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61 Retarded

You don't call someone retarded if they have a problem, you call someone retarded if they're acting retarded

Yeah I don't like calling people that, I'm sorry not people, crazy insane kids at my swimming club. Yeah they never shut up and keep running around acting stupid when the club is over and we're getting dressed. I wish parents were more responsible 'cause I just want a peaceful life! - sryanbruen

This word is offensive. They use it to say that some one is stupid but that's just rude!

This should not be being used as an insult. one time I was in the car with someone in the parking garage and a person in front of us was going 2 miles per hour. So my dad (driver) screamed: "MOVE YOU RETARD! " it turned out to be an old woman.

An over used word on this site - mayamanga

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62 My Boo

Only creeps say this

This word is gross

63 Waaaazzuuuup?

It sounds like they are dumb asses with hangovers when they say it

This "word" makes me literally want to dig a hole and jump right in it. When someone says it to me I ignore them and leave that hand hanging. No high-five from me if you grin and say "Waaazzup? "

We understand you, you don't have to drag it on for 30 seconds. - WWEfanJayden

It's from Scary Movie.

64 Epic

It's overused and used improperly. When everything that is eye-catching is called "epic, " it sound stupid.

Winning the lottery is epic. Beating cancer is epic. Seeing the latest movie is NOT.

This word is good, why complain about it? Complain about savage, lit, and triggered instead. - chocoluv17

Back in the olden days, the Odyssey and the Iliad were epic.

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65 Trippin' ,Trip,

If aren't stumbling, and you aren't on vacation, its not a trip and you are not trippin.

You have obviously never done shrooms (;

66 Ratchetness

Just because you add a suffix to the word ratchet doesn't make it any less annoying. What happened to proper English? You would assume that schools no longer offer literacy/ language arts classes. The younger generation is trying to create their own language, and we'll see how "successful" they are in 10 years.

Stupid word honestly there are some people in my school who say this all the time and I think it's stupid

67 Sick

"That's sick, " when used to describe something that is really good. Idiocy!

I hate the use of this word almost as much as I hate the misspelling of "your and you're! " I really hate the way that is misspelled in posters too. But to say SICK when something is good or great? It nsuseates me! Why not just say the words in their proper intent? And "sofiss" instead of sophisticated. No wonder foreign people have problems learning English. Everyone screams for them to learn English, yet we Americans don't even know how to speak proper English.

I was drawing a Beatles doodle in school once and this kid who sits across me said "The Beatles are sick" I thought "what? " because I thought Sick meant something is bad. It's kind of the same with "Mint" only "Mint" is more confusing.

I hate this word, but not as much as others - chocoluv17

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68 Derp

I don't even know what this even mean

It's an expression you make when you are so confused, your eyes go outward.

Don't touch that derpy derp NO! Don't touch that derp

There's not a lot wrong with this word. In My Little Pony, there's a character names 'Derpy', so I've gotten used to it

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69 Hipster
70 Goals

Extremely overused, towards everything!


71 Dis

It's not that hard to say "This."



72 Dude

If people knew the technical definition of this, hey probably wouldn't say it so much.

The actual definition is camel poo - Harri666

This used to be another word for camel poop

That's a recent made up definition of the word. The other meanings of "dude" are much older then this definition.

Beast Boy said this 144 times - mayamanga

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73 Corny

How this word even made? By eating corns? Are corns not cool? - ronluna

Nobody says this. This isn't even slang. - Minecraftcrazy530

74 Woot

WOOT sounds like a word used to describe ladies private parts. Yuk!

This makes me shiver, even when it's just written down. Just awful.

No one says 'woot! ". If they do, they're idiots. Now, "Woo! " I hear people actually yell. Just remove the 'T' and all is well.

75 Crap

that is crap
you are crap
that band is crap
everything that people says the word CRAP are really the ones who are CRAP - ronluna

My dad said this was a swear word but you shouldn't say it anyway everyone says it it's dumb -

People who think this is a bad word its not Me and other kids at my ELEMENTARY school say it all the time.

Dang it. I made a Typo. Why can't you Edit your comments? I meant to put "the".

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76 Biatch

We all know you're trying to say the b-word. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Trang Pak is a grotsky little BIATCH!

The word is Bitch. Adding an "a" doesn't make it trendier. It just makes you stupid as you can't spell.

Was used in a hip hop song in the 80's by the artist Too $hort to rhyme with certain words that didn't rhyme with bitch. That's the origin of the word. Afterwards it became common in hip hop songs and after that in everyday slang language.

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77 Boss

Most Annoying Song Ever. Probably made by Annoying other Irritating Teenagers.

The word "boss" isn't meant to be a synonym for awesome!

Was very common in the 60's. For instance ; This car is boss, this group are boss, you guys ( gals ) are boss... and so on.

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78 Eren

This isn't slang. This is a name.

What does this one mean?

Isn't this the name of an anime character...? - Napstablook

79 Ain't

A lot of country people use this, I see no harm in this word

This annoys me. I hate this word. who came up with this!? Should not be a word.

I hate this word. Who came up with it?

This stands for "Ai not" - Goatworlds

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80 Deadass

What is this piece of garbage.

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