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181 Rekt

It's a word people always say it in games "get rekt m8" "I rekt your team noob"

I feel like hanging myself when I hear it it makes me rage and it PISSES ME OFF

As if "wrecked" wasn't annoying enough.

Shortened meme version of wrecked. Anytime I see someone use it I immediately correct them on the spelling.

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182 Cup

I am told by youngsters it mean to embarrass yourself. Whats next -plate, spoon, etc.

ANNOYING other Students used to ask me to spell ICUP all the time. It was so ANNOYING! At first I didn't know what it was. Until I spelt it. "Ew. You see me Pee. That's Gross." Oh my God. Shut up!

183 Shawty
184 Badass
185 Broski
186 Adam

Is a term that is used to describe a lazy tired dog.
The term is also used for being racious about the white half of obama.

187 Wack V 1 Comment
188 Juke

Half the seventh grade used it in every other sentence. It. Ticks. Me. Off!

189 Wit

It's "With" - kcianciulli

Is It That Hard to Say "With"? - kcianciulli

190 Tryna

It's Not Really that hard to say "Trying to" - kcianciulli

191 Whatcha
192 Bestie
193 Wat
194 Butthurt

"Upset" is a much better word. - kcianciulli

195 Woofer
196 Groovey

What is this, the 70's? We aren't Scooby doo and the"gang" in the mystery machine.

Honestly, I actually like this one. I use it sometimes and I got it from my friend who is such a hippie. "They're just not groovy like us"

What's wrong with Groovey? - nintendofan126

Groovy - ash wiliams. - samanime

197 Rubbish

Rubbish is what the English call garbage.

Stupid. You know people, you can say crap, it's not a cuss word - Goatworlds

People who say rubbish instead of garbage are garbage or as they would say rubbish.

198 Tramp
199 Imma

I hate this because of that black eyed pea song "imma be" playing over and over again in work!

I suddenly wish to consume beans every time I see black eyed peas mentioned I swear I'm not a fatty

I HATE this word! Luckily not very much people use this word on this website. - funnyuser

Yo Swag! I'm really happy for you, and Imma let you finish... But Imma is one of the worst slang words of all time!

"Imma edit that out" WHO says THAT?!

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200 Pissed

What is wrong with this one? This one should stay. Been using it for years.

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