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1 Shiva

Like seriously?

Shiva is not even in top 10?

Guess most of the people here are marvel fanboys who never got our of their little comic world and tried to look for the Gods in other Mythology.

Here is why Shiva is number one:-

1) Heard of Kamasutra? came from Shiva.

2) There is no evidence of his birth...neither one knows how he was born...or destroyed, like energy, and he can reincarnate for ever, like energy..can never be destroyed, nor be created, but only can be transferred.

3) He is referred as the destroyer, can destroy the universes with just by opening his third eye.

4) He is always HIGH. Yup, the only god in the world who is a pothead. I am sure no other god in the world is worshipped by getting offered cannabis drink and dhatura(one of nine species of poisonous vespertine flowering plants belonging to the family Solanaceae.)

5) A good dancer. But don't expect him to dance for fun, he dances when he ...more

Shiva is the one whom all the other Gods have sprung out of. When he feels like he can blow the hell out of the whole universe by just opening his third eye. He is Mahadev- which means he is the God of the Gods. Modern physics is telling us that there's something called dark energy or dark matter and it's in its lap that all the creation is happening. 98.9 percent of the whole universe is made up of nothing and it's nowadays called singularity or dark energy. Shiva literally means that which is not. Atoms get destroyed by themselves when we aren't looking at them. So actually the universe is made up of nothing or Shiva. If this God of Gods and mahayogi opens his third eye, everything hat you ever can know or you cannot know will be destroyed and nothing will be left except Shiva. Shiva is not a concept. He is the basis and personification of the modern physical sciences.

Although, it is not proper to compare God's of different religion because non of them ever clashed with each other according to mythology., though there are plenty of battles fought between gods of same religion. But I think Lord Shiva a.k.a Mahadev(Maha- something superior, Dev- God, in Hindu religion) is the strongest among other gods, I think because when it comes to war, he himself is the God of destruction and many gods and demons have seen his rage but only few survive to tell the tale. The third eye of Lord Shiva has the power to destroy anything and everything ever created. The trident he owns is not a weapon to mess with and also the trident specifies the supremacy of Lord Shiva among other Gods. Lord Shiva also have a large numbers of weapons he can summon any time to use. Lastly I want to say that unlike many other Gods whose powers are basically elemental like Zeus - God of Thunder, Thor- Same as Zeus, Poseidon - God of sea, Helius - God of fire etc Lord Shiva's powers are ...more

Shiva not getting too angry is the reason we are all alive, he could destroy the world whenever he wants to. All he has to do is open that third eye and we are gone. If anyone wants to challenge him, he can just destroy them by opening that eye. All gods are the result of him, and he is the god of gods.

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2 Poseidon

Since he is in the big three and wields a trident he is heart much great in number 2 spot

Poseidon was one of three sons of the Titan Cronus. His kid brother Zeus gets a lot of the cred for overthrowing the Titans, slaughtering a bunch of gnarly evil monsters most of which occurred only with Poseidon's help, I might add , and ruling over the Earth, while Poseidon got stuck living under the sea with talking crabs in mermaid town. Sure, spear hunting leviathans on the floor of the Marianas Trench might not be as glamorous as having babes hand feed you ambrosia on the peak of Mount Olympus, but hey, it could have been worse Poseidon and Zeus' other brother, Hades, got stuck trudging around the Underworld for eternity like a chump. Sure, it sounds cool, but ruling over Hell really isn't as awesome as you'd think it would be. The excitement dies down after a while. Plus, it should be mentioned the oceans are the most wide ranging expanse on the face of the planet and something the Greeks depended on for food, transportation, and adventure , so maybe chilling out on the sea ...more

Not because I like Percy Jackson, but I like water so how can I not like him? Plus Tridents are cool

Zeus is so trash without his lightning bolt and he's basically nothing

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3 Zeus

People who say Poseidon is more powerful, well I have 3 Reasons why Zeus destroys Poseidon.

1.When the powerful monster "Typhon" came & try to destroy Olympus. Poseidon flee like a Coward while Zeus was the only one to fought back.

2.Zeus punished Poseidon when he tried to overthrew him in the Civil War. Forced him to work on the walls of Troy.

3.Poseidon obeys Zeus's commands. After all... Zeus is king of the gods!

I thought Zeus would be one, since he was essentially the "king" of the Gods - scienceLover10

Zeus it's amazing!

He is king of gods

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4 Thor

I really hate that most comments here are about Marvel's version of Thor. The mythical version of Thor is better and at least it wasn't ruined by Marvel. - RogerMcBaloney

Its wrong Thor is most powerful god I think his 2nd rank

Thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind and also hallowing and fertility. He also has a sick hammer. What else do you want?

Marvel ruined thor. he was much better in norse mythology

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5 Athena

Love her, but she dosen't beat poseidon - luckycayden

Athena is so smart (goddess of wisdom) so she should automatically be number 1. She's smart and shes also the goddess of war and USEFUL arts so yea definitely number 1 in my book

Mind is useful

This goodness is my horoscope goodness, also she can totally beat ares god of war Athena, wisdom,and strategy

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6 Ares

God of war

Ares is the best!

He is awesome god of war how can he be one of the last one seriously he gains power by fighting he can't be beat!

I agree

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7 Apollo

He was handsome!

My zodiac Greek god


My name is apollo and he is one of my favorite gods

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8 Anubis

He has a jackal head. Close enough to a dog. I'm born under the year of the dog. Case closed. - fwed

The Coolest Mythological God - Kuro

Anubis is a beast

God of the dead. Has a jackal head. Sounds really cool. Transported the dead personally into the underworld - even Hades doesn't do that. Plus Egyptian, so winning on many counts.

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9 Odin

He speaks, he is also zeus and many others

The father of thor - Oliversky

He gave his eye for more knowledge than you would get from studying and Cambridge - fwed

That’s the name of a horse ik - Firegirl110

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10 Artemis

Artemis is the BEST! I love her! She's my all time favourite! Go Artemis! 😄

Artemis is goddess of hunt, in serial Xena and Hercules is Artemis hard opponent and his me alliance to biggest gods. Gold costeem and gold bolt and weapons.

Good art Artemis to sarial Xena: Warrior Princess. Artemis his woman in have red hair and beautifull bolt and arrows. She is in gold costum.

Artemis is weapon the bowl. He is red jacket, beautiful female, gread power, werry intellect speed and power.

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11 Aphrodite

Goddess of Love!

She rocks.
Without her, this would be a HATEFUL world - Celestius

Powerful or not she's defiantly deceptive. Come on guys every living creature has love in it. Why does many heroes and villains do crazy things?! Why is Zeus afraid of his own wife?! ( why are we, first?! ) why did hades risk kidnapping phersisphone ( or whatever her name was) why did Poseidon creat horses?! Why was there a Trojan war?! Think

Isn't she the god of love?!?

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12 Hades

Obviously, I don't need to list the reasons

Have you guys ever witnessed hell?

Zeus is king of the gods for the obvious reason, he rules the sky. In every mythology out there, the ruler either owns the heavens, the sky, or the sun, or some combination thereof. But Hades? Hades, man, the underworld is NAMED after this guy. He controls all the riches under the earth as well as the dead. His domain is by far the most powerful, most controlled, and most tasking. What do the olympians do? They go around busting up humanity out of boredom because their jobs are just that, boring. But Hades has to control the dead, ALL the dead. That's a lot of people, and a lot of places. The underworld in general is an ever vast place, like the universe pretty much, because people just KEEP DYING. Poseidon might control earthquakes and shiz, and the ocean which does cover a lot of the planet. But it's just the cover, even Zeus doesn't have much to do with an entire sky, a lightening storm here or there, yeah, terrifying, but let's compare that to death. You might die of lightening, ...more

Viva la pluto

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13 Krishna

Why? He should be number 2 he holds a universe in himself

The god in Hinduism which kills the demons of the world

Krishna is the god of love. He is considered gods of gods and chan even beat Lord Vishnu and lord Shiva also treats them as there aaradhya or guru

It's been said krishna is cause of all causes.

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14 Loki

Unlike what marvel states, Loki is not a frost giant, but has giant blood in him. Could trick Odin, the almost omniscient allfather, and manipulated Thor too many times to count. Definitely him.

He is the best ever! I love him!

He easily make too 10

I think Loki should be in the top ten he's obviously the best. he's a god of asgarde (sorry if I spelled it wrong)
despite being a frost giant and being the god of trickery he's probably the most devious and intelligent (besides Odin and Heimdall on that last one) of all gods. oh yeah, and he will END THE GODS

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15 Hermes

He is awesome he's the fastest, sneakiest, and he's the messenger of the Greek Gods along with Iris (Goddess of Rainbows)

Technically, Iris is goddess of Skype and Hermes is god of Postman Pat - fwed

Very sneaky and I love how he's so fast and also the God of thieves sadly thieves no mercury on this list is would have picked him I was gonna pick loki then I changed my mind #HERMES/MERCURY

There is no god of time so he can super speed kill the fates and destroy the rest of gods by going back in time and kill them all

He’s a god of tricksters, thieves, traders, athletics, and spoksman, and delivers important informations and is in charge of leading life to the underworld and has the ability to travel through demesions

16 Cronus

He's actually a Titan so he doesn't belong on this list. - fwed

Kronor is super cool, he can manipulate time itself has super strong, his father Uranus was afraid of him.

He is not a Titan, he is the god of time, and his name is spelled Chronos. The titan you are thinking of is Kronos, not Chronos.

And kronos is a Titan... not a god

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17 Ra

Why the heck is Ra 17th? Dude should be like 5th or top 5. Even his eye could destroy earth's population how much more him. Despite not being the god of Wisdom he has shown to be near Thoth. Look at his wise remarks for not voting for Horus during his trial with Set. The rays of the sun were said to be his arrows which can hurt people. Now is anyone faster than light itself. Not Hercules, not Wunkong, not Shiva because Ra's arrows move lightspeed. He also took on universal beings like Apep every night, a villain who demonstrated the ability to destroy a sun and could take on many gods and win. Ra should be higher than he is. He has so many abilities that will make him kick the ass of all the gods on the list.

Ra is the best god of all time he should be way higher than this!

Ra should be higher than 17th. He is an interesting character and the oldest on the list. Can basically do almost anything. He fights Apophis every night. Apophis can't die so long as darkness exists in the universe. But Ra always wins. It must be noticed Ra wasn't basically the sun god. It was Aten.

I know this is irrelevant but... I SUMMON THE WINGED DRAGON OF RA! - fwed

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18 Demeter Demeter
19 Yahweh

The reason why Yahweh is worshiped so much is because the Abrahamic God is considered to be a loving parent, albeit a gruff one at times. With the fact that humanity has been full of hardships left and right this idea helps a lot. Especially with the fact that Christianity is the most widespread religion in the world because of Jesus (Yeshua, Yahweh in the flesh to believers) message of the Golden Rule and of goodwill is a comfort.
Judgment day is also mentioned many times as the idea of world peace, which was rather new for the time, and a judgment of good and evil helps in times of hardship.

God is the most powerful of all the Gods but one reason he might not be number one is because he isn't technically a god, He is so powerful an infinite that calling him a god would be a MASSIVE understatemate so maybe why he isn't higher up is cause he is more than just a god and also he isn't technically mythical he is real. And Yahweh is just a name of God all of Him is the Trinity which is actually THREE persons but ONE God! And plus in Hindu mythology they worship Brahma who is really a distorted version of God sorta like the god of the muslims and he is WAY stronger than stinking Shiva! So in basically almost any myth God is technically the most powerful.

This guy has loads of immortals under him why is he not no1

He is still worshiped. If you can get a myth to be worshiped in the 21st century, you must be some mythical badass.

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20 Hephaestus

Dude he can make anything in seconds and he defeated ares that's cool

Best God ever! He is a Greek god the greek god of fire forge volcanoes blacksmiths and artisans!

He made most of the gods weapons and other items as well as helping the human race thrive.

Dude, he can litterally make anything he wants and is the GOD OF FIRE

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21 Amun Ra

He is as strong as all the egiptian gods put together except Amun and ra of course

22 Osiris

He's in destiny 2

I can't believe I have to even put him on this list.

23 Vishnu

You know in Hinduism Vishnu practically created the universe so yeah

Most powerful

Top 2

He is the protector god om namo Narayana

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24 Baldr

Brother of Thor and is impregnable until he is near his mother

25 Thanatos

Basically Thanatos is the god of death in greek mythology, and every god who is a representation of death can be considered omnipresent and omnipotent because no one escapes death

26 Gaea

The earth itself, what more to ask for a god?

This is very treatable god :3

27 Freyja
28 Tyr

God of War

Tyr is the god of BRAVERY he could kick Thor's sorry butt! He should be in top three for sure!

He is the god of war he should be above ares

Kya god hai ya waste

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29 Allah

Allah only one

Actually, Allah is the only God who is responding to the questions like which God is true? which religion is true? which scripter is true? so that atheist can't open their mouth on the day of judgement.

He's the only GOD. He creates us, created our brain to think of mythology gods

Allah is the strongest and can easily kill everyone no matter they are god like Shiva because he is fake.

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30 Jesus

Historical documents prove Jesus was actually a real human. To the Christians and Messianic Jews, Jesus is God in the flesh or otherwise the Messiah. To others he was (and is) a good person and a prophet.

Jesus should be number one in your life.

There is only one god in Christianity and it's God. Jesus is the next closest thing however, but he is no god.
(I'm pretty sure but I'm not Christian so yea) - fwed

"There is only one god in Christianity and it's God." wow, really specific. I don't believe in any God or Gods, but I don't want to get into a debate with you. What I want to say is, you could be more specific than "There is only one god in Christianity and it's God." - scienceLover10

My boi can turn water into wine, enough said.

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31 Isis

Isis is the best thing ever.

-flagged by the government

Let me explain this one to you. She is a Egyptian goddess of magic

Isis sucks duck luul xddd

32 Heimdallr

He is the last god to die in the Ragnarok...

33 Horus

The original Jesus Christ (seriously look up the Jesus/Horus comparison meme on Google Images).

God of war and once took the thrown of the gods. Defeated Set at a young age (16-20). He never gives up and has control over griffins and hawks!

I think its true

He is the God of war and also very strong

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34 Frigg
35 Kratos

Kratos is the man

He may be half human and half god but ultimately he as a hope power so he can beat anyone in world and any god so he is the best and number 1

Kratos can kill any god he can even kill odin and thor he killed poseidon and zeus that means he must be number one
He killed the fates and he can even kill shiva he is 200 years old in that time that gods are still I love but still strong and looks like a 55 years old guy he is half god and half human

He shoulda be top 5

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36 Chaos

He is the most powerful, obviously.. He created everything. And is said that he cannot be defeated, even with all of the other gods or Goddesses combined!

When I think of power, I think of primordial gods, then I think of chaos

Chaos can't be destroyed and is in every relgion

The personification of chaos which created EVERYTHING in roman and greek mythologies nothing is able to defeat him.

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37 Ganesha

He beat the Third Reich, how many other gods have done that huh? yeah I didn't think so.

All god worships lord ganesha
Humans worships lord ganesha before starting any special occasions
Intelligence of lord ganesha is unbeatable

I can't believe their are so many ignorant people, who think that Hinduism is a Mythology. It's a religion.

Powerful god

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38 Marduk Marduk Marduk is a black metal band from Norrköping, Sweden. The band formed in 1990 and released their first album in 1992. Their name is derived from the Babylonian god Marduk, patron deity of Babylon.

Babylonian champion god. He had slain Tiamat to become king of gods and he created his godly abode from her carcus. He comparable to Zeus since he uses lightning bolts as a weapon. He is said to have four eyes and four eyes so he can see and hear everything around him. He is the wisest of all of the Babylonian gods, even surpassing the intellect of his own father, Enki, the god of wisdom and sorcery

39 Cthulhu Cthulhu Cthulhu is a fictional cosmic entity created by writer H. P. Lovecraft and first introduced in the short story "The Call of Cthulhu", published in the American pulp magazine Weird Tales in 1928. Considered a Great Old One within the pantheon of Lovecraftian cosmic entities, the creature has since been more.

The Coolest no doubt!

Cthulhu F'taghn!

He is considered to be so large that he can't completely fit in one single dimmension. He can also wipe out all of existence with a single thought.

Dude, he IS scary

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40 Hanuman

Top 5

Hanuman is strongest god in all god in my opanion but heare is hanuman is in vary last in my opanion hanuman is five no can not minde this list is wrong

He is destroyer of fear and should be in at least top5

He ate the sun as a baby. How much more badass can you get?

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41 Rama

God of all gods

According to Hindu mythology he is supreme being, the almighty, the omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.

He is the supreme lord.

He can defeat also Shiva. He is best.

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42 Satan


My favorite God

Oppose the hypocritical god

not a god

43 Set

No he is not ra is he left willingly so as not to be forced into resining by isis so if nut had kept her promise and not had kids ra would be king

He is insanely cool and he is the god of chaos

Set is the rightful king of the gods. He represents power as god of storms, chaos and war. He kills wimpy osires, rules a successful reign. The classic story is corrupted to say he fights Horus and looses! Which may I say is utter bullpoop! Set, or as I prefer, Sutekh (zootek) defeats the wimpy Horus by ripping his eye out and keeps the throne. Sadly Horus complains to the other gods and they have a vote. All gods support Horus because he is moral, apart from the wisest Ra, who says that the most powerful god should rule not the most moral, he votes fo Sutekh. Alas if it wasn't for stupid democracy Set would remain king. He is also the only Egyptian god to have the head of an animal that doesn't exist. Pretty damn cool!

44 Morpheus

Come on, Morpheus is the good of dreams and sleep. Like okay, some of you might think that's lame, but I, for one, love sleeping. Also, if you think about it, Morpheus could be really super powerful, potentially to the point where he has the ability to shape the very reality around us and force us to begin to question what is real (Inception, anybody? ).

Not exactly from a mythology, but Dream is awesome. He is immortal and as long as there is at least one being in the multiverse that can dream he lives. he does not control dreams, he is dream. without dream there cannot be reality.

45 Kali

Nothing can defeat Kali except his husband She can destroy every thing
That comes in his way even all gods

The great mother who saved the world. She is the most powerful and nothing could stop her until her husband Shiva let her dance on him. Kali may be terrifying, but she is the best mother who cares for all her children. All creation comes from her and returns to her including the supreme father. She is one of the forms of Devi and the greatest. According to Rig Veda, the oldest scripture in the world, she is the mother and the only way.

It would have been my second choice

Goddess of time...she brings the end

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46 Sun Wukong

Has over three types of immortality, multiple transformations, strength great enough to strike fear into dragons and jump high enough to reach the end of the universe from the palm of Buddha. If that wasn't enough then he is also bold enough to cause tantrums throughout the heavens.
P.s is a stone monkey.

His name is literally erased form the book of death. He can’t die!


Defeated an army of hundred thousand gods with nothing but and stick and personally destroyed heaven himself. Not to mention he became basically omnipotent after the journey to the west after studying under Buddha

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47 The Morrigan

Three faced celtic raven God of war.General badass

She is the Celtic goddess of both life and death. She is by far my favorite goddess. To learn more I suggest you check out this site:

She is the reason we have characters like Lydia Martin. Banshees may be neutral, but they are also incredibly powerful.

48 Fenrir

He is the most powerful. Without doubt...


49 Chronos

Now I'm Cronos with my theory on light Patrol and how time itself never moves.

He is time personified

Time god is the best

50 Saraswati

Formerly associated with the Saraswati river she is now the hindu goddess of wisdom and the arts. She rides a swan, is sometimes seated on a lotus. She is typically depicted with four hands holding items such as a veena (like a sitar), a crystal rosary, a pot of water and a copy of the Vedas (ancient sacred texts). She is the consort of Brahma, creator of the universe. As the goddess of inspiration she is credited with being the inspiration behind the creation of the universe. Brahma loved her so much that he grew three more heads, so that he could look in all four directions and could gaze upon her wherever she was.

My best god

The great goddess of wisdom and the wisest form of Devi. She is the great mother and the wisest of all the gods and goddesses. She is found in both Buddhism and Hinduism and is the wisest, smartest, most intelligent, most artistic, most creative, and most musical goddess. As the wife of Lord Brahma in Hinduism and Lord Manjushri in Buddhism, she is the perfection of wisdom that even all the Buddhas depend on. In wrathful form, she has many from the very powerful dharmapala Palden Lhamo who is part of the 8 main protectors of Buddhism to Magzor Gyalmo. However, she is peaceful and a great mother greater than Athena, Thoth, and many more.

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