Top Ten Dumbest Slang Words

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121 Petty
122 Wangsa'

Did the person that made this word up by throwing a rock at his keyboard and modifing what it corrected it to?!

123 Salty/salt

You're not describing food thanks.

I'm tired of this word! Every boy in my class say salty to everyone when someone does something wrong or gets "PWNED" I also hate that word to.

Whenever you seem to get mad people say this and all it does is get you way more mad.

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124 Jawn

I'm not even sure how to spell it but it's usually like: Get dat Jawn. So it's prety mucn used as any noun. Now there's slang and then there's just plain lazy stupidity!

125 Cheesy
126 FTP

Curse the World Wide Web and it's file transferring!

127 Brap

What do you mean that the sound of any JDM car is a slang word? It should be like this,"BRAAAP STUSTUSTUSTU". - Nightfire

It sounds like a fart noise -_- - mayamanga

128 Whatup?

Seriously? You're too lazy to add the "s" in "what's"? It also males you sound like an idiot when you say it.

129 Much

Example: "jealous much? ", "gangster much" and "hypocrite much? "

130 The Skinny

What?!? I have never ever heard of this slang word ever

Meaning ( Inside information or the real facts )

The skinnyy, tell me the skinny. I hope ders not too much ratcheness in the skinny. Das ham. Peep, bangin'.

131 Yameen

Slang for You mean?
Not horrible. Just young folks' slang that will disappear eventually.

132 Jive Turkey

I have only ever heard black people say this but they're of a different generation. For example, " he's a jive ass turkey."

This sounds stupid and I have never heard anyone use it before. - Gloomyruby

:3 This sounds hilarious!

so hot

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133 Based

All it means is cool, chill, or down to earth. But there are already words for that, so when you walk around saying based you sound like a moron.

People keep using this whenever they deem something godlike or absolutely amazing. It sounds absolutely stupid.

Based this, based that, so the hell?

Apparently this originated from some rapper named Lil B. Ridiculous.

134 Boo
135 Weenie

Sounds really stupid and must be annoying to here that

136 Bun V 3 Comments
137 Autist

This word is kind of offensive. - kcianciulli

As an Autistic person I think this should be complimet.

This should NOT be used as an insult. As a person with Autism I'm super offended by people using this. This is just as bad as using retarded, gay, and cancer as an insult.

138 Ur

"You are" is really not that hard to say - mayamanga

139 AssWipe
140 Realness
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