Top Ten Christmas Movies of All Time

The Top Ten Christmas Movies of All Time

1 Home Alone

We seen it almost 100 times but it can take out every time the Christmas spirit - MatrixGuy

Things to do on xmas vacation
1 watch home alone
2 watch home alone
3 watch home alone

My favorite and funniest Christmas movie I have seen. Should be #1 and is.

My No1 Christmas film, a timeless classic, a film that captures Christmas magic.

2 Elf

This movie is a must-watch for me every Christmas. Makes me laugh every time!

This movie is funny watched it many times even in the middle of the summer - trains45

It's so hilarious! Each year I watch it the jokes are still funny. Will Ferrell is HILARIOUS! Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without this film.

Every year, you must watch it AT LEAST once. There are so many things you can reference in Elf, so many golden lines that you remember at other times of the year, and you can really feel the spirit of Christmas that the movie gives. Will Ferrell is the best. It's great.

3 A Christmas Story

This is one of my least favorite movies ever. Why is it here? This stupid movie is the reason why people stick their tongues to frozen poles. - PandasNGaga

A good heart warming Christmas family classic and it should be ranked number 2 on this list I mean what's not to like I mean most of characters are pretty likeable except for the bullies and father at times and what I really love about this movie is that it doesn't just focus on Christmas but childhood as well and I like the way the kids in this movie act like regular 9 year olds unlike some movies today but aside from its such a charming fun movie that it's impossible to hate well for me it is so for anyone of you who hasn't seen it watch it because your missing a classic and of course it can never be has good has anything like home alone but it's close its very close. P.S never watch the crappy sequel.

Classic. Love this movie, it symbolizes Christmas for so many! It feels like Christmas once I have seen it. - davidthenurse

Great movie, hilarious. Quality control not quite there... Not Quite there... Almost there.. Almost.. Just a little more and I might have it, come on. Come on. Come on.. Little bar, go into green please.. YES!

4 It's A Wonderful Life

True meaning of the Christmas spirit, love devotion and family & friends

I think this movie is more than just a Christmas movie. it's just a movie that happens to take place around Christmas. the main plot doesn't concern Christmas and instead focuses on the impact one man can have on the world. this movie is so heartwarming because it makes you consider how well you've influenced the lives of others. we all have, in some form or another, made the life of somebody better, which is why we all deserve to exist.

Even though I'm an atheist (which I have nothing against other religions), this movie doesn't rub Christianity in my face. instead it allows me to keep my beliefs that individuals are all special and unique (by special I don't mean overly selfish or narcissist. it's not about you you know), and none of them deserve to die.

I bet if everyone were to watch this movie, the world would be a much better place to live in.

Isn't it a little exaggerating to say a movie rubs Christianity in one's face just because it focuses on Christmas? I'm not a Halloween supporter, but I wouldn't say something is rubbing Halloween in my face for focusing on Halloween, just that the perspective portrayed focuses on Halloween. - UndaDaSea

The ultimate tear-jerker. Beautifully produced and performed.

This is such a traditional Christmas movie. I just wish T.V. wouldn't go so overboard broadcasting it during the holiday.

5 National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

A great quality movie. My favorite part was when Uncle Eddie calls his toilet the "S******"

Watch it every year. Home Alone came close and so did a Christmas Story though. - FakeGlasses

AWESOME movie. I love the part where Clark tells the kids he heard on the news that Santa was in their area, and Uncle Eddie says "are you serious Clark? ". My vote for #1!

Had to think hard on this one as there are a lot of good Christmas movies, but had to go with this one. Hilarious, a classic, and entertaining

6 The Polar Express

This is one of the first movies that I ever watched. Even after so many years it still continues to be amazing.

The polar express always gives me the Christmas spirit. I could not go a Christmas without watching it. Even though I am older and santa claus does not visit me, I still believe in the spirit of him.

Best Christmas movie ever made. It's so heartwarming and it never gets old. Plus, Tom Hanks. Enough said.

How can you not love this movie? It has all the Christmas spirit you can possibly get! This is the one Christmas movie I watch the night of Christmas Eve every year. It's so heartwarming it always puts me in a good mood, and makes me like Christmas that much more whenever I watch it. The Polar express will always be number 1 in my world!

7 A Charlie Brown Christmas

Simple, sweet dialogue. Great jazzy soundtrack. A classic.

A lot better then that Frozen thing that plays almost everywhere during Christmas and this is not even mentioned, not because it is 52 years old but because Frozen is way more popular. If Frozen did not exist, then people will not know what a homeless guy is, 4-12 year old girls would be singing nothing, and Charlie Brown christmas will be on T.V. during Christmas. Frozen is not even a Christmas movie, and when they have to sing a song that has to do something with Winter, everybody will be getting ready for singing that overrated songs Let it go. Let it go? More like Let it poop. - MinecraftHater

Great message about the true meaning of Christmas - Ajkloth

I love peanuts! This one is a classic. Great message about the true meaning of Christmas but in a Charlie Brown fashion of course. - Randomator

8 Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

This should be number 2 because this unlike other movie sequels is actually good. Better because it also is a Christmas movie.

The best sequel film, not easily achieved but they nailed it with this one.

I was about to vote for Charlie Brown until I saw this. It takes place in NYC and the toy store is so awesome and plot makes sense and the humor is more hilarious than the first one. This is a all time classic. After this movie, the series went downhill an now we have the stupid Home Alone movies. 1 and 2 are classic. Also it's a underrated movie and you could enjoy it with your family. - JaysTop10List

While I really like the first one, this one never gets old, and has a much more difficult situation for kevin. It's sad that they couldn't make another...

9 Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

I love this special. A true treasure of the holidays! Along with every other film listed. - NickXH

This is my third favorite Christmas movie and I wish it was the third one.

Bro this movie is so cute! And it’s a classic too! 10/10! My favorite holiday movie - Manlypants

How is THIS not in the top ten? This is the most nostalgic holiday movie ever made! The song "There's Always Tomorrow, " when Clarice sings it to Rudolph especially tugs at my heart strings. And I'm fifteen years old! - ElleWoods

10 The Nightmare Before Christmas

I just love the movies that Tim Burton directs along with Edward Scissorhands, Frankinweenie, and Corpse Bride. He is also very well known for his Sleepy Hallow, Beetlejuice, Miss Peregrine, Dumbo, and Alice In Wonderland. - JoMama163

Also the greatest Halloween movie ever made. - ninjacobra

How can it be confirmed as a Halloween movie? Jack is bored of Halloween, no one in Halloween town actually knows what Christmas is, accidentally kidnap the Easter Bunny and then give Christmas town presents that scare them because they don't know what Christmas is.

He is originally a Halloween ghoul/skull, whatever you want to call him, so that also makes it a Halloween movie. Technically, this movie can be worth for quite a few holidays. - JoMama163

This is one of my favourite Christmas movies and is now a classic. This movie is timeless. Every year around Christmas AND Halloween I have to watch it. Tim Burton is a creepy, creative genius.

The Contenders

11 Die Hard

Who would have thought that an action film could ever be a true Christmas classic but, Die Hard is definitely in my top 10 of Christmas classics

Not a Christmas movie in the traditional sense, but come on! Who can resist a little Bruce Willis at Christmas?

Personally I like to consider a movie to be a Christmas movie if I only want to watch it around the holiday. This takes away the nuisance of hey it happens on Christmas, therefore it is a Christmas movie. I can watch Die Hard during any time of the year and not think about it has watching a Christmas movie. It is a movie I could thoroughly enjoy as a movie and not just as a Christmas movie, The same goes with Gremlins, I could enjoy Gremlins anytime of the year.
It is annoying to say a movie is a christmas movie just because it happens to be set during the holiday. The bottom line is no one watches Die Hard on Christmas because it is a Christmas movie, they watch it because the want to watch something with action that they can say oh it is a Christmas movie and continue to watch their action thriller - germshep24

How is this not on the list? It takes place in Christmas! And as a response of all these things you will say like: "Oh, but it doesn't mean anything about Christmas! ", as Nostalgia Critic said: "F*** you, it's Die Hard! "

12 The Grinch

It's been my favorite Christmas movie ever since I was little. I love it so, so much. "Where are you Christmas? " Is my favorite Christmas song, too. It has such a good message, too.

Age old Christmas story which demonstrates that Christmas and Christmas spirit isn't just for Christians.

Love this movie, love Jim Carrey! My family use to watch this movie every Christmas. Just amazing!

Such a classic tale and so funny with Jim Carrey! Dr. Seuss has always since I was a child been one of my favourite authors

13 A Christmas Carol (1951)

Please note that my vote is for the 1951 film. I cannot honestly say any other adaptation is anywhere near as good. - BKAllmighty

I won a poetry competition so me and the other winners in my school got to go to Waterstones (british book shop) to have hot chocolate in its cafe (it was delicious! ) and to pick any book. Any. Book. I was going to pick a Harry Potter one, wait no! A Jacqueline Wilson one,... oh! A Rick riordan. Then I saw my friend getting Oliver Twist. I wished I got that book, I asked him if there were any more, and he said no, but there was one like it. That was the original Christmas Carol. This happened yesterday and I’m in love with the book so much, the description, the characters... everything. Thank you, Charles Dickens. - DijaUnicorn

Great story to feel the true meaning of Christmas. Charity, family love and Not greed! love it!

Why the hell is this not on the list? You commercialism lovers!

14 How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Way better than Jim Carrey's version. I didn't like it at all

How the grinch stole Christmas is my favorite Christmas movie ever and it will always be my favorite

Transformers 3 is my favorite movie ever it's my 4th favorite movie ever

Pretty sure this should be higher than jim careys grinch. Greatest Christmas movie ever

How is this not in the top 5?

15 The Santa Clause

Absolutely iconic, this version of santa is a LEGEND I watch it every year with my christmas tree

This is the best Christmas movie I never laughed so hard and it is a stand up family fun classic.The north pole was awesome and the elfs were the best.

Yay I would love to see a 2018 vision of the movie and I would love to see Ashley Taylor Dawson take on the role Scott calvin

This is a staple in the days leading up to Christmas. Hilarious and heart-warming, gets me in the spirit.

16 Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

I think they actually mean this one is #11. - Derpyderpderpderp

Way better than the Mara Wilson version

Why is the remake better than this one? -

Love it makes adults believe in Santa

17 Gremlins

It is not humanly possible to watch this movie without laughing. Its scenes switch from kid friendly to incredibly violent in seconds with no transitions. The whole thing is so absolutely horrible that the only movie I can think of that is funnier is Gremlins 2.

It might seem like a horror film, but it is great on it's own. - AlfredFJones

Watch it every year. It isn't Christmas without Gremlins. - GreenDayFan97

It's incredibly scary and comedic at the same time.

18 Miracle On 34th Street

Well, it just proves there really is a Father Christmas, doesn't it?

I got suspended during this movie at school :P

This is the best Christmas movie of all time this should be number one!

Deserves to be in the top 5. It's so heartwarming! - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

19 Jingle All the Way

I love this movie so much! It is my family's tradition to start every Christmas season by watching this movie while putting up the tree.

I've seen it like a billion times you can never stop laughing at it. Home alone is very overrated.

Arnold rocks in this movie! - Toptu

One of the best. - HoldenFanatic

20 Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Nah mate - 0w0uwu

21 Batman Returns

A masterpiece. My favorite Christmas movie (It takes place at Christmas time). - girlcool

Not really a Christmas movie but still awesome best one in the franchises

How is this christmas

Tim Burton's Magnum opus

22 The Muppet Christmas Carol

I love a whole lot of Christmas movies, but the Muppet Christmas Carol is probably the best. With an outstanding cast (Michael Caine! ) the amazing Muppets, a heart warming soundtrack and laugh aloud moments, it's the best movie ever. Staying true to Charles's Dicken's classic but still perfect for all ages... It's the best.

Absolutely outstanding and the best representation of the Dickens classic by a long shot.

Love this one, been watching it for years! - SionicRelations

Great movie

23 Arthur Christmas

I have no shame in saying that this is the best christmas movie of all time.

I've Got to be honest I didn't really like this film it was good but it was too modern for my liking not a Christmas traditional classic. Just my opinion

This is not just one of the most underrated Christmas movies ever. It's one of the most underrated movies in history.

Arthur Christmas is so hilarious and exciting you might spew a fruit cake. It's brilliant.

24 Disney's A Christmas Carol

That movie is very good (especially Jim Carey) but scary at the same time, especially the ghost of Christmas yet to come (Future).

I like some things but hate others. The movie is too dark for Christmas Carol. - iliekpiez

I love this movie! The animation is so good and detailed. This is the First Christmas Carol movie I ever watched and I personally think it is the best.

I like this movie. its either this or Frozen because they are both good movies! Please vote for these two!

25 Scrooged

Definitely a great Christmas movie, checks all the boxes for me!

This is an all-time classic comedy, Christmas or otherwise. It's quotable and has a wonderful combination of drama, cynicism, comedy, absurdity, and (as any Christmas movie should) redemption. Bill Murray at his slapsticky sarcastic-and-vulnerable peak.

This movie is absolutely hilarious. The three ghosts are perfect!

My personal favorite- love Bill Murray!

26 Frosty the Snowman

All time best Christmas movie ever

Very underrated. - Randomator

This should be #1

Love this all time classic

27 A Christmas Carol (1938)

Best Christmas movie ever! Watched every Christmas Eve on NYC channel 11 T.V. growing up

Love it

28 Meet Me in St. Louis
29 Bad Santa

Not very well known, but without a doubt the most fun I've ever had watching a Christmas movie. It's dark, crude and extremely over the top, and its by far the funniest holiday movie ever made"

I have never laughed so hard in my life! It is hilarious, smart and sweet. Just gets me in the Christmas spirit.

How is this not in the top ten?

This needs to be higher

30 White Christmas

Absolutely love the wonderful singing and dancing. Should be Top 5!

Amazing! Singing is timeless and acting is amazing! I will forever love this musical.

This should be top 5 at least! - westofohio

One of the classics!

31 Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town

Great Christmas movie, always gives me Christmas sprit

The stop motion is very appealing to look at - ElSherlock

This needs to be higher up in the list.
It's the origin story of Santa 🎅!

32 The Shop Around the Corner


33 Iron Man 3

If Die Hard can count why not Iron Man 3 count? Same logic given it's set around Christmas time.

If its not about Christmas, its not a Christmas movie. Arkham origins is not a Christmas game either

Very underrated because of the Mandarin twist. It's not really a Christmas movie though

Admittadly it's Christmas in it's setting only but that counts.

34 Fred Claus

Funniest Christmas Film Ever! - DijaUnicorn

35 The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Some of the "movies" on this list aren't movies at all, or at least not in the traditional sense. I would argue that the 1964 Rudolph, 1965 Charlie Brown and 1966 Grinch are more T.V. specials rather than movies. If you're gonna include them you may as well include the Top Gear specials too.

At least The Nutcracker and the Four Realms is a legitimate selection.

The most amazing movie ever should so be in the top 10

It was great. I love how they are doing more of these.

A very enchanting, under-rated Christmas movie.

36 The Santa Clause 2

Better than the original

37 Holiday Inn

I guess I'm a true traditionalist. Have to add this to the list.

A must see Christmas Movie..

This belongs in the top 10

48th. Should be top 10.

38 Edward Scissorhands

Watched this in class one time. Fairly good movie! - 0w0uwu

Love love love this Film

39 Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
40 Deck the Halls

I love this one

Another one rated too low!

41 I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown

Best Movie EVER. Let alone Christmas. I watch this every year. It is so funny and gets the Christmas spirit up. - 19ROXX

I actually like it better than the Christmas Charlie Brown

This special SUCKS! It's disrespectful to Charles Schultz, who died 3 years before this special was made!

It should be number 1 - 19ROXX

42 Babes In Toyland

This is a perfect movie to sit down with your kids and grand kids and watch, I am talking about the black and white movie with Laurel and Hardy. Not the newer one, I think the first one was called March of the Wooden Soldiers.

43 Miracle on 34th Street (1994)

Best Christmas movie

44 Eight Crazy Nights

This movie is my least my favourite animated feature - iliekpiez

This movie is horrendous!

Apparently full of unfunny crap jokes according to a youtuber I watch - Lunala

45 Black Christmas (1974)

So a good Christmas movie - germshep24

Very innovative - ElSherlock

46 A Garfield Christmas

Jacksfilms approves - 0w0uwu

47 Santa Claus - The Movie

This is one of the top 10 best Christmas movies ever. And to find it at number 73! I Think that whoever has decided to put this cracking movie in 73rd needs their head checking.

This is my favourite movie of all time

The Mexican one with the Devil? Really?

My all time favorite, a classic.

48 Merry Christmas Drake and Josh

Drake is the best comic actor in the world

49 The Holiday

Very underrated. This is a great one to watch with the SO.

Its just a very sweet Christmas movie

50 Die Hard 2

I always play both Die Hard and Die Hard 2 for Christmas. My 2 favorite Christmas movies.

hell yeah - hunterdaboss

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