Top Ten Dumbest Slang Words

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181 Fleek

Just some absurd noise some idiot made up and more idiots thought it sounded cool. Although, usually it is an "expression": "Her hair is "on fleek"."

Don't know where the heck this came from.

If Chick Fil A banned it, why can't we?

182 Booty

This word originally meant to describe treasure taken from an enemy in a conflict or war. Now, however, it is another word for someone's butt.

Ohh my bootie! I promise I'll never sit on you again! - mayamanga

The first time I heard it was in the seventies. It was in the song " Shake your booty " by Kc and the Sunshine band ( I thought it meant boots at the time, seems I was wrong ).

I hate this, every time I hear it I feel as though my ears have been assualted! - Charleygal

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183 C***

If it is used by English People, I am fine with it. If it is used by a wanna-be-English Just no. - floridiancat

Best insult word ever.

Four words: Cambridge University Netball Team

It means vagina

184 Cup

I am told by youngsters it mean to embarrass yourself. Whats next -plate, spoon, etc.

ANNOYING other Students used to ask me to spell ICUP all the time. It was so ANNOYING! At first I didn't know what it was. Until I spelt it. "Ew. You see me Pee. That's Gross." Oh my God. Shut up!

185 Shawty
186 Badass
187 Broski
188 Adam

Is a term that is used to describe a lazy tired dog.
The term is also used for being racious about the white half of obama.

189 Wack V 1 Comment
190 Juke

Half the seventh grade used it in every other sentence. It. Ticks. Me. Off!

191 Wit

It's "With" - kcianciulli

Is It That Hard to Say "With"? - kcianciulli

192 Tryna

It's Not Really that hard to say "Trying to" - kcianciulli

193 Whatcha
194 Bestie
195 Son

Seems to see common use by little boys who want to degrade, insult, or simple talk down to others by implying they are older and more experienced despite the fact they barely know what puberty is.

196 Wat
197 Butthurt

"Upset" is a much better word. - kcianciulli

198 Woofer
199 Groovey

What is this, the 70's? We aren't Scooby doo and the"gang" in the mystery machine.

Honestly, I actually like this one. I use it sometimes and I got it from my friend who is such a hippie. "They're just not groovy like us"

What's wrong with Groovey? - nintendofan126

Groovy - ash wiliams. - samanime

200 Rubbish

Rubbish is what the English call garbage.

Stupid. You know people, you can say crap, it's not a cuss word - Goatworlds

People who say rubbish instead of garbage are garbage or as they would say rubbish.

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