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1 Poseidon

Of course death is unavoidable, Hades is pretty damn powerful for that, but all life originated from the sea and will always return to it, either in death or in life. Sea is the unstoppable force in the living world. Nowadays, we can protect ourselves from lightening and we have designed buildings that can withstand hurricanes or tornadoes. When it comes to the sea... think about it, nothing can stop a tsunami. I haven't read many of the Greek myths but I think I've heard somewhere that when Poseidon got angry he felled Atlantis or something. He isn't the 'king of the gods' because Zeus controls the heavens, which everyone looks up to and frankly, everyone is slightly scared by the sea, but Poseidon could realistically beat Hades and Zeus at the peak of his power.

Poseidon was one of three sons of the Titan Cronus. His kid brother Zeus gets a lot of the cred for overthrowing the Titans, slaughtering a bunch of gnarly evil monsters most of which occurred only with Poseidon's help, I might add , and ruling over the Earth, while Poseidon got stuck living under the sea with talking crabs in mermaid town. Sure, spear hunting leviathans on the floor of the Marianas Trench might not be as glamorous as having babes hand feed you ambrosia on the peak of Mount Olympus, but hey, it could have been worse Poseidon and Zeus' other brother, Hades, got stuck trudging around the Underworld for eternity like a chump. Sure, it sounds cool, but ruling over Hell really isn't as awesome as you'd think it would be. The excitement dies down after a while. Plus, it should be mentioned the oceans are the most wide ranging expanse on the face of the planet and something the Greeks depended on for food, transportation, and adventure , so maybe chilling out on the sea ...more

Poseidon all the way! Who denies the might of the raging storms and the writing earth?! Defy him and find yourself struck by the Earthquakes or the Sea-rampages... Unless you are Zeus or Hades (who would either run to the skies to blanket himself in clouds or hide beneath the earth shaking with terror, respectively)... But Eventually, you will be struck down by him!

Poseidon is the most powerful in my opinion and in most statistics. He's the god of all seas and most of the earth is made up of sea. Many say Zeus is way more powerful but when they are compared, Poseidon has more powers and is more fierce. Poseidon is the "earth shaker", as he can start storms and earthquakes.

2 Shiva

Shiva is the one whom all the other Gods have sprung out of. When he feels like he can blow the hell out of the whole universe by just opening his third eye. He is Mahadev- which means he is the God of the Gods. Modern physics is telling us that there's something called dark energy or dark matter and it's in its lap that all the creation is happening. 98.9 percent of the whole universe is made up of nothing and it's nowadays called singularity or dark energy. Shiva literally means that which is not. Atoms get destroyed by themselves when we aren't looking at them. So actually the universe is made up of nothing or Shiva. If this God of Gods and mahayogi opens his third eye, everything hat you ever can know or you cannot know will be destroyed and nothing will be left except Shiva. Shiva is not a concept. He is the basis and personification of the modern physical sciences.

Shiva is also known as Mahadev (God of Gods) in Hinduism.

All other Gods within this list have specific powers, they have fathers and mothers, they were born, have weaknesses, and are explained within a human context.

But Shiva is formless, limitless, transcendent, unchanging, eternal, unborn, and immortal. He is the creator, preserver, and destroyer of the universes.

He is beyond human thinking and he embodies anything a human mind can even imagine. All of the modern physics concepts are within him. All the power, energy, mass, matter, non-matter, space are within him.

He is the past, present, and future. He is the universal principle. He was never created and can never be destroyed. He is well-known as the god of Yoga, Meditation, and Arts. He is all powerful and all powers are within him.

Shiva is prayed by Gods/Goddesses, Demons, Humans, Spirits, living beings or any other forms.

Like other Gods in the list, Hinduism also describes many ...more

Although, it is not proper to compare God's of different religion because non of them ever clashed with each other according to mythology., though there are plenty of battles fought between gods of same religion. But I think Lord Shiva a.k.a Mahadev(Maha- something superior, Dev- God, in Hindu religion) is the strongest among other gods, I think because when it comes to war, he himself is the God of destruction and many gods and demons have seen his rage but only few survive to tell the tale. The third eye of Lord Shiva has the power to destroy anything and everything ever created. The trident he owns is not a weapon to mess with and also the trident specifies the supremacy of Lord Shiva among other Gods. Lord Shiva also have a large numbers of weapons he can summon any time to use. Lastly I want to say that unlike many other Gods whose powers are basically elemental like Zeus - God of Thunder, Thor- Same as Zeus, Poseidon - God of sea, Helius - God of fire etc Lord Shiva's powers are ...more

Nobody can compare to Lord Shiva. Nobody even comes close. Forget about other religions, even in Hinduism, there is no one like him. So easy to please; he's the only god who will be satisfied with even a palmfull of water. Krishna may be idolized for love and romance. But Shiva is the ideal husband. Why else girls would fast 16 somvar(monday) to get a husband like him.
Temper and all but, that dude almost destroyed the whole universe, because of his wife's death.
Unlike Lord Vishnu, at least he puts his wife in his equal. Maybe there's a reason why Lord Vishnu does it, but I don't like it.Period.
This is all in a girls point of view.. There are more than enough people who are doing a job at explaining the awesomeness this God is.

3 Zeus

People who say Poseidon is more powerful, well I have 3 Reasons why Zeus destroys Poseidon.

1.When the powerful monster "Typhon" came & try to destroy Olympus. Poseidon flee like a Coward while Zeus was the only one to fought back.

2.Zeus punished Poseidon when he tried to overthrew him in the Civil War. Forced him to work on the walls of Troy.

3.Poseidon obeys Zeus's commands. After all... Zeus is king of the gods!

The immortal ruler of existence, he is arguably weaker than only the primary vedic deities. Even though he is said to rule only heaven, he in fact rules over almost all other gods and thus over all domains. He rules fate itself.

Is there no love for Zeus? He is the most powerful Greek god. And due to his personality flaws, is certainly a very interesting god. This guys thunderbolts could shake the cosmos, and were certainly enough to depose a time god (Kronos, his dad). Zeus is the father of gods and men, both figuratively and literally

I would have said Chtulhu, but it wouldn't really fit haha.

Still Zeus rocks. Not only because he is quite mighty, but also because he has a damn cool set of histories with a very complex personality. Turning into animals to have sex with mortals is one of the funniest ones.

4 Hades

Zeus is king of the gods for the obvious reason, he rules the sky. In every mythology out there, the ruler either owns the heavens, the sky, or the sun, or some combination thereof. But Hades? Hades, man, the underworld is NAMED after this guy. He controls all the riches under the earth as well as the dead. His domain is by far the most powerful, most controlled, and most tasking. What do the olympians do? They go around busting up humanity out of boredom because their jobs are just that, boring. But Hades has to control the dead, ALL the dead. That's a lot of people, and a lot of places. The underworld in general is an ever vast place, like the universe pretty much, because people just KEEP DYING. Poseidon might control earthquakes and shiz, and the ocean which does cover a lot of the planet. But it's just the cover, even Zeus doesn't have much to do with an entire sky, a lightening storm here or there, yeah, terrifying, but let's compare that to death. You might die of lightening, ...more

Not only was he a fearsome warrior in the war with the titans, his power can match Poseidon's and even Zeus's, not to mention he has the Helm of Darkness, commands countless legions of the dead, has complete control of all metals and gems, I mean come on he's the god of the underworld!

Though one who was condemned to the underworld, although he was supposed to rule the sky. As the symbol of death, he was not often worshiped. Nobody can escape him, that makes him modestly badass. Cerberus gets him extra points.

Yes! Hades is such an underrated character but he is by far The Best! In the Percy Jackson series he is the only God t gay has his son live with him

5 Anubis

Anubis is one of my favorite gods! He is just so cool with the jackal head and he's the god of death come on NOW! Definitely the best. And quite powerful too.

God of the dead. Has a jackal head. Sounds really cool. Transported the dead personally into the underworld - even Hades doesn't do that. Plus Egyptian, so winning on many counts.

He is the god of death. The only thing that trumps death is life so theoretically Kali, the goddes of life is the strongest and Anubis, the god of death is the second strongest.

Actually even without his master bolt, he still is a god and just because he loses his masterbolt doesn't mean that he isn't the god of the sky and thunder.

6 Thor

This title, The Mighty Thor. God of Thunder. Master of the Storm and Lightning, pretty much says it all. Thor is Immortal, he is a God. Thor is naturally super strong but his strength is multiplied even more with his wristbands of strength. Thor commands the storm and lightning. His Uru Hammer is one of the most powerful weapons anywhere, any place. Indestructible. The Hammer lets Thor fly and go into space and different worlds. The Hammmer channels lightning. Nothing evil or non-worthy can lift it let alone use it as a weapon. When thrown, it returns automatically back to Thor's hand. Thor has his magical goat-drawn chariot and Thor can eat his two goats anytime and they will return to form as long as none of the bones are lost or broken.

I completely agree with your statement. If you look back into history we lesser humans have kept detailed records on these so called immortals. So why do we call them immortal if they can be killed or they have already died. Makes no sense whatsoever. don't argue just think about it. Every religion, mythology, deity, whatever has some story about one or all of their gods being killed or dying. So what do you think about immortality now kind of sounds like a great time doesn't it except that all the immortals die. Even Christianity States that death will reap GOD

Immortality aside I have had something bothering me for a while now every Christian Presbyterian, Catholic, Adventists all know of GOD OK this is fine no arguments here. Now think about what he looks like why have we not given him form. The gods of old were said to be able to take the shape of anything at anytime. But they all had at least one appearance that everyone agrees with. So why does the so called ONE TRUE GOD not have one. Just asking post back if you have a theory

There's only one problem I have with Thor. And most mythologies for that matter when they have their own individual Ragnarok's or the end situations why does there immortality not go into effect then. If you look back into Norse mythology you see that basically everyone dies. And this is why I do not endorse the claim that he is immortal.

7 Ares

Hated by all Olympian Gods and despised by his father Zues he is the underdog god in greek mythology. He is bested by Athena in Troy, however, championed by the spartans. At the end of the day, Ares is the God of War and there is nothing worse than that. He is the raw bloodlust and masculinity of war and bloodshed. Notwithstanding what was mentioned before, he is married to the goddess of beauty- He is a player.

Ares is God of war, werry long hystory god. My comparison Ares to film actor Kevin Smith, of series Xena: Warrior princess. Ares of Xena and series Hercules is me great power, speed and intellect, power teleport and power is his zord, Ares my comparison to flying A.N.T.

I think Ares should be higher up this list. He IS the GOD OF WAR. Whenever the is strife, he is stronger. Fighting him is giving him more power.

Ares is not married to Aphrodite... She is married to Hephaestus and cheats on him with ares... Check yourself before you wreck yourself

8 Odin

Odin has total control of the 8 Realms. Zeus only has the heavens, which isn't even his. Uranus, a Titan, is on a better level than he is. Odin, well, let's just say he is also smart enough to fit in the level of THE STRONGEST GOD! Also, he is father of Thor, who controls lightning just as well as Zeus.

Odin is be powerful North God. Great discover to Odin from serial Xena: Warrior princess. Odin be in 6 Season, Episode, s name (The Rheingold), and the (Ring), and (Return the Valkire). Odin of Xena me great magic power and he is intellected.

Odin has to be number one because he can easily taken on Zeus, Hayes and Poseidon which tells that he is the leader of the Norse deities for a reason.

Okay, let me begin by stating why the above options are a disgrace

Poseidon - You guys do realize that GREEK mythology was made by the GREEKS who thought that the oceans were seriously small. Yeah. Don't try to exaggerate his powers by taking what we know scientifically to replace what was known mythological. Poseidon was also a man-whore. He did the same things Zeus did, he was just more sneaky with it. Also, if you're going to say Poseidon was all that because he had what? Tsunamis? Don't make me laugh. In that matter, Hephaestus should be top. Tsunamis can destroy coastlines. A volcano can cause mass-extinctions, create a year-long winter in every corner of the earth, thus causing entire civilizations to crumble. If a tsunami hit New York, it would be bad for a lot of billionaires. If Keystone exploded, it will ANNIHILATE all life in Canada, USA, and Mexico. Let's not start with what it will do to Denark and Russia. Educate yourselves, you Percy Jackson ignorant. Riordan ...more

9 Athena

Best role Athena in serial Xena: Warrior princess. Role Athena to Paris Jefferson. This role Athena be in most ending 5 season, three episode, S. Occurrence Athena in serial Xena, beautifull woman with gold helm, gold costum, and gold teleporte, and power to speed and know small flying.

The Godess of wisdom and also the one who loves and supports mortals more than any other immortal. And she picked up effing Mount Aetna and threw it on Giant Enceladus entrapping him under the volcano for all eternity. That's pretty bad ass.

Athena beats Ares and he beats most of the Olympians outside of the big three mythologically the only one the ever beat him straight up was Athena so yea. There is that

Why isn't she first? Laugh out loud I bet stupid jesus is last.P. S god doesn't exist, but if s/he did s/he would be Athena. Love her, sh's the best. She should be god/dess.

10 Apollo

YES Amazing! This dude's my Greek Godly Parent. Why isn't he higher on the list? P.S. For all you LGBTQIA+ people, Apollo is Bisexual/Pansexual (not sure)! I really hope more people vote him, for he deserves WAY better than 10th place. I'm not done Percy Jackson, though I have done some research on Apollo. Stay well everyone, and stay strong!

Great art Apollo in serial Hercules, Apollo of Hercules to god sun, gold costum and werry speed, great power and intellect.

I feel like I am a lot like this god. he is handsome, vain, good at singing, and is awesome.

Apollo is god sun, great power, intellect god and werry imposant, speed and brave heart. The Apollon is good magic warrior.

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11 Ra

Ra is a boss. I knew Poseidon or something would be the first because of modern dramatisations of him, but really? Like, Ra is probably the oldest god on this list, God of the sun, and he has a sick hawk head. Ra is better than al, other gods. And what's the deal with Anubis? Why is everyone thinking he's so cool, but he's just the god of mummification. Yep, preserving dead bodies who's brains have been pulled out their noses. Many people confuse him with being the king of the underworld, which is actually orsiris's job, not Anubis's. Ra rules. And so does Horus, but I can only vote for one so yeah.

Why the heck is Ra 17th? Dude should be like 5th or top 5. Even his eye could destroy earth's population how much more him. Despite not being the god of Wisdom he has shown to be near Thoth. Look at his wise remarks for not voting for Horus during his trial with Set. The rays of the sun were said to be his arrows which can hurt people. Now is anyone faster than light itself. Not Hercules, not Wunkong, not Shiva because Ra's arrows move lightspeed. He also took on universal beings like Apep every night, a villain who demonstrated the ability to destroy a sun and could take on many gods and win. Ra should be higher than he is. He has so many abilities that will make him kick the ass of all the gods on the list.

Ra, god of the sun, demiurge and also something more interesting. This guy created everything that exists just by calling his name, created himself from the primordial body of nun and has the power of basically doing everything he pleases. As some might not know, the sun is Ra's eye that he voluntarely take it off to find two of his sons. But that is not enough, he fights a battle with the terrifying god of chaos Apep. A clash that take place everyday at night and we know he always wins because the sun come out every morning.

If you think that was enough, well you are wrong, because in other myths the sun is a god known as atum, so Ra isn't the embodiment of the sun or a part of it. It becomes something more abstract and interesting, something like the god of light, energy and temperature.

Ra is the creator god of Egyptian mythology and the strongest Egyptian god. He rules the sun, sky, underworld and the universe. He created the gods Shu god of the wind and Tefnut goddess of moisture who in then had geb the earth and nut the sky. He the god of gods in Egyptian mythology. He was pharoah of the gods until he gave the throne to Osiris who then gave Horus the throne. Horus is closely linked to his great great grandfather Ra in dominion over the universe.

12 Artemis

Artemis is a lone spirit but helps control her family the other gods/goddesses. She has a whole troop of hunters to care for and she helped Apollo on his trials. (Trails of Apollo)

Artemis is goddess of hunt, in serial Xena and Hercules is Artemis hard opponent and his me alliance to biggest gods. Gold costeem and gold bolt and weapons.

Good art Artemis to sarial Xena: Warrior Princess. Artemis his woman in have red hair and beautifull bolt and arrows. She is in gold costum.

She's awesome! And she's like me because she's an animal lover.

13 Horus

God of war and once took the thrown of the gods. Defeated Set at a young age (16-20). He never gives up and has control over griffins and hawks!

The original Jesus Christ (seriously look up the Jesus/Horus comparison meme on Google Images).

God of war and god of falcons. So op

God of Egyptian war

14 Krishna

Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the only human to be born with the knowledge and power of God. I think that's enough to describe him.

The human who is infact the supreme god. He was both fully human and the Supreme formless god. He alone is all the supreme powers unlike Jesus who is only 1/3rd of the supreme powers. His true form was Lovecraftian way before Lovecraft was even born and it scared the hell out of Arjuna, one of the bravest warriors.

According to Hindu mythology... Krishna is everything... he was there from the beginning... he created the creator Brahma..the destroyer Shiva... during kurushkethra war he himself told everything to Arjuna...

Krishna is avatar of Vishnu, who is the operator of the universe. He said in Bhagvat Gita "I am there in blend in everything in the universe. From human to mighty galaxies."

15 Loki

Ok, he leads doomsday for all norse deities, he can trick people by changing his/her gender, he is the parent of a snake that's wrapped around the world an 8 legged horse a Un-Killable wolf I mean seriously you can't get more bad ass or powerful than that and well he's the god of mischeif come on!

Unlike what marvel states, Loki is not a frost giant, but has giant blood in him. Could trick Odin, the almost omniscient allfather, and manipulated Thor too many times to count. Definitely him.

One of the most dynamic god in all mythologies. He can be anybody he wants to be and he's also the one who'll end/destroy the world of gods in the Norse mythology. (Norse is definitely the best mythology therein, too bad there's no Homer who translated/rewritten the whole book of Edda for us to understand the whole story of the Norse deities.)

The god of mischief, leader of an impeccable army of fan girls, and the father/mother to some truly nasty, horrifying, and amazing monster like children.

16 Freyja
17 Demeter

All the gods listen to her without her humans would eat each other all the other deites should bow to her when her daughter got lost Hades had to give in so he and the other gods didn't get destroyed I mean seriously!

18 Jesus

I feel like most of you are missing the point. Mythology is a collection of stories belonging to certain religions or cultures. No one is saying the stories have to be fictional. You can believe what you want. Lots of people believe in Jesus, lots of people believe in other gods. As long as no one is being hurt, why can't we just get along? Jesus taught love, not hate. If you really want to be like Him, practice kindness and compassion.
THIS LIST IS A MATTER OF OPINION. It's not like all the gods ever to have their own stories have a huge battle to see who is the best. Thank you for reading my super long rant.

He's not only The most powerful God on the list, but the rightful King of Heaven and the only actual God on the list. Everyone else listed here are either fallen angels or their offspring, which granted could be considered "gods", considering they claimed to be such. Look into the fall of lucifer, look into Enoch, The book of Giants and whether its popular or not, start comparing "mythologies" and research the pyramids of the world. You'll start realizing soon enough that there is only One True God.

I read higher up on this list that God will be reaped by death...information is a little wrong. Jesus is the human form of god, thus he was mortal. God (the father, the spirit) is everlasting. God (the father) isn't a spirit or human. God (the holy spirit) is a spirit, thus is eternal (like ours). Saying that God will be reaped by death (die), is not only ignorant (in the literal definition of the word, so not saying the person who wrote the comment is ignorant (everyone else's version of the word), but in my opinion...wrong.
But Jesus is life. Literally.

"Jesus is from a religion"- anonymous

You do know that literally every one of these gods are from a religion... you ignorant piece of white toast. Just because Jesus and his story book is popular doesn't mean he's real or that people aren't allowed to compare him to other gods from different religions... also God, Yahweh, and Allah are all the same person in your little storybooks with talking animals that you say is the history of the world with a magic man that heals people with his touch

19 Satan

The embodiment of all evil, his power rivals that of Yahweh even though he is much younger. Imagine if he was as old as Yahweh, he could defeat him

20 Set

Set is the rightful king of the gods. He represents power as god of storms, chaos and war. He kills wimpy osires, rules a successful reign. The classic story is corrupted to say he fights Horus and looses! Which may I say is utter bullpoop! Set, or as I prefer, Sutekh (zootek) defeats the wimpy Horus by ripping his eye out and keeps the throne. Sadly Horus complains to the other gods and they have a vote. All gods support Horus because he is moral, apart from the wisest Ra, who says that the most powerful god should rule not the most moral, he votes fo Sutekh. Alas if it wasn't for stupid democracy Set would remain king. He is also the only Egyptian god to have the head of an animal that doesn't exist. Pretty damn cool!

Chaos, chaos everywhere.

21 Thanatos

Basically Thanatos is the god of death in greek mythology, and every god who is a representation of death can be considered omnipresent and omnipotent because no one escapes death

22 Sun Wukong

He can travel 50,000km by doing a cartwheel only once. He can fly on clouds and he uses clouds to travel. He uses a sick that can transform to a very small needle to a very big pole that can knock down an island. If he pulls a hair out of his skin, he can transform into anything, and since he is a monkey, he can transform millions of times. I am chinese, and I absolutely love him.

Has over three types of immortality, multiple transformations, strength great enough to strike fear into dragons and jump high enough to reach the end of the universe from the palm of Buddha. If that wasn't enough then he is also bold enough to cause tantrums throughout the heavens.
P.s is a stone monkey.

Defeated an army of hundred thousand gods with nothing but and stick and personally destroyed heaven himself. Not to mention he became basically omnipotent after the journey to the west after studying under Buddha

His name is literally erased form the book of death. He can't die!

23 Vishnu

He is the preserver. He got out of each and every battle of each of his incarnation without even a scratch. He can end any God's, demon's or any other being's life with his sudarshan chakra.

The omnipotent and omnipresent preserver god. All heroes are but his incarnations. He always has a way to defeat an opponent no matter who.

He's the God of all the World who shows the presence, past and future too.
He must be listed on the next number from SHIVA.

He should be on the second. Below Shiva. What us wrong with you people?

24 Aphrodite

Powerful or not she's defiantly deceptive. Come on guys every living creature has love in it. Why does many heroes and villains do crazy things?! Why is Zeus afraid of his own wife?! ( why are we, first?! ) why did hades risk kidnapping phersisphone ( or whatever her name was) why did Poseidon creat horses?! Why was there a Trojan war?! Think

She is goddess love and beautiful, werry great power. In Serial Xena: warrior princess his Aphrodite me werry great power. Of Season 5 episode 22 his Aphrodite help to taking Xena and Gabrielle in hill Olymp. His saving life Gabrielle.

Why is she married to hephaestus? because the other gods took her as a threat.

You can't help but love her...

25 Yahweh

The single most infinitely op God. Not only is he the only true god, but if there were a series of pantheons, he wipes the floor with them. The creator and sustainer of the universe, the most influential god in history, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient the list is endless. His power and fullness of being cannot even be possibly perceived by anyone unlike every other God on this list. Unlike every other God that emerged from chaos, He walked atop the chaos in the beginning. He's always been there. The most personal and loving god to the point of becoming human and dying to show his love for humanity. Will reign as king of everything till the end of time. 1000% the greatest, strongest, most infinite being in existence, no question. also only god with a capital G... just saying.

God is the most powerful of all the Gods but one reason he might not be number one is because he isn't technically a god, He is so powerful an infinite that calling him a god would be a MASSIVE understatemate so maybe why he isn't higher up is cause he is more than just a god and also he isn't technically mythical he is real. And Yahweh is just a name of God all of Him is the Trinity which is actually THREE persons but ONE God! And plus in Hindu mythology they worship Brahma who is really a distorted version of God sorta like the god of the muslims and he is WAY stronger than stinking Shiva! So in basically almost any myth God is technically the most powerful.

The reason why Yahweh is worshiped so much is because the Abrahamic God is considered to be a loving parent, albeit a gruff one at times. With the fact that humanity has been full of hardships left and right this idea helps a lot. Especially with the fact that Christianity is the most widespread religion in the world because of Jesus (Yeshua, Yahweh in the flesh to believers) message of the Golden Rule and of goodwill is a comfort.
Judgment day is also mentioned many times as the idea of world peace, which was rather new for the time, and a judgment of good and evil helps in times of hardship.

Should easily be at the top of this list. It's one of the few mythical gods worshipped today and in the myth he's supposedly created the whole universe.

Granted, he created a flat earth with a dome atmosphere atop unbreakable pillars, but you know what? That story land would take a lot more power yo make than the real one.

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