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281 Chloë Grace Moretz Chloë Grace Moretz Chloë Grace Moretz is an American actress and model. She began her acting career in 2004 at the age of seven, and her first award nomination came the following year for The Amityville Horror.

She did some martial arts training to do some action films.

282 Tom Wu

He is a martial arts expert. He is Chinese British actor.

283 Ken Watanabe

He is a Japanese stage, film, and television actor.

He did some action films.

284 Matt Damon Matt Damon

He did some hand-to-hand combat training to do action films.

285 Cuba Gooding, Jr. Cuba Gooding, Jr. Cuba Gooding Jr. is an American actor. He is best known for his breakthrough role as Tre Styles in Boyz n the Hood, his role in Tuskegee Airmen, TheThe Tuskegee Airmen', 'his Academy Award–winning role as Rod Tidwell in Cameron Crowe's Jerry Maguire, his role in the epic Pearl Harbor as historical more. V 1 Comment
286 John Saxon

He's a karate expert that he star in Enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee and Jim Kelly.

287 David Chow
288 Shannon Lee

Daughter of Bruce Lee

289 Robin Shou
290 Linden Ashby

Linden Ashby trained in karate and taekwondo

291 Steve James

An American actor, stuntman and martial artist.

292 Chuck Liddell Chuck Liddell Charles David "Chuck" Liddell is an American retired mixed martial artist and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion of English descent.

He appeared in Kick-Ass 2

Kenpo (5th Dan), Koi-Kan (1st Dan), Muay Thai (record: 20-2), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (purple belt), Mixed Martial Arts (UFC Champion; UFC Hall of Fame entry; record: 21-8)

293 Sayed Najem

Tae Kwon Do (7th Dan; Olympic Silver medalist; 4-time Pan American Champion; 10-Time Canadian National Champion)

294 David Lea

'A' list of stars across the globe as an action fight choreographer/coordinator.

Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Silat, Wing Chun, Shaolin Kung Fu

V 1 Comment
295 David No

Actor, The Matrix Reloaded

Tae Kwon Do (6th Dan; Australian National Team member), Judo (Australian National Team member)

296 Kristin Kreuk Kristin Kreuk

Actress from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
She did Street Fighter

Karate (purple belt)

297 Chris Penn V 1 Comment
298 Howard Jackson

Actor, Full Contact

Tang so Do (6th Dan; 3-time WKA Champion; record: 23-2-1; Black Belt Hall of Fame entry), Chun Kuk Do (7th Dan)
The first African-American to be inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame

299 Bo Svenson

Actor, Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Judo (3st Dan) (US Armed Forces Heavyweight Champion; National Championships Silver Medalist; Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame entry), Karate, Aikido (He was the 1961 Far East Judo Champion in the Heavyweight Division)

300 Will Yun Lee

Actor, The Wolverine

Tae Kwon Do (member of UC Berkeley Cal team)
Son of Tae Kwon Do grandmaster so-Wong Lee

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