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21 OMG

Thou shalt not take thy Lord's name in vain. This word downplays how serious that is to break a commandment

On last Sunday I carve idols in soap I stole from the hotel while coveting my neighbors male servant instead of visiting with my parents on their anniversary because that sounded lame. This Sunday I slept with my other neighbor's wife and accidentally stabbed him with my carving knife but I set it up to look like it was her doing it. But I would never take the lord's name in vain.

It is actually offensive to Jews and Christians. Now, Christianity is taken too lightly to the point where Christians are offended literally everyday with people not even having the intent to do so. I may seem overbearing with this but that evil saying is more like profanity. Say Oh my stars. Goodna Gratis, Christianity is not some jokey religion. Know and learn about what you are saying.

Oh my god! I just said oh my god! Oh my god, I just said oh my god again! OH MY GOD! I just said oh my god 5 times! Oh my god! I said it six times now! My goodness! - SammySpore

It takes the same amount of syllables to say oh my God. So JUST SAY OH MY GOD! Don't speak like a text message!

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22 Twenty-Wan

I've never heard of this one but that sounds stupid as hell - Mcgillacuddy

It's completely Random and absolutely makes no Sense!

This is just awful. - RalphBob

Uh... Can't you people just day 21?

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23 Bitch

How did this turn from another word for a dog/wolf into an insult? - Harri666

I HATE when people uses this to women. I am a boy, but still, It just plain bothers me. It's offensive, stupid, and weird. One time I was playing Clash of Clans and on world chat, this guy said that my girlfriend enjoys when I say the b word. I obviously feel bad for her OR that is not true. Boys for the future generation, it's a stupid word. Don't use it. - floridiancat

This word is offensive and demeaning.
Trashy words for trashy people.

It's like saying "pup" or "doggy." They're just as bad if b! tch is bad. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

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24 Pleb

This isn't actually a slang word, it's a shortened form for the term historians use for how the Roman rich class described the poor in Ancient times. - DJSchollen

Makes me think of pebbles

Some scrub put this in the list - SirSkeletorThe3rd

The plebs voted to leave the EU. - IronSabbathPriest

25 Swerve
26 Totes

The word is totally. A tote is a beach bag or gym bag. So its rather stupid to say "Oh that's totes amazing! " WHAT! Its beach bag amazing? When people say this to me I cringe.

Very annoying. The only place I've ever heard any one say it was EMMA ROSS ON JESSIE

Nobody says this in the real life except various Disney channel characters.



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27 Dhat

Is it so hard to say That, same amount of letters!

Lazy version of That.

Worse that "that" - Organ


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28 Baller

Baller etymology comes from sad notion that in order be successful in the African American community one has to be a ball player - hence Baller. It's neither dumb nor pointless, but it is sad.

It's a stupid word and you could just say Basketball player. Gosh it's like people these days don't want to open their mouth too much

I always thought this word was a support for people with testicular cancer, like my uncle, but it's not.

I hate this word so much! It doesn't make any sense

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29 Mofo

I don't know why but I like to say this

30 Guap

Basically a way to say "A lot of money" and sound like complete white trash while you say it.

It's a demeaning way to insult an Italian

31 Shawty

This doesn't deserve to even be called a word... - Celestius

For some reason whenever I hear this annoying word I just can't help but yell Boots With the Fur! - bobbythebrony

One of the girls in my rugby team name is shawty so I don't think it a dumb for but it really isn't word

Just stop. Call them by their name, I beg of you!

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32 -izzle

That word makes me want to punch whoever said it right smack in the face. - MegaToolica

What? This is the most cliche slang term ever! Also, it makes you sound ultra-stupid. I can't give it credit for creativity either, since all you do is add izzle to a word.

you guys are so lame if snoop dogg saw you guys saying foshizzle and ilzzle and making fun of "dat" he would just laugh


You sound like a 75-year old first grade teacher trying to stay cool with the new generation whenever you add izzle to the end of a word. It's so god damn cringy, I can't standit

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33 Hater

People are so dam annoying using this online. They obviously don't know how to use this word correctly

This words so stupid, this might be offensive but only stupid people like rappers and taylor swift use this word

This kid in my class won't stop saying it

The internet is an easy place to slag things off so this word is going to be used a lot.

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34 Tight

In any context other than originally meant.

This word is too ambiguous to have an actual meaning!

I like this word better than dope

I like this word

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35 Ya'll

No person from the south talks like that nothing but some dumbass stereotypes I'm from Louisiana I say y'all but I don't say it like a dumbass redneck hillbilly

Okay first of all people some people from the south do and my DAD says howdy when he says hello to some people okay. And yes some Texans do talk like that okay. AND you can't just say they're stupid dumbass redneck hillbillies just by the way they talk okay.

I'm southern and raised around people who say it. I love this slang word and its easier to say than you all. It's just a slang word if you don't like it don't hang around people who say it!

Annoying American English. This is number 1. Forget taking the "u" out of many words. This word is stupid.

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36 Hella

seriously, I can't figure out what the hell this means. - cameron331

Hell of a lot. Remove of and lot and there you go. Hella. Not saying it's good or bad just saying how it was formed.

It's means a lot, such as, I'm making Hella money!

This is WAY too low. As someone who has lived almost my entire life in the SF Bay, it's something I have to hear way too much. It needs to go away.

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37 Hoe/Ho

Rakes,... Why can't people just use words for their ACTUAL MEANING

I agree I tell my brother to text properly but he just misspelled words anyways him and his friends I mean they sound like TOTAL idiots especially when slang words are used!

How did the word hoe go from a garden tool to a term regarding slutty women. This is why I hate modern pop culture

38 Literally

people always misuse the word literally: "oh there was LITERALLY a million people in front of me in line today" "that was LITERALLY awesome"

Literally annually means REALLY

Wrong way - I LITERALLY had to scrub the dishes a million times

Right way - I had to scrub the dishes lots of times

This is LITERALLY the worst word . Literally..

Almost always used when the opposite (figuratively) is meant. well done, people!

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39 Yo

It's funny when overused by a skinny guy.

I like this word lol

I have never heaRd anyone say that in my entire life

Hey, yo! Wassup? Says the person that doesn't know how to speak full sentences

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40 Mirin

This is the greatest slang word ever who ever came up with this is a legend I want to meet them and shake there hands. I bet they have hot as girlfriends and should become male models

This word is so amazing, the creator of this must be the man! This is the greatest slang word ever who ever came up with this is a legend I want to meet them and shake there hands. I bet they have hot as girlfriends and should become male models

Isn't there an actor called Helen Mirin I wonder if she knows how popular her last name is?

I've never heard this one before... What does it mean? - Napstablook

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