Poseidon all the way! Who denies the might of the raging storms and the writing earth?! Defy him and find yourself struck by the Earthquakes or the Sea-rampages... Unless you are Zeus or Hades (who would either run to the skies to blanket himself in clouds or hide beneath the earth shaking with terror, respectively)... But Eventually, you will be struck down by him!

He is the best Greek god ever if he fought Zeus their is no doubt he would win, all life came from the sea and their is nothing more vital for life to exist than water. Also because he's a good god sure he has some problems but he actually cares about his kids and I would love to have his powers.

Poseidon is the most powerful in my opinion and in most statistics. He's the god of all seas and most of the earth is made up of sea. Many say Zeus is way more powerful but when they are compared, Poseidon has more powers and is more fierce. Poseidon is the "earth shaker", as he can start storms and earthquakes.

Poseidon kicks butt in age of mythology (That game Rules) - dragon13304

He is not exactly the Greatest god around. Check no.8 (Lord Shiva) for an answer. If they were to fight- there is no doubt Shiva would win..

Most of the earth is the seas. If anyone read percy jackson, the last olympian the gods wouldn't have been able to defeat the monster typhon without him. Poseidon was fighting in his underwater palace but then he realized that the other gods needed help to so he sent his army and saved the day. Poseidon is always described as caring and loving

Poseidon is God to sea and complete water. He is blue form human king water is blue diamond crown. Biggist personificaly to sea.

Well, there is not much to even argue about, since Poseidon is too OP compared to other gods.


He is known as th earth shaker for his incredible strength and his wrath. He is one of the big three of the olyimpian gods and was known as a very strong ruler the was very just. He wields a weapon of incredible power known as the trident.

He god of natural disasters and the ocean, the very place where all life ascends from, that is why I think he is #1

He can't create water, he can summon water but he can't create it. But I agree that he is really powerful. You need water because first u can't grow anything without water. your thinking we can eat fruits right? Well we can't grow fruits without water. - ICorrectYouNoobs

He is powerful and the hole life thing is write by the way the guy who said loves fried chicken is a idiot ignore him

But does he control the sea of monsters/Bermuda triangle/Devil's Triangle

Was supposed to be the king of the gods but let Zeus out of brotherly love

If I could be a demigod I would love to be his child. Poseidon rocks!

I like how Poseidon con control the water and like his cool sword

I mean his anger can cause earthquakes and his trident is super powerful and he created horses and pegasi ( plural of Pegasus )and he is the father to the guy who killed the Minotaur and he didn't marry his sister

He is god of the seas and controls hurricanes as well as Zeus

He is just so badass! Need I say more?

Dude Poseidon is the best God ever!

Poseidon because he can control the whole entire sea

Come on it's Poseidon of course he's the best.

Poseidon the is badass... no further comment

Poseidon is the best through and through