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181 Badass
182 Broski
183 Adam

Is a term that is used to describe a lazy tired dog.
The term is also used for being racious about the white half of obama.

184 Wack V 1 Comment
185 Juke

Half the seventh grade used it in every other sentence. It. Ticks. Me. Off!

186 Wit

It's "With" - kcianciulli

Is It That Hard to Say "With"? - kcianciulli

187 Tryna

It's Not Really that hard to say "Trying to" - kcianciulli

188 Whatcha
189 Bestie
190 Wat
191 Butthurt

"Upset" is a much better word. - kcianciulli

192 Woofer
193 Rubbish

Rubbish is what the English call garbage.

Stupid. You know people, you can say crap, it's not a cuss word - Goatworlds

People who say rubbish instead of garbage are garbage or as they would say rubbish.

194 Sheess
195 Peep
196 Bangin'

A lot of people use this word in my school I think its great. People who come on this website ar people who just don't understand these words. So calm your nipples. Y'all just mad no one likes you.

On point good, awesome, great and cool even perfect.

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197 Ham

The dumbest slang word ever. Sounds like we're going to go to lunch

Yeah people call me a big ham to slag my overweight body which I find more than upsetting - sryanbruen

To me it looks as if someone misspelled a polish insult "cham".

V 2 Comments
198 Dumbing Down

Its scary to think people lay awake at nite to think this stuff up!

V 1 Comment
199 Senior V 2 Comments
200 Wetback
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