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Criteria: Hero - One who shows great courage, valor, bravery, self sacrifice, in the face of danger or injustice, and who is admired for their noble qualities and achievements. These movie characters best demonstrate the 'heroic' nature.

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1 James Bond - James Bond Series Royal Navy Commander James Bond is a fictional character created by British journalist and novelist Ian Fleming in 1953. He is the protagonist of the James Bond series of novels, films, comics and video games.

How can you argue against 007? He is just too good, he could fill this entire list.


2 Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark Dr. Henry Walton "Indiana" Jones, Jr., often shortened to "Indy", is the title character of the Indiana Jones franchise.

I adore his character


I don’t know why he can fight gods and the government and is still afraid of snakes, I’m not saying he is a bad hero.

3 Han Solo - Star Wars Han Solo is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, portrayed in films by Harrison Ford. In the original film trilogy, Han and his co-pilot, Chewbacca, become involved in the Rebel Alliance which opposes the Galactic Empire.

Han Solo is the rebel of the galaxy. Whether he shot first or not he's just awesome. I mean come on. He's so cool that he can date his bet friend's sister and he doesn't care. We all love him and he knows.

He is awesome!

I loved him. My favorite line was 'I can arrange that' after Princess Leia said 'I'd rather kiss a Wookie'.

4 Rocky Balboa - Rocky Series Robert "Rocky" Balboa is the title character of the Rocky film series. The character was created by Sylvester Stallone, who also portrayed him in all six Rocky films and two Creed movies.

Rocky really shows how someone can “go the distance”!

5 John McClane - Die Hard Series John McClane is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Die Hard film series. He is portrayed by Bruce Willis.
6 Ellen Ripley - Alien Ellen Louise Ripley is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Alien film series played by American actress Sigourney Weaver.

Hottest movie actress ever!

7 Will Turner - Pirates of the Caribbean William "Will" Turner is a fictional character and main protagonist in the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Will Turner is by far the most heroic character Orlando Bloom has played. And the fact that his wife stayed faithful to him is an added bonus. Also the fact that his son saved him. I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

8 Ash - Evil Dead
9 Batman - Dark Knight Trilogy

Batman is god batman is life

I'm Batman

10 Oskar Schindler - Schindler's List

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11 John Rambo - Rambo Series John James Rambo is a fictional character in the Rambo saga. He first appeared in the 1972 novel First Blood by David Morrell, but later became more famous as the protagonist of the film series, in which he was played by Sylvester Stallone.
12 Clarice Starling - The Silence of the Lambs

the best thing about starling (besides that shes hot) is that she has a backstory that explains the reason for her crusade

13 Edward Cullen - Twilight Edward Cullen is a fictional character in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. He is featured in the books Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, and their corresponding film adaptations, and the as yet unfinished novel Midnight Sun—a re-telling of the events of Twilight from Edward's perspective. more.

I owuldn't call him a hero. I'd call him a perv

14 Spider-Man - Spider-Man Spider-Man is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics existing in its shared universe. The character was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko, and first appeared in the anthology comic book Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962) in the more.


15 Legolas - Lord of the Rings Legolas is a character in J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium. He is a Sindarin Elf of the Woodland Realm and one of nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring. He has been portrayed by Orlando Bloom in the live action movies.

Throughout the films you start to wonder why he couldn't fight this war himself. I mean, he can take down a giant elephant without a beat of sweat on his forehead. He's just so perfect.

16 Harry Potter - Harry Potter Franchise Harry James Potter is the title character of J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. The majority of the books' plot covers seven years in the life of the orphan Potter, who, on his eleventh birthday, learns he is a wizard.
17 Luke Skywalker - Star Wars Luke Skywalker is a fictional character appearing as the central protagonist of the original film trilogy, and as a supporting character in the sequel trilogy of the Star Wars universe created by George Lucas.

I HATE it when Luke is overshadowed by Han.
Come on people!


18 The Bride - Kill Bill
19 Aragorn - Lord of the Rings Aragorn II, the son of Arathorn II and Gilraen, is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium and is one of the main protagonists of The Lord of the Rings. He was a great ranger and warrior, and as Isildur's heir he bore the shards of Narsil, reforged and renamed Andúril, in the War more.

Aragorn may have no political background, but he does give out some truly moving speeches.

20 Agent J - Men in Black Agent J is a fictional MIB agent in the film Men in Black, its sequels Men in Black II and Men in Black 3, and Men in Black: The Series.
21 Neo - The Matrix Neo is the main protagonist of the Matrix franchise created by the Wachowskis and portrayed by Keanu Reeves.
22 Gandhi - Gandhi
23 Martin Riggs - Lethal Weapon Series
24 Wesley Gibson - Wanted

You can't get more heroic then Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) disposing of a warehouse full of bad guys including the worst of the worst, Sloan (Morgan Freeman)

25 Superman - Superman: The Movie
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