the best thing to do after a school day or a stupidity test

That is my favorite hobby! - krazycandypop30

It is a way to unwind after school. - Therandom

This should be 1 what I do. I put in a metal or rock cd and lay down and listen

3 Have a snack

My school only allows fruit, vegetable or hard cheese just because of food allergies. - JoeBoi

Especially if lunch was 3-4 hours ago and you're starving

That's what I do... Cheetos and I end up having a date, except he leaves empty-handed (bad joke, sorry)! Cool list by the way, really creative! - Flowersocks2137

I like food, trust me this is rare because sometimes I can’t stand to eat but like rn I love the idea of tasting food

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4 Play video games

I'm not allowed on weekdays

I do that and have a snack and go online

Bye school, Me and my sis are gonna play Mario Kart 8 and Grand Theft Auto 5 - MorganChambz

I love playing video games. They are really fun. - cosmo

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5 Hang out with friends

To runway for depressed of your day, also you can talk with your friend what happen today and make joke about that - belarbi

I do this all the time in warmer weather... It's funn - MorganChambz

My friends don't live that ckise to me - simpsondude

6 Go outside

I do this to get home, actually. - PositronWildhawk

This is what I dread I NEVER go outside - simpsondude

7 Do your homework

That's me

You should do the other things if you like to buy you should do you homework first because you know you have finessed everything you need to and then you know you can be relaxed and you won't have to stress about the next day

I do this first so that way I have a lot of free time later in the day. Plus I don't even get much homework anyway, which is surprising because I'm in seventh grade. - Anonymousxcxc

It's one of my resolutions to finish homework once I get home. Something I'm going to need to learn before high school, for sure! - keycha1n

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8 Watch TV

I always do this. - cosmo

I always do this after school

Of course, feeling picky are we? - RobloxBFDIPoke223

9 Buy something

Sometimes I like to take money to school and after I get off the bus on those days, I go to the Co-op and buy something.

Subs! - RobloxBFDIPoke223

10 Sleep

YES! Every friday after school. My routine is home, shower, food screw you all I'm taking a nap

No, I don't wanna sleep! - RobloxBFDIPoke223

You must sleep should be a law! Sleep is so good for you.

No I would play and not be lazy

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11 Walk your dog
12 Masturbate

Ey that's nobody's business.


It's very relaxant after a boring day of school!


13 Listen to music

Yes, some kevin Macleod - RobloxBFDIPoke223

14 Have a bath

Yes a nice warm relaxing bath
I read in the bath and its really relaxing


15 Go home

You gotta go home before you do anything - jmepa1234

16 Play sports

I love sports

Nah - RobloxBFDIPoke223

Basketball - venomouskillingmachine

17 Study

Definitely no! - RobloxBFDIPoke223

Unless yiu have a test tomorrow! - MChkflaguard_Yt

No - venomouskillingmachine

18 Hit the mall

The nearest mall(walking distance) will be probably filled with students.

19 Ride your bike
20 Make out with your hot teacher

I've always liked the idea of student/teacher affairs, but the problem is that none of the teachers are hot enough to make you want to make out with them.


This is stupid.


Gross - schoolsucks

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21 Something nobody else has done before
22 Have some hot chocolate
23 Start a new activity
24 Steal a car
25 Go to your neighbor's house and play


26 Not do your homework

See your teachers be whiny the next day - spodermanfan1000

And then, whine and see they scold you and then "oh you just whined in the grade period" - MChkflaguard_Yt

27 Go on TheTopTens

Of course ;D

28 Play with your pets

I like petting my dog.

29 Procrastinate doing your homework

Don'procrastinate, just go to your room and play on your phone! :-)

30 Have a sandwich
31 Have sex

Great idea thanks

Must be non penetrative and a trusted girl.


God this site s filled with idiots.

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32 Push ups
33 Prank your family/friends
34 Meditate
35 Go on a hike

It's good for you!

But you have that much time to do so? Then you probably have dayoff or suspension. - MChkflaguard_Yt

36 Go Swimming
37 Study hard

Makes you cleverness go out of mind

38 Do something you love doing

Have fun doing something u love after a bit of homework of course.

39 Take your socks off
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