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21 Cats V 1 Comment
22 We Will Rock You We Will Rock You

Some of the best ever Queen songs, with an insane plot-line thrown in! It couldn't get any better! - ObsessedwFreddie

23 Anthem - Drew Puzia

I love this rock opera because it really rocks and tells a great story at the same time. Plenty of guitar work and synths drive the songs with a lot of power.

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24 Joe's Garage - Frank Zappa
25 01011001 - Ayreon 01011001 - Ayreon

The double album that set a new standard in rock operas, with amazing songs that tell a state-of-the-art story. - diegokatabian

26 Hedwig and the Angry Inch Hedwig and the Angry Inch

This will move up the list fast as Neil Patrick Harris is about the take the lead role in 2014 on Broadway. Go check out the original starring writer/director John Cameron Mitchell. He is amazing. This rock opera is amazing!

A beautiful story about struggle, self realization and the love of rock and roll. Best film of 2003.

27 Wicked V 1 Comment
28 Repo! The Genetic Opera Repo! The Genetic Opera

This. This rock opera was absolutely fabulous. I adored Sarah Brightman's performance, as I always do, and believe that the story and music is quite original. This should've been in at least the top 20.

Normally, I can't stand Sarah Brightman, but here, good god

29 The Human Equation - Ayreon The Human Equation - Ayreon
30 Metropolis - Dream Theater
31 Godspell

"Prepare ye the way of the Loord. " Stephen Schwartz really knew what he was doing!

32 Evita
33 Turahtan (Rock Opera)
34 West Side Story West Side Story
35 The Devil's Carnival The Devil's Carnival
36 Mëkanïk Dëstruktïẁ Kömmandöh - Magma
37 A Hard Day's Night - The Beatles A Hard Day's Night - The Beatles

The definitive storytelling of what it was like in 1964 when they became the biggest thing in the world. Funny, smart, and irreverent.

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38 Sunshine on Leith Sunshine on Leith

Based around the back catalogue of The Proclaimers

39 The Astonishing - Dream Theater The Astonishing - Dream Theater
40 Shock Treatment Shock Treatment

"Not a prequel, not a sequel... an equal" to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. More incredible Richard O'Brien rock and roll!

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