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41 Wonda Why They Call U Bitch

Should be compulsory for all late teens to listen to this. On point, one of his best messages/lyrics. Educational.

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42 All About U

I know right, I guess the majority have only heard his big hits

This is an amazing song, why is it so low, I can't belive this. All eyes on me is the best selling album of 2pac. People should listen to this song. It is really great.2pac is the best hiphop artist of all time. No one can replace him.

Nate dogg,snoop dog,and 2pac are the greatest trio there is and should be higher

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43 How Do U Want It

How Do you Want It at #63?! Lolol. What's wrong with you people? This is his best song by far! Best damn rap song ever made! Makes California Love sound like a boring opera song.

Words cannot describe how awesome this song this is.

How is this 35# this is one of his greatest hits! Should be in the top ten

Way to low tf bring up to #10 tf is wrong with you retards - JCchrom3

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44 My Block

Amazing flow, I suggest you listen to the DJ Billy remix; 'Forever High. '

Life is but a dream - this is one of his greatest and most touching songs out. Rest In Peace Pac, you may be gone, but not forgotten

Absolutely one of the greatest song ever written by 2pac

This is one of my favorite tupac songs.

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45 They Don't Give a F*** About Us

Some say they expect illuminati take his body to sleep...

Speaks the truth, something that is in heard of now.

Number 1 all the way!

46 Unconditional Love

This song is so damn smooth and relaxing. It explains how one should feel about there significant other while giving praise to the others you love in your life. Why this isn't top 5 makes me wonder whats wrong sometimes. This is one is his most kindest yet motivational songs.

How so low? This is my favourite song of all time let alone of Tupac it's one of the most realest rap songs ever that didn't rap just about drugs and guns but real stuff instead

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47 Ghost

Can't believe it wasn't on the list. This is a phenomenal song!

A real thug song

Great Beat!

Illest put there, it's got an awesome heavy beat and a gangster theme u must listen to it

48 Bomb First

The best and why its not in this list is pretty surprising. Well nown here it is

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49 I Don't Give a F**k

Man this is a great song. This song is simply perfect, perhaps not as great as 'Changes' but it deserves to be in TOP 5. First time I heard this song on Radio Los Santos of
GTA San Andreas.

This song is really cool!

Walk in the store, what everybody staring at they act like they never seen a guy wearing black

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas best game of all times! 2pac 4 life!

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50 Thug Passion

This is the perfect chill out song.

51 I Wonder If Heaven Got a Ghetto

Great anthem against violence

0.2% u people have taste

52 Heartz of Men

This needs to be in the top 10. If you haven't heard this song, listen to it.

Dj Quik murders this beat and 2Pac murders these lyrics. This is a highly underrated track - Mcgillacuddy

Absolutely amazing beat. Way too low

This should be at least top 5 if not 3

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53 Ain't Hard 2 Find

I've been ballin' since ma adolescent years, steady climbin'!

I heard a rumor I died, murdered in cold blood dramatized
Pictures of me in my final stage you know Mama cried
But that was fiction, some coward´╗┐ got the story twisted
Like I no longer existed, mysteriously missing
Although I'm worldwide, baby I ain't hard to find Tupac still alive?

54 If My Homie Calls

One of tupac best song

This is amazing, man!

55 Violent

This was my favorite and a great song to test the bass on your speakers

56 Me and My Girlfriend

Crazy good, I remember after realizing it was about his gun, I listened to this song on repeat for days

This song on the 61st number of the list? Are you joking? This is one of the best song ever!

I jux love you 2pac

My favourite is when he's fingering his hot.


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57 If I Die 2Nite

A coward dies a thousand deaths, a soldier dies but once... Come on how this song is not even in this list I can't believe it!

Yes it's a very beautiful song and it should definitely be in the top 10 list.


58 God Bless the Dead

I can't believe this wasn't in the list! Come on everybody! This song is ultra fantastic! Should be at least at top 10!

How this isn't in the top 5 I'll never know to me this ha everything you like in the top ten in one song and the flow he has is amazing

59 Run Tha Streets
60 Stay True

Absolute favourite 2pac song. Thug Life!


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