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21 Five to One

No one here gets out alive now! Pure Jim Morrison.

This song is an absolute jam. Morrison's vocals are brilliant and the feeling the song gives you is mesmerizing. Love it

Ooh, the solo is wonderful, dirty and the best of Robbie

Nice rep for the politics of the time

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22 Waiting for the Sun

Amazing song, amazing length, amazing voice.

"Waiting for the sun" is one of my favorite songs by the doors, and to see that it hasn't made it any higher is sort of disappointing. Nonetheless, the song isn't as popular as some, yet it should still have earned more nods than it has.

Arguably one of the first heavy metal songs ever made... For the album of the same name but not published until 1970. Killer riff.

This is my number 1 doors track. Perfect bass, beautiful guitar, great keys and killer vocals. It slowly builds up and the bridge is pure genius. It's a very haunting song and really expresses how far ahead of their time the doors were. I can't fault it.

This is the strangest life I have ever known.

This is not the first metal song but should be higher

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23 The Soft Parade

Not a typical doors track, but still warrants recognition. I love how the song changes mood, much like L.A Woman. It really is a trip. Jim seems to take on a Kurt Cobain style of writing in his later work. Hyacinth House was written at Robbys and the line, I think the bathroom is clear is simply about waiting to use the toilet, soft parade seems to be another random collections of observations, peppermint, miniskirts, chocolate candy, Champion sax and a girl name Sandy. Good to see it made the top 20.

When I was back there in seminary school, there was a person there who put forth the proposition, that you can petition the lord with prayer.

Jim was a great singer, but one heck of a poet. This song proves that theory for sure.

My favorite Doors song.

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24 Summer's Almost Gone

This is such a beautifully constructed song about endings. Relationships, friendships and experiences. Ray is really at his best in this song.

25 Gloria

Gloria from the live album Alive, She Cried. This is an amazing song one of the best by the doors, it has to be at least in the top 5 guys... - thatguyalex

It may have been a cover, it may have not the greatest lyrics ever written, it isn't even the most poetic sex song ever created, but it's wonderful how it is... What an energy, Morrison! If you want to learn how to scream, you need to listen to Gloria. What a vocal performance! The band is also great. Imagine it live. come on, Jimmy on fire!

One of the best covers of all time. Them's version was good, this was perfect

G-L-O-R-I-A. I don't care if it was never a studio song, I love it just the same. I say it needs to be at least the Top 15! Number 22? Really!?!

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26 Been Down So Long

Come on this song is cool the doors were a ballsy blues band to me and this is one of their best love their last two albums so cool

27 Moonlight Drive

My favourite song of The Doors, even if is impossible to say which is the best song... All of them are masterpieces...

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28 The Unknown Soldier

I think this one should be much higher. Well written, great guitar, awesome vocals. It would be one of the best flowing, well constructed and brilliantly delivered song of all time. Unborn, living, living, dead. I have that line tattooed on me.

One of the best anti war songs of all time

I can't believe this and "Who Scared You" are so low… those are both top 20 material. - PetSounds

29 The Changeling

There most underrated song in my opinion. One of my favorites coming from a die hard fan.

Robbie's guitar at the start of this song is simple but amazing.

Fantastic opener...

Beloved piece. opens a great album

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30 Hyacinth House

Another underrated song. The 12 string is gorgeous and the vocals are great. Jim really shines in this track.

May be the best example of the male voice ever recorded

What a song, this song gives me a high each time I listen to this

31 Not to Touch the Earth

Phenomenal tune. Most underrated Doors song. Put it on your iPod and go crank out some mileage on the trail.

Good to see this one rated. It's not a typically noted doors song, but deserving of a top 30 spot. Would have been a great track to see live.

Lyrics are brilliant, and this song is a perfect embodiment of chaos. Love it. Also the live versions are far superior to studio

Super scary, but really great

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32 Ghost Song

Really morrison's great poetry and some of the best work I have seen from ray and robbie.

This song is great it was my first favorite Doors song and it still gives me chills.

Should be on the top 10


33 The Spy

This song should be at least in the top 10! It's so fozy and it has such a mysterious melody!

34 Tell All the People

I added this and I will always love it, it is so unforgettable. How can you call yourselves doors fans.

This song is great and should really be in the top 15 but the Doors are just great.

My favorite album opener of all of the Doors' albums. Great song.

35 End of the Night

Perfect song (good sound and text)

36 Wishful Sinful

Beautiful, great writing Robbie Krieger

37 Unhappy Girl

I can't believe this is so low... It should be at least in the top tens

Beautiful and scary, should be in the top 20, at least. So short

I just listened to it ohh my doors this is amazing

38 Shaman's Blues

Shaman's Blues is very catchy! I just love ray's organ. Should be at least in the top 10

This should be in the top 5. Ray and Robby play off each other perfectly and really compliment their style. The solo is perfectly timed and Jims words and vocals are nothing short of brilliant.

Should be in the top 10

39 Indian Summer

Heartbreakingly brilliant

A very beutiful song that only jim could have wrote

40 Twentieth Century Fox V 1 Comment
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