Top 10 Things You Would Do If You Suddenly Became a Multi-Millionaire

The Top Ten

Quit your day job
Buy luxury cars
Move to a paradise location
Start a business of your choosing
Hire a maid/butler/personal driver
Nuke the Middle East

No you will not. You can nuke ISIS if you want. - PizzaGuy

Sell your house and buy a yacht
Make sure my mother was well maintained
Buy a couple huge houses

The Contenders

Donate to charity

I'd have enough to give, to change the world! I'm already privileged enough right now, and with multiple million dollars... I don't even know how to spend that money on myself. - keycha1n

Buy TheTopTens
Have a celebrity to give me a personal concert

My own private penthouse suite at a Vegas strip hotel would be AWESOME!

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