Top 10 Tickling Tools and Methods

Well let's just say I've got a Confession/ Fetish to tell my Fellow Friends and Toptenners and I guess the best why to say it is…….. You know what screw it I have a Love For Tickling! There is said it! My Story on why is way too long for this but trust me it's crazy! My main reason for making this list was to share one of my biggest Secrets because I can! And before you say Really loving Tickling is weird there any so many other stranger interests out their then Tickling! Tickling is one of my hidden passions & Desires! Though I'm Tickle Deprived why not share some of the knowledge I've got in this Topic for a good time!
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1 Fingers/Fingernails

Me and my friends amy and Adam were at my house for a sleep over when we went to bed I must of fell asleep because when I woke up I was tied to my bed and I was gagged with duck tape they came up to me and said are you ticklish I said no but I am really really ticklish amy said well I don't believe you as she started running their fingers up and down my souls and then Adam whispered to amy are you shore we should tickle him yes amy said so then Adam started tickling my sides and under arms I was giggling and at some points laughing then Adam found my sweet spot and I screamed when he tickled it amy said he is definitely ticklish the torture continued for ages

My mom loves to tickle me to wake me up she would start by sitting on my legs and scribble her fingers up and down my sensitive souls and arches then she would get up and run her fingers down my tummy and then start rubbing and scratching my sides if I wasn't up then she would lick my feet until I was screaming and laughing

Oh the power our Finger have!
Why not use the Tools we all have & hey it's effective! Twice as much when they've got Fingernails! Oh wow that's tickles and I can only imagine then feeling if a girl tortured me with her Fingernails in the Tickling way! Fingers work on every spot just some places fingers have a tough time! There's so many effective method while using the fingers Soft touch, Hard touch, Spider Tickle, massage, knuckles, really Fast, light, All over and many more! Works great whether their fully clothed or In the Buff! - Curti2594

These tickle so much! I love long nails tickling me all over!

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2 Electric Toothbrush

This was the worst tickle torture in my life this is how it starts I was in the spare room witch has a bed with cuffs on my mum and dad came in and pinned me down my dad holds me while my mum cuffs me to the bed when I was cuffed in my mum put her sleeping shades on me so I couldn't see and said to me time of your punishment I said wha

This may seem odd mainly because of what we use them for originally but those Vibrating Rotating Bristles can work Ticklish Wonders and on every spot on the body! Also this is the most effective way to Self Tickle yourself.
Just make sure you don't use that Toothbrush for anything else but Tickling or there will be a problem! Feet, Armpits, Inner Thighs, Belly/Belly Button, Ribs, behind the knee, Toes, Butt, Genitals & other places. Do this while there skin is exposed in there cloths and insert the tool through openings of the shirt or pants they'll go nuts
It's effective even fully naked then there all yours! - Curti2594

I am 19 and I have a younger brother who is 16. I usually sleep underwear and today I feeling extra lazy because I went downstairs with out changing. My brother was already downstairs eating breakfast. After breakfast he wanted to do something fun. He wanted to tickle me that day. I am very ticklish everywhere but enjoy being tickled. So he stripped naked and tied me too the bed. He grabbed an electric toothbrush and rubbed everywhere. It tickled so much. He tickled me for 3 hours.

I like a good tickle one day my brother Joe took it too far he is 12 years older than me and he thought it was a good idea to strap 4 pieces of
elastic to the bottom of my bed and EVERY Thursday the 20th I sleep nude like COMPLETELY nude so while I'm asleep he straps hand cuffs to the elastic and me and when I wake up there's a trio of teen boys each with electric toothbrush one tickled both feet another did Mr belly button and my big brother did my WORST TOCKLE FEAR now this might sound weird but I HATE it when people tickle my penis and that's what he did so now I NEVER sleep nude again

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3 Feathers

My friend didn't seem to have ticklish feet, but feathers eventually broke him. First I tickled his socked feet. No reaction. Then I took his socks off and tickled, and all I got out of him was a smile. I then challenged him to last 5 minutes while tied up. I tied his knees, ankles, and big toes together. I then used a feather. He chuckled lightly on the heels and arches, giggled on the soles (he has soft feet for a boy) But then came his toes. When I tickled under them and he laughed and curled his toes. When I tickled between his toes them with the feather, he laughed hard and, curled, wiggled, flexed and spread his toes as he laughed hysterically. Sometimes now when he is barefoot, I tickle his toes.

Now This depends on if your Feather Ticklish. So react and some don't to when Feathers Caress there skin! This is the most used Tickling tool and one of the all time faves! Feathers work very well in most body parts and there are many kinds of Feathers to choose from Thick, Thin, Long, Soft, Fluffy, Stiff & others! Oh also the the rend of the Feather the Stem words wonders too! When Skin is exposed that is your best bet for laughter. - Curti2594

Feathers tickle so much to me. My friends like to tickle me with feathers when I usually expose my belly like when I wear crop tops. One way to use it is to get a soft feather and to gently glide across the person's belly or sides. Or you could do this with a stiff feather also. What's also fun is to get a stiff feather and to tickle a belly button with it by twirling it around in it.

On summer I do this to my sister every year when I see her barefoot but when she doesn't notice or she's asleep (also with fingers)

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4 Tongue (Licking)

I love having my mum tickle my feet ones it was Halloween and my mum made this thing called "the torture chair" It was a armchair with cuffs on the arms and legs I not knowing it was that I sat in it suddenly my mum jumped out from round the corner and locked me in the chair she went and got 2 electric polishers and placed them under my feet and started them up I instantly started laughing and screaming to make sure I was probably restrained she tied my body to the chair as well after what felt like 2 hours she stopped the polishers and started rubbing baby oil on my feet after that she continued to torture me with the worst tickle tool in the world a hairbrush!

When I was 10 my cousins friend was playing with me he was 13 and he told me we where going to play a game and that I had to go into the garage blindfolded and find an object but every minute I had to take a shoe sock or shirt or jeans off so I said ok and I couldn't find the object for five minutes and I was super cold in only my boxers and he tells me I have to do something because I lost so he told me to lie on my back with my arms up and he would tie me up and he told me he has to let me get a massage from him and I love massages so I say yes and he begins to put not lotion on my feet tummy and armpits I ask him what is he doing and he says you will see and now he sits on my lower tummy suddenly I need to pee very bad and I say I need to pee and he says it's ok you will soon and he starts to scrub the soles of my feet and I start to giggle and he does this for a nother minute and then stops and puts more oil in each of my armpits and then he puts his toes under my armpits and then ...more - Tickler

I love having my mom spread melted chocolate on my feet then lick it off it tickles so much

This is the best my cuosin licks my feet all the time it tikles so much and it's even wors when he licks my armpits

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5 Tied up & Blindfolded

My mum tickles me every Saturday she ties me to her bed in spread eagle position she puts her blindfold on me and tickles me all morning with her long nails and her hairbrush also baby cream I absolutely love every second of it even though I'm so ticklish

I was looking after my little cousin one day. It was really hot and I wanted to go to the pool. So I changed into a bikini and went to tell him. But instead he wanted to play a quick game of cops and robbers. So after 10 minutes of playing I was caught and sent to be interrogated. When I didn't tell him anything he tied me to the bed with my arms stretched out and blindfolded me while I was still in my bikini. He then started tickling every where he could find that showed skin. I laughed so hard that day. Now when I go to watch him he always tickles me.

I have a cousin a year older then me. We don't really annoy each other on purpose but one day I told his crush that he liked her. When my cousin found out he got two of his friends (which I was also friends with) and they tied me up and blindfolded me. My cousin tickled my armpits (my most ticklish place) his friend tickled my feet and his other friend (which I had a crush on) blew me raspberries on my bellybutton. It was kinda embarrassing when I peed my pants but they all felt bad for me and apologized. Now my cousins friend that I had a crush on and I are married and he tickles me all the time but I enjoy it. I like being tickled.

One day I tied up my cousin to my bad and I tickle him 10 min on the feet with socks on and 10 min with socks off he love me ticking him

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6 Paintbrush

I was at friends house painting. I had rolled up my shirt so that I would not get to messy. My friend accidentally glided her paint brush across my belly and I started to laugh. She figured out what was going on and started to tickle me. She stripped me to my underwear and tied me up. She tickled me with the brush for 5 hours. It tickled like crazy.

Those small bristles are very effective in getting many spots but the Bellybutton is the best to use a Paint brush on if you like tickling the Navel!

Anywhere works when tickling with a Paintbrush! - Curti2594

I like to tickle torture people's feet with it.

I've never been tickled by anything other than fingers, but I tickled myself with a small paintbrush once. I swhirled it around, and inside my bellybutton, and when I tickle my sides and belly with a paint brush, oh I went crazy! I'm also the most ticklish girl you'll ever meet! -Somepeeps_dontcare - Somepeeps_dontcare

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7 Insects

Once I tried to see if insect could tickle me. Me and my friend made a box for me to lay in. Next to it was a jar of many ladybugs. I stripped down to my underwear and lied down in the box with my arms up. The ladybugs were poured in and plastic was quickly put on top of the box (there were air holes of course) and I was left to enjoy the tickling. They striated crawling all over. On my tummy, legs, feet, underarms, etc. It tickled so much. They got so many giggles out of me. It was fun.

Haha I can see it now that anyone seeing this as a method of Tickling is either grossed out or just confused.
But I find this a very good method and unique because when an Ant is Crawling on you it's tickling you but they haven't a clue aboot it so they just keep on Crawling & trust me it does Tickle I've spend most of my summer's finding insects for this use ( obviously not all went well because There insects) But this method works. Best insects for this I've found are Ants, Ladybugs, Flies, Certain Spiders, Beetles. ( now obviously be careful with some of them because they bite! ) But Certain ones Tickle a lot! Ladybugs are your safest find! ( also They work all over your body but put something to trap them over parts of your body and it will be torture. Belly Button, Underarms, Thighs, Depending on the insect Feet & hey even try around your private parts.
I know I sound weird but that's just me! - Curti2594

I was laying in a feild one day with my friends. I had pushed my shirt up because it was getting hot. Later a few ants started to crawl on my stomach and I started to laugh. My friends just looked at me. After they realized that the ants were tickling me they went to find more bugs. They came back with a container of little tiny ants. They then stripped me to my underwear and held me down while they put the ants on me. This tickle like crazy since they were really small they went everywhere on my body.

Once me and my friend were outside and we said that we should have a competition and see who could have 40-50 bugs pored on them and see who could stand it the longest. So we made a box and each got a jar and filled it with bugs of our choice(but they had to be safe). I had in my jar 10 ants 10 worms 10 ladybugs and 20 potato bugs bacauce potato bugs tickle the most. Her jar had 20 Beatles 20 ants and 10 potato bugs. Long story short we my cousin forgot to start the timer so I was left there getting tickle until dark and she didn't get tickled by the bugs. Also while I was in there she poured all her bugs onto me so I had literally 100 💯 bugs on me. By the end I was laughing so hard but I'm sad that my cousin didn't get to do it because it actually felt very good and relaxing ( even though I was laughing so hard it was still relaxing).

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8 Baby Oil

Something so unique and simple but is a very popular tool not just for making skin smooth but this stuff actually enhances the Sensitivity so if your were already super Ticklish then oh wow your gonna have fun! This stuff when applied a lot not only make there skin super smooth & Shiny but Slippery for your fingers to roam! - Curti2594

I tickled my 11 year old son using baby oil. I rubbed it on his feet and tickled under the toes.

My girlfriend started rubbing baby oil on my feet after she tied me up to the bed. It tickled so much!

People have rubed baby oil on my balls & between my legs & then tickle me lots because I'm very very ticklish on my balls & crotch. I love it when my dad & his friends tickle me like that.

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9 Hairbrush

My cousin came over my house to stay ones when I was lying non the armchair and has jumped on me and dragged me up the stairs tied me to her bed with my arms over my head and feet tied together I was helpless so she got her hairbrush and started torture me by brushing my feet real hard I laughed and laughed but no one came to help me my older brother and sister came to help my cousin tickle me my sis got her hairbrush and some baby oil my brother just dug his fingers in to my sides by I was screaming and shouting

This has got to be the WORST form of tickling ever, especially when you have ridiculously ticklish feet like me! I try to hide the fact that I'm ticklish from everyone, but my friend was determined to find out if my feet were ticklish. We were getting ready when all of a sudden I felt those dreaded hairbrush bristles scrape along my bare soles. I went crazy and it's safe to say my friend has tried again numerous times!

Hairbrushes used to be the only way that someone could tickle me. I would tell my friends that I wasn't ticklish anywhere but, one day, we were playing truth or dare and my friend asked me if I was ticklish. So of course I had to say yes. I told them it was my feet, so they took my foot and started to tickle it. No reaction. They accused me of lying so I told them that I wasn't, they just had to work out HOW to do it. Eventually though, I gave it away (I hinted that it was found on a dressing table and hesitated when they said it). And they pinned me down, whipped out a hairbrush and I just about died. It's completely UNBEARABLE!

This is horrendous on the soles the feet!

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10 Kissing

My girlfriend loves to kiss my belly and if I don't let her she would start pinning me down and licking and kissing my belly.

Basically every fanfiction that I wrote having to do with tickling has one scene or another when the tickler (usually a male anime character) kisses his victim's (usually a female anime character) feet. I wish I had a boyfriend that would worship MY feet!

Lol what even licking and kissing arm pits is weird

Just kissing my lips tickles me hehhehehhehe!

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11 Raspberries

I have an older girlfriend who has a pretty dominant instinct. She tickles me to discipline me, and since I told her about my ticklish belly, she always blows raspberries on it and she forces me to let her do it even if the ticklishness from her lips drives me crazy. At home, she takes my shirt and lays in her handbag so she can get my belly whenever she wants. She also let her female friends blow raspberries on my belly while she holds my hands. Luckily for her, it at least turns me on so I just can't make her stop even if it's torturous, lol :P

Every year on my birthday, my mom used to blow raspberries on my tummy, one for each year. She stopped when I was like 7...until I turned 16. She woke me up on my birthday morning, but before I could get out of bed, she sat on top of me, rolled my shirt up, and started blowing raspberries. I was really embarrassed, and the tickles were torturous!

I have this one aunt and every time she sees me she tickles me. She greets me with a big raspberry on the neck, even if we're in public, and it's so embarrassing. Raspberries are the most ticklish, ESPECIALLY on the tummy, and every chance she gets she pins me down and gives me one.

Sometimes when my dad comes over I let him blow raspberries on me. And I one day I was laying in the recliner in the living room and he and came to me and I didn't have a shirt on and he blow raspberries on me. And it really tickled me when he did on my side. I was laughing very very very hard.

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12 Love-Bite

I would say love-bite because if you had sexy, friendly looking girlfriend you wanted to tickle her by biting her belly gently I would recommend love-biting.

13 Poking

This is how everyone found out I was ticklish! I was ignoring my friends so they poked me in the side and I laughed. Ever since then they always tickle me.

Oh god. I am hypersensitive everywhere, so if you poke my ribs, I will reflexively punch you in the face. My ribs and my neck are terribly ticklish. - SansTheComic

I used to absolutely Hayes being poke tickled, but I've grown to love it's random insanity

14 Your Hair

This is quite funny actually that you can use your own hair to tickle someone! This can work either way because men have their Facial hair & Women have there long smooth Hair so both are very Effective! - Curti2594

Yes I would love to be tickled with long hair-I read some stories about it-and it sounds very exciting


I really hate that. My neck is so sensetive and my hair allways tickles me ( my hair is long for a boy)

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15 Vibrations

Sometimes I forget that I put my mobile phone on vibrate and freak out whenever someone texts/rings me (my blazer pocket is right over my sides and that is my most worst spot ever)!

They just do! it's a ticklish feeling when you got good vibrations! It's a main reason that cause us to laugh! - Curti2594

Sometimes when playing a game, I put the controller on my tickle spots for dun

Sometimes my friend Cambree would use her voice next to my sides and it would tickle insanely and I would have to keep it in because I would be in school.

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16 Massage

Today we had this huge tickle war in science! It all started when my friend Jenna was giving my friend Lauren a massage. She ducked away and said it tickled... A lot! So we all broke into this tickle-massage-war until the teacher told us to calm down! Some of my friends aren't ticklish though... HOW?!?!?

I went to my friends house one day. He was an excelent massager. I went to his house and said if I could have a stomach massage. He said sure so I stripped to my underwear and laid on his bed with my arms stretched out. He started to give me a massage but instead I started to laugh. He kept trying to massage me but I kept rolling a round and laughing. So he tied me down and started to tickle me all over.

My best friend gave me a massage on my feet when we were at my friends sleepover the over two started to massage my tummy it was heaven but it tickled so much

This is the worst, and so embarrassing! I had a sports massage and spent the entire time trying not to laugh. When he started on my feet though, I couldn’t stand it anymore and burst out laughing. I’m sure he made the massage extra ticklish after that!

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17 Electric Massager

I had a sleepover. My friends tackled me and I was insanely ticklish. They suddenly stripped me down to nothing, and took all of the electric massagers, and put them EVERYWHERE. Oh I have not been so tickled so bad, and I squealed like a pig when they found my most ticklish spot... That spot between the legs... Oh my

Oh my gosh, I too had a sleepover, and we played truth or dare. I was asked my crush but would not say. So my friends circled me, and grabbed my wrist's and ankles. They slowly rook off my clothes, and I was out. They took a small masagerto my neck, and then brought it to my breasts. They took it in circles, circling my nipples and I was screaming. They tickled me everywhere, and then one girl pinned down my stomach up, and the girls pulled my legs to the side, and arranged the strongest massager, on my vaginia,and I freaked. That laughed and continued this, keeping my legs app art, and used nails and such there, and would nit stop. They put managers everywhere else, too. Gosh I was like dying.

Man, my bff knew how ticklish I am, and one night she came and used her tri-leg electric massager on my feet! I screamed it was so bad! Great method for tickle torture!

Once I had a sleepover and whoever fell asleep would get tickled for 1 WHOLE DAY. I fell asleep and the girls found tons of electric massagers, at least 16. They had carefully stripped me of EVERYTHING, including my bra and underwear. The put one inter each armpit, two on each feet three on my belly, and the strongest on my worst tickle spot, where I can tickle myself, my vagina.They turned them on at the same time and watched me squirm, giggle,beg,cry from laughter, and attempt put fail to escape from my prison. Eventually, they turned off most of them, except for the super duper strong one on my vagina.Then they tapped massagers four on my nipples and breasts.Finally they turned off all except for the vagina and kept it on for 30 more mins.I begged for mercy, and finally they let me go.I LOVED ALL THAT AMAZING TICKLING!

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18 Nylons

Nylon fabric increases the ticklishness of already sensitive skin.

They enhance the ticklish body - Curti2594

Girls where nylons on feet that makes their fett more ticklish
if you want to tickle girls feet they need to wear nylons

19 Your Own Toes

Truly the best way to be ticked my cousin and girlfriend do this to me all the time my cousin would sit on she and use her toes to tickle me so much her toes wiggled so fast. My girlfriend tickles me but when I pull her away she puts her toes on me I laugh and she pushes me away still using her toes to tickle me for a long time

Love tickling with my toes, all over my victim's stomach and sides!

This happens to be very effective when using your Toes to tickle someone ( works wonder when in a Tickle Fight).
This works in many places but underarms and ribs are the best! - Curti2594

Play airplane, lift person with your feet.
Once they are up on your feet, wiggle your toes on their tummy.

Really ticklish, my dad tickled me like this with his toes.

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20 Comb

My big bro was mad at me so he tied me up and used it on my poor helpless tummy I laughed for20 minutes

21 Pencil/Pen

I was at my friends house to study. I was laying on the ground with my arms stretched out. This lifted my shirt up to show my belly button. My friend knows how ticklish I am and immediately pinned me down and used the pencil he had to tickle my belly button. I don't know why this tickled so much.

When you wanna make yourself squirm a little use this method it does in fact work even when self tickling! - Curti2594

I will use the pen on bare feet they will kiss me they will

My friend had tickled my belly button with a pencil and it tickled so much.

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22 Feather Duster

One time I made my friend clean with a feather duster while I sat on the couch with my feet up. What did THEY do? They came up to me sneakily, and held my foot in a lock because the only thing I do when I get tickled is I weaken and I laugh, so they tickle tortured me for a half hour with it

Maids have teased this method all the time. they don't even know the effect them using this to clean makes some people feel if they see them using the duster to clean! - Curti2594

I use the black feather and tied the girls up torture all night long and I go after young girls too the same

Feather dusters are wonderful for tickling the entire body..

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23 Pinwheel

I made this tool where feathers are on the pinwheels. I put them on two tables where I'm in between them. Two fans blow them and keep my arms up. It's a fun little tickle machine. I also adjust them so that they can tickle my feet and belly.

There are many different versions but each one I've seen works! - Curti2594

24 An Animal

Spread peanut butter on their soles. Make sure you get a lot under and inbetween the toes as well. Set your dog loose and listen to them scream with laughter.

My boyfriend did that to me what he did was got a can of worms and blindfolded me then he put my feet on his lap then he tied my ankles and put the worms between my toes GOD! Did it tickle!

My dad would punish me like to that first the butter on. My soles the dog would come in and lick and lick I kinda of enjoyed it though

I did this to punish my boyfriend when he was asleep I tied his ankles together then I smeared peanut butter on his soles then I let our dogs tongue do the rest its ~

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25 Ice Cubes

It was a hot day so I got a few ice cubes from the fridge. I then took off my shirt and placed the ice cubes on my ribs and stomach. They started to glide around and this tickled me a lot.

Cold! But glide it across the skin and certain areas will make them giggle! - Curti2594

Big time yes I love the ice cube on my body

26 Q-Tip

This is meant to Clean someone's Navel/Belly Button but this also works for Tickling there too & the Toes - Curti2594

27 Headless Electric Toothbrush

I bought so many electric toothbrushes for this. Sometimes I challenge myself to take it for an hour - DrTicklegamer2

Always use this on my body all over my body

28 Scrubbing Brush

I was in my pool when my mum got in with some bubble bath and a scrubbing brush I didn't realize till the pool was full of bubble bath and she started scrubbing my feet tummy and under arms it was like a Barth

29 Light Touch

I can do this to myself, a light touch on my shoulder and I breakout in a fit of giggles. Once I do it, if I try again it feels like I know when I'm going to tickle. Aka I turn into a ninja!

Works wonders from what I've heard - Curti2594

Light touches can make you giggle and not laugh hard

If you lightly glide your hands over my sides,tummy,feet and the back of my thighs then it tickles like crazy!

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30 Tickle Strip Poker

Play poker, loser has to take off a piece of clothing, first one fully nude, gets tied to the bed and tickled for 15 minutes. Lots of fun!

My girl friends and I did this once. But we played the try not laugh challenge. Every time we laughed, we had to take off a piece of clothing. I was laughing a lot, and was losing. I finally down to my panties and bra. I laughed more, and finally time off my panties and bra. They took me to the bed and used massagers on my feet, armpits,entire torso, my boobs,and the worst was the one on my vagina. I couldn't take it! They did this for 1 and half hours. I sorta LoVEd IT!

So me and my friends were playing a game and it was try not to laugh so I laughed the most and I got up to my BRA and panties and I laughed again and had nothing on and was tied on a a arm chair arms out and feet in the air and a robot tickler thingy came up to me it put a quick poker
on my vagina and a 3 vibrating bikinis on and my friends did the rest it was the best time ever

I would love to tickle someone

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31 Hair

My girl friend has really long blonde hair and is OBSESSED with tickling! She’ll tickle me everywhere with her fingers then she’ll go to raspberries. When she does it her hair goes all over and tickled like CRAZY! She likes to use her hair like a brush or just drag it up and down my body.

Wigs on nipples,crotch,backside,or private parts. can sometimes be more effective than someones own hair.

32 Disc
33 Water Bottle Caps

If u take a stick of some sort and glue water bottle caps to it then you just brush it over who ever you want to tickle. make sure to do it lightly though.

34 Flosser

Flosser are the best for tickling belly buttons!

35 Peanut Butter

If you have any dogs then try rubbing peanut butter on the belly or feet and they will lick at it for a long time.

I love having a dog lick pb OFF my feet the dogs soft tounge in between my toes

36 Massage Belt

Me and my friends (both boys and girls) were at a sleepover and we were playing truth or dare and some one dared me to laet Brady tickle me so I payed down on the floor and waited Brady to come back with his tool(s). He came back with a stack of massage belts he put one around my waist on my feet armpits etc. He had them all on low then he did them at different speeds then he put them on high for about thirty minuets. But the whole thing went on for an hour. (Not including the thirty minutes on high)

When you put a massage belt around someone's belly, and turn it on, they laugh so hard! I had it done to me!

37 Cotton

Cotton is very helpful when in a tickle

38 Shaving Brush

Little known, very effective tickle tool for bare soles!

39 Hamster Hamster Hamsters are rodents belonging to the subfamily Cricetinae. The subfamily contains about 25 species, classified in six or seven genera.

When I was 12 I wouldn't get up for school so my mom put my pet hamster on my belly I was laughing and squirming so much it tickles so bad

Whin I was 12 I wouldn't get up for school so my mom put my pet hamster on my belly and I was laughing and squirming it tickles so bad

My hamster is my little tickle monster, I love letting him crawl all over my super ticklish belly

I had a pet hamster when I was 5, and my friends rolled up my shirt when I was sleeping and put it on my tummy... I was laughing histarically in 3 seconds.

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40 Stick



41 String

Ok people I tried this on myself it works just put the string in betueen his/hers toes and bam!

42 Water

A thin stream of water under pressure is directed to the groin. Incredibly ticklish. Ready for anything just to stop.

First pour some water on his/hers feet and then rub your fingers on his/hers feet that dose the trick

Turn on the shower and put your feet under the stream. I can't stand it

43 Fork

I keep tickling the girls they will kiss me I use the fork on bare feet

My girlfriend likes to use a fork and tickle me feet

44 Nuzzle
45 Gunit
46 Cold Wet Wipes

Does not work

47 Plants
48 Grass

Me and my friends were casually playing (or should I say carving) noughts and crosses by scratching the board onto my knee with the sharp end of the grass. That tickled a bit, and got a few giggles out of me, but it was when one of my evil friends (who isn't ticklish) started to use the soft end on the back of my knee. Tickled like HELL!

It feels nice and defiantly tickles - Curti2594

If you find tickle grass lure your tickle towards it
If you stand on it or you get someone too step on it barefoot and they or you feel like your being insanely tickled you have found it
It is really effective

Grass cuts you

49 Light Blow
50 Plastic Gloves

A plastic glove on your feet of penis is enough to get you going

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