Top 10 Pastimes

What are the top 10 most fun things to do with an hour or two of spare time?

The Top Ten Pastimes

1 Listening to Music

Great fun just bring your ipod and lay down in a field in the middle of summer. All your worries just melt away...

music is definitely fav passtime, and also it helps relax

Listening to music is very relaxing especially when you had a bad day or are bored. - cosmo

Music is a great thing for everyone and almost everyone can find something they love in music

2 Surfing the Web

It is the best pastime...I heard around 3.5 million people surfs the web in a doubt that it is the best

the internet is one of the best inventions ever... its amazing, theres so much out there - Jeheffiner

I can't imagine how people ever figured out where to eat, or how they ever kept in touch with each other, before the Internet. - erixoltan

Phone books - yellow pages section and word of mouth. So much better now!

everyone loves the computer.
especially all of you guys who loves myspace. - ammawesome

3 Playing Video Games

You can do anything you want in video games...things you can't do in real life

PC, xbox, ps, gc, wii. whatever floats your boat.

PlayStation for the win - byhenry

I love playing some good old Smash Bros

4 Watching TV

You are so right. My mom said my eyes gonna be messed up because I be on the computer too much... DAMN BAD EYES!


Isn't it funny how little we really watch T.V. anymore? The internet has almost killed the darn thing. - BKAllmighty

This is an exellent passtime. I do it all the time. - cosmo

5 Having Sex

love instaed of hate
sex is love
love is sex
pleasure is sex
we enjoy sex
we love it - ronluna

Like the comic said, "It's the most fun you can have with your clothes off. " - mgenet

When your pull out game isn't strong enough use a condom

make love, instead of war - JESSIEMEN

6 Reading

Bit boring to admit but I love reading. Crime/thriller novels, non-fiction British history. I can't get enough of books - not a bit of plastic like the kindle, but real books I can feel and smell. I'm glad this is in the top 5. - Britgirl

Reading is not boring at all! Reading is like living in a different world which is fun, you open up you imagination deeper when you read, the more you read the more you learn, you learn a lot of new things everyday just by reading.

Best pastime EVER! Love reading, big fan of Ranger's Apprentice books. I like fiction fantasy based in medieval times. - Athia

Reading is exciting! Thrilling plots and amazing storylines!

7 Talking

I never shut up sometimes. I'll admit it. - BKAllmighty

8 Swimming Swimming is an individual or team sport and activity. Competitive swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports, with events in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

I love to swim x

9 Fishing

Reeling in a fish is fun and exciting.

10 Ten Pin Bowling

The Contenders

11 Getting High

Although I don't do drugs, I talk nonstop with my friends about weed. - Mocchiko

"smoke weed everyday"

What?! I really hope this is a troll... - sofiav

Hell yeah

12 Working Out

Get a good body, feel accomplished and wake up and spend everyday more physically able. There are so many muscles in your body to work and so many exercises that it would take a lifetime to master them.

13 Working

Cause hard work = success

Someone probably likes this!

This person probably has no stress. If all you think about is working you tend to have work oriented firends. Which will solve many problems

14 Watching a Movie

It makes you feel relax when you see the charactera

15 Playing Sports

Sports are amazing and a great pass time

16 Shopping

I can spend hours out shopping, mostly looking at stuff, but buying a few things, too... Clothes, stuff for the house... Stuff that makes my life easier and makes my style more current and fresh.

17 Eating

Any one who doesn't like to eat might, and probably should, die. Eating is not only essential, it's also fun.

Come on, who doesn't like to eat?

Eating is just... I don't know. its just horribly great.


18 Sleeping

Great, makes you grow taller too.

Best pastime ever!

This is what everyone does fam

Hell yes - byhenry

19 Going to a Movie

I love going to movies with my best buds. Who doesn't love a good movie?

Ah yes, one of my all time favourite things to do.

My favourite thing to do,who doesn't like watching movies? - byhenry

Now, this one is easily my number 1. I'm a movie-aholic. - BKAllmighty

20 Making Out

Making out is probably one of the sexiest things I have ever experienced. The mouth is one of the greatest assets, and is also the one part of the body that leads to sexual hunger and sexual intimacy. Making out is hot, end of story

Making out is the best way to pass time - maverick88

Like making out better than sex!

It's amazing. enough said

21 Skateboarding Skateboarding is an action sport which involves riding and performing tricks using a skateboard. Skateboarding can also be considered a recreational activity, an art form, a job, or a method of transportation.

If I COULD do this, I probably would. I have a little bit of an allergy to pain, though, so I haven't taken it up. - BKAllmighty

Other than Sex, this and snowboarding are the best things in the world.

Hey people, learn this and get a life! - Ananya

22 Vegetating

Perfect! This defeats the point of going on the Internet and goggling "top 10 pastimes" what do you think I've been doing for the last god damn hour!

Just sit in a silent room, stare into space and do absolutely nothing!

Sometimes I do this.

Its straight fire

23 Home Repair
24 Masturbating

Oh yeh baby mama Whoopi yay I am definitely doing it tomorrow no school tomorrow yauwh

It's fun but I have not had an orgasm yet, sadly.

Easy to calm hunger and desire.


25 Doing Quizzes

Can make you smart or crazy at the same time but what the hey we wont be able to use it when we go to work

26 Drawing

It makes you forget about the depressing things in life

Its peaceful and fun

I think its wonderful and it makes you happy

I'm a terrible drawer but I draw anyway.

27 Daydreaming

Is it a pastime or a habit? I can't stop myself from doing this every day, throughout the day.

Same as vegitate, but with some brain activity involved.

28 Walking

If you want to go for a walk, or go to a friends house, just ask and hear the magic happen. if it doesn't work, make an convince your parents somhow or make an exuse

29 Doing Sudoku
30 Playing With Animals

Although it doesn't seem fun, quality time with your animals is a great pass time, besides, its also good for the pets, too!

Paso mucho tiempo con mis mascotas y resulta relajante

31 Hanging Out With People
32 Contemplating
33 Singing

Singing or playing the piano. These two put me in paradise.

34 Researching Interesting Topics
35 Watching Porn


36 Playing an Instrument

nothing better than shredding my guitar late night to piss off the neighbours - djperth

When it comes to music there is nothing better than performing it for yourself and others.

37 Smoking Weed

the best


38 Driving


39 People Watching
40 Doing Yoga
41 Painting Pictures

I like painting, and also trying to anylize pictures. For instance, sometime I like to listen to The Fairy Feller’s Master Stroke and try to find everything that’s pointed out or mentioned.

42 Writing
43 Meditating

Best thing you can do to help your life run smoothly

44 Visiting Relatives
45 Making Videos

Recursion always brightens a boring day of vegetating and daydreaming. Hook up a camera to a computer and point the camera to the screen and get awesome recursion!

46 Playing Board Games


47 Dancing
48 Making Lists
49 Knitting
50 Taking Photos

Whether it's nature, fancy furniture, yourself, anything. Try taking photography at various angles and adding effects. - lapra

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