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41 Eventually

This song is boring what the hell is is higher up the list then you make me sick

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42 The One That Got Away V 2 Comments
43 Beam Me Up

I love this! My oldest son died just over a year ago at age 26! I miss him so much! I heard this song for the first time today.. Perfect.. Love it... Beam me up ❤

44 'Cuz I Can

Wrong spelling you spell it like this cause not because best song ever

Spelt because wrong

Fab song

45 Gone to California V 1 Comment
46 Today's the Day
47 It's All Your Fault

I really like this song, one should at least listen to it once, right? The beats of the song are very awesome, and the lyrics are top quality. "It's all your fault, you called me beautiful, you turned me out and now I can't turn back".

P! Nk really knows how to express the brokenness from a break-up, and this song is a masterpiece to back that up. It takes your breathe away and really hits home.

48 Waiting for Love
49 What About Us

This song is so inspiring

50 Ave Mary A V 2 Comments
51 Run

What a beautiful song. she wrote for her daughter willow

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52 Timebomb

This is my favourite song of all time purely because the lyrics are so true! This song is for all those people out there crying over lost loves, telling them to harden up and let it go. I think everyone should listen to this song and follow it's awesome message.

From the fan edition

I love that Song From Jacinta.

53 Long Way to Happy

This song is extremely awesome!
She has used her vocals to perfection!

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54 Lonely Girl

This is my favorite ever song please vote

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55 Try Too Hard
56 Fingers

This song is so sexy and her live concert show on youtube is amazing... I have to say I love all her songs and when my husband divorced me I bought him funhouse and I make P! Nk videos on youtube all the time so I have my own P! Nk youtube channel of videos that I make

57 The Truth About Love

The old vibe and funny lyrics make this song the best!

Not only is it a track but it's the name of an awesome album,2012!

58 Is This Thing On

I don't understand how this isn't higher up ;o her best song obviously ♥ but it's P! Nk. She has a lot of amazing songs :_

59 Boring

Come on why isn't this voted at all!

This song is boring

60 Split Personality

Doesn't matter whether this will get 2 number 1 or remain at 68... As long as it exists I'm satisfied

Oh my god this song is completely to deep down you need to know her 2 oldest albums have memories

Why is this song all the way down here? This is in her oldest album you can't take me home (2000) I can't belive I'm not swaring at this order GO SPLIT PERSONALITY EVEN MORE CHEER FOR P! NK

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