Top 10 Things You Would Do If You Ran Cartoon Network


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1 Cancel Teen Titans Go, Powerpuff Girls, and Ben 10

I don't include Uncle Grandpa because it's ending soon. - xashex

2 Find fresh new potential talent

Thank to god a few new cartoons that are coming looks promising

Cartoon Network isn't really a "Cartoon Network" when they constantly air ttg all day and don't really have a variety of shows. - xashex

Fingers crossed that they greenlight and air Infinity Train. - Anonymousxcxc

3 Air old cartoons

Edd n Eddy, KND, Old Ppgs, Old Ttg, Old Ben 10, Dexter's Lab, etc, etc. - xashex

4 Listen to fans feedback and try to improve steadily

In order to be successful in business, you must listen to the fans/customers and be humble. CN really isn't doing that, they're digging their own grave. They need to get on Nickelodeon's level because Nickelodeon is doing great this year with the PROPER reboots and shows like the loud house and welcome to the Wayne, also scheduling. - xashex

5 Make amazing shows with teachings

Kids these days need these kind of shows like the loud house. Stop relying on memes to be funny, memes these days are not funny, they seem more forced and offensive nowadays. I'm not saying "Make baby shows" not at all. We have Steven Universe and Gumball who have amazing teachings and characters like Steven who is a selfless, kind-heart individual. - xashex

6 Fix scheduling

They're airing the 2003 anime series Teen Titans very early in the morning, who is up to watch it? Air it around 2-4pm when kids are home! In the morning, air very old cartoons from 6-10pm, not just 1 individual hour. - xashex

7 Bring back awesome 90's-mid 2000's weekly marathons

I remember marathons of VARIOUS cartoons on the early weekends (Thursday night, etc.) and they were awesome. I would bring it back and make it fun for kids of this generation. - xashex

8 Promote, Promote, Promote

Promote the products like a boss! Get kids to watch and purchase merch! Don't promote just 1 thing. PROMOTE THEM ALL! - xashex

9 Don't insult fans through shows
10 Air family friendly anime

I'm not saying "Make kids weeaboos" Not at all. - xashex

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