Top Ten Things You Should Do After School

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1 Go online

The first thing I do even in class is go online (despite being back in person). I browse the web before I do my school work.

I think after school you should go outside and play after you are done with your homework.

After school, I check on how my accounts are doing before I watch Paramount+ or do homework.

This should be number one. I always go on the top tens after school.

2 Relax

That is my favorite hobby!

This should be 1 what I do. I put in a metal or rock cd and lay down and listen

That's what I want to do

3 Have a snack

That's what I do... Cheetos and I end up having a date, except he leaves empty-handed (bad joke, sorry)! Cool list by the way, really creative!

You haven't eaten anything in three hours. What do you do?
A. Getz a snackz.
B. Don't care.
C. Don't care.
D. Don't care.
The correct answer is of course, A. This should be number one.

My school only allows fruit, vegetable or hard cheese just because of food allergies.

Sometimes, I sneak on some chips and other snacks after school.

4 Do your homework

I do this first so that way I have a lot of free time later in the day. Plus I don't even get much homework anyway, which is surprising because I'm in seventh grade.

It's one of my resolutions to finish homework once I get home. Something I'm going to need to learn before high school, for sure!

I get it kinda sucks having to do it, but I can chill in peace and quiet while listening to some music.

It sucks but I like to get things over with. After that I go play video games.

5 Go outside

I do this to get home, actually.

6 Play video games

Only on fridays. But it is still awesome! I like to play stuff like madden and rocket league.

Nothing like coming home and playing a good game of Street Fighter II or Minecraft.

I love playing video games. They are really fun.

Oh yeah. Wipeout, here I come!

7 Watch TV

Of course, feeling picky are we?

I always do this.

8 Hang out with friends

My group of friends and I hang out at a local park.

To runway for depressed of your day, also you can talk with your friend what happen today and make joke about that

9 Listen to music

I bring my MP3 to school so I can drown out the sound of the very immature teens I'm surrounded by for 6 hours and 5 days a week.

I enjoy listening to rock music and hip hop (mostly old school).

10 Sleep

YES! Every friday after school. My routine is home, shower, food screw you all I'm taking a nap

Sounds like a good idea, but sleeping in after school is rare.

You must sleep should be a law! Sleep is so good for you.

I always sleep after school.

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11 Buy something

Sometimes I like to take money to school and after I get off the bus on those days, I go to the Co-op and buy something.

12 Go home

Well where else are you gonna go?

13 Walk your dog

It's good exercise for you AND your dog!

14 Have a bath

Yes a nice warm relaxing bath
I read in the bath and its really relaxing

15 Hit the mall

I would love to go to Hot Topic after a long day of being at school for almost 7 hours (not including the bus ride to and from school, which would total to 7 hours since I leave home @ 7:30 and come home @ 3:10).

The nearest mall(walking distance) will be probably filled with students.

16 Study
17 Play sports

I love sports

18 Ride your bike
19 Go to your neighbor's house and play

I remember how I always used to do this outside of my apartment when I was in kindergarten, but then my friends/neighbors moved away in early 2012. :(

I wish I could do somethings like but my parents are overprotective, though I haven't actually asked if I could go some place after school

20 Go swimming
21 Start a new activity
22 Do something you love doing
23 Play with your pets

I like petting my dog.

24 Dance
25 Meditate
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