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1 Battle of Saragarhi (Tirah Campaign War, 1897)

Great fighters with great heart

One of the best war only 21 against 10000

Should the number one battle of all time

One of the greatest and most unequal battle of all times. 21 Sikh soldiers against 10000 to 12000 Afghan attackers, a ratio of 1:476+. All 21 died and all of them were posthumously awarded the Indian Order of Merit, the highest gallantry award of that time, which an Indian soldier could receive by the hands of the British crown, the corresponding gallantry award being Victoria Cross. Amazing battle do read about it.

2 Stalingrad (World War II, 1942-43)

In terms of important battles, this tops it. Stalingrad shows both the faults of Nazi Germany and the brutality of Stalin this battle turned the tide of the war into the allies favor. This battle meant Germany was on the defensive for the war and also caused the Germans to be mindful of Stalin's brutal (yet highly effective) strategies. This battle easily outranks the importance of any of the western front battles (except for maybe battle of Britain and the D day landing). This battle solidified the Soviet Union as the most powerful country on the planet and made sure that the Germans would never be on the offensive in the war ever again. The battle showed the willingness and strong will of Russia and if provoked what Russia was truly capable of!

Ok first up, I have no idea what separates all the battles of world war 2, so I'm probably just gonna talk about world war 2. Anyway, it's a tragic event in history, killing off so many good people in this world, my Grandfather luckily survived this war (he was an RAF) and my Grandma (she was a nurse).

The fact that the world could just be a peaceful place, but people just want power over the world is heart breaking, although, some don't wish for a war, just power (in a good way, so good people wanting power) but not meaning for a huge war to break out. Although this is different for world war 2 and 1, a bad person, wanted power, and tried to get it in the worst possible way, war.

Something ridiculous like 19 of the 20 most bloody battles in history took place on the Eastern Front in WW2 between Russia and Germany - Stalingrad was the one that knocked the stuffing out of the German War machine. The only 2 Battles that had as potentially as big an impact in History are the Battle of Britain and the Battle of Hastings. Maybe even The Somme - as once again the German War Machine suffered casualties it never recovered from. Too many of these lists are dominated by small scale American Battles. America is of massive importance to the world - but the battles she has been involved in didn't really impact on world history as often the result wouldn't have changed the inevitable conclusions

Without a doubt, this is the most important battle in history. If the Germans would have took Stalingrad, they would have been in position to take Moscow. Think what would have happened if Hitler didn't choose to invade the Soviet Union and focused the Germany forces on the West. This battle put the Germans in retreat mode until the end of the War. The only battle I feel comes close to it would be D-Day just from the fact it resulted in the Germans being attacked from all sides and resulted in somewhat quick end to the War.

3 Operation Overlord (Normandy, France 1944, WWII)

All the Ruskies think Stalingrad was the most important because they were getting their asses kicked until they won one battle that they treated as the so called "turning point" in WW2. Operation Overlord liberated France and pushed the Germans back with skilled troops unlike the Russians and their strategy of sending unarmed soldiers and instructing them to pick up weapons from other guys that don't work half the time.

The Russians had taken the most casualties and inflicted the most casualties against the Werhmacht. Over 80% of German casualties were caused by the Eastern Front. If the Russians hadn't won Stalingrad, the Soviet Union would've been taken out, allowing the elite veterans of the German Army to return and kick the Americans and Brits asses back to England.

Think carefully. If this naval invasion had not succeeded, the next step would have been deployment of nuclear weapons in Europe. Not a good scenario at all, but that is what would have happened.

Truly, this one should be at the top of the list. While the Soviets were being shot and gunned down by the Nazis, the Americans, French, and British made Operation Overlord and took down Nazi Germany, and ended WW2

4 Battle of Britain (World War II, 1940)

This was a brilliant side conflict in ww2 and a very important victory on so many levels. Not only did Britain retain its 'defiant under any circumstances' status during ww2, but it also humiliated the high command of the Luftwaffe, annihilated the moral of the German people, boosted the moral of Britain, gave Birth to the legends such as the spitfire and most importantly; hammered the final nail in the coffin for a German invasion of Britain. Faced against impossible odds yet still kicked ass - typical Britain to be honest.

"Never in the history of human conflict was so much owed, by so many, to so few." The words of Winston Churchill.
If the Brits had caved in under the onslaught of the Luftwaffe that had so easily swept all aside until this point then the world could easily be a very different place. Be it under the leadership of the Nazis or the USSR it is hard to say but I for one would rather neither. Well done the RAF... Well done indeed chaps!

If the Germans had won this they would have hit they US as they was able and the US could have hit back didn't have the ability as they had everything on Japan would have won both on there only so Britain held Germany in Europe as without a doubt. Germany was the strongest nation by far. I would like to point out not German but it is clear to see if you really do research.

The battle that really changed the war. If not for the British, USA would never find a ally to rally on Europe and the Germans would've had more manpower and industrial capacity to invade Soviet Union wish in terms would led to an axis victory over Europe and them over the world, maybe.

5 Yorktown (American Revolution, 1781)

The Battle of Yorktown was the climax of the American Revolution and directly led to the independence of the United States of America. While others may have been larger and more dramatic, no battle in history has been more influential. From the days following their victory at Yorktown, Americans have steadily gained power and influence up to their present role as the world's most prosperous nation and the only military superpower.
The rebels' chances of success seemed remote when the American colonies formally declared their independence from Great Britain on July 4, 1776.

It may not be as important to other countries as it is to the USA, but when a small ragtag force of militants (with help from France in the naval front, of course) manage to defeat the most powerful military force on the planet, it's something that ought to be remembered.

It's not always about the bloodiest battles. Sometimes it's about the importance of the battle

It's important for America's independence, even with the help of the France

6 Waterloo (Napoleonic Wars, 1815)

I believe if it was not for that victory, Europe would have been run by a despot from France who thought of nothing more than promoting his family to posts that they were not suited and did not care of what the locals thought.
Whilst Napoleon was a Great General and leader of men, it was purely Frances wishes to be a superpower which they never really aspired, despite several attempts to.

The fact you tried to say that America took Great Britain alone, there is bonkers! France gave you 8800 troops on top your 11000 so if you're trying to say that you were the primary power fighting and that you took on the greatest power, no, France and Britain were pretty close at that moment in time so BOOOM!

Waterloo was not a great battle. Napoleon was down 50,000 men and had have the amount of canons his enemies did. The only reason it's great was Napoleon was a genius so people expect when he's down by 130 cannons and 50,000 men, he will still win.

A hell lot better than Yorktown. This changed politics in Europe and brought general peace for 100 years, Yorktown was just the last major battle in a war already won.

7 Thermopylae (Persia / Greece War 480 BC)

This battle is not great because Spartans were just superior warriors, but because of their ethical values and principles that they followed through to the very end. When Persian scouts went to spy what the Spartans were doing before the battle, they reported back that the Spartans were casually combing their hair, and laughing. They knew they were going to die, yet they were going to pass away with no fear, beautiful and proud. Being a Spartan meant no fear, endurance in pain, and never ever letting down your fellow warrior. They represented the Greek Laconic spirit and way of life. Direct sincere with no doubts, sincere in life and in death. That is the reason of why this battle after 2,500 years is still an example of how humans can become immortal. This is why people will always remember and respect King Leonidas and his few 300 warriors that stood against an army of 100,000-150,000 Persians.

To the guy that made the comment bout "strategic point" let me say that, that was part of a very clever strategic thinking. I'd like to see you stand in front of 150,000 men in open field when you have your country family friends behind you. Wouldn't you wanna buy time to save them? Despite the fact that it would just be plain stupid to face them in open field...

I believe that the Battle of Thermopylae not only is the bravest in history but also one of the most important! The 300 Spartans and 700 Thespians that finally stayed in the Battlefield fought for both Glory and Freedom. They were undisputedly the bravest soldiers in the world. They knew they were going to die, but still fought rather than retreat or surrender!

The stakes were the highest of any battle in history. If the Persians had won, all of Europe would have been Persian, and we would have all had Persian ancestors. Our culture would probably be about 200 years behind what it is right now.

8 Battle of Midway (World War II, 1942)

Curiously, you have a problem with the fixation on America and then throw this in At #7. I'll give Yorktown but aside from that you have to go Gettysburg or Antietam for the USA's existence. Midway was a remarkable victory for America but all it really did was hurry things along. Make no mistake, America was going to destroy Japan. Period. And if you don't understand that, then you just don't understand the USA.

Simply a great underdog story where the inexperienced U.S. Navy defeated one of the most powerful Navies in World War 2. The U.S. destroyed all 4 Japanese carriers and the U.S. only lost 1 carrier and defended Midway. Great Battle and a huge turning point for the Pacific War.

Six minutes to destroy the heart of the greatest fleet ever assembled... And shatter the dreams of worldwide empire associated with this fleet.

Winning this battle changed everything in the Pacific theater. The victory made it much easier for the U.S. to focus on the European theater.

9 Battle of Berlin (World War II, 1945)
10 Hastings (Norman Conquest of England, 1066)

The Norman victory at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 was the last successful invasion of England--and the first and only since the Roman conquest a thousand years earlier. Its aftermath established a new feudal order that ensured that England would adopt the political and social traditions of continental Europe, rather than those of Scandinavia. The single battle also gained the country's crown for the Norman leader William.

The battle itself was not great as William had a massive advantage with his heavily armed mounted knights against Saxon troops who had little training and had just forced marched halfway across England. It was afterwards that makes the battle historic. The Normans brought with them the feudal system of government and much of our language. They brought England into the political stage of Western Europe.

Hastings was not, as many people believe, the last time England was invaded nor was it the last time England saw war on its home ground. The English Civil war and William of Orange's "invasion" are two good examples.

William of Orange was welcomed to England along with queen Mary to rule justly

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? Battle of the Silarius River (Third Servile War, 73 BC)
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11 Battle for Kursk (World War II, 1943)

Kursk should be way higher on the list at least number 2 after Stalingrad. It was the largest tank battle in the world and after it, the Soviets gained the upper hand in the eastern front as the Germans weren't able to mount any offensives and were on the retreat in the east for the rest of the war. The battle turned the tide in Europe. If Germany won, it's likely the Soviets would have been defeated and Germans could focus more of their troops on the west so may have won the war.

Largest battle in WWII. Millions of men, 100 of thousand of mortars, cannon, tanks, aircraft.

It was the largest tank battle in history.

So many tanks, so many soilders, so many planes fought this.

12 Iwo Jima (WWII, 1945)

The refusal of Japanese to surrender in this battle was one of the reasons the bombs were dropped, changing history forever.

One of the greatest battles the US ever fought

13 Battle of Arnhem (WWII, 1944)

Part of the downfall of Operation Market Garden

14 Tet Offensive (Vietnam War 1968)

Lead to the resignation of Robert McNamara and the stepping down of Lyndon Johnson as president of the United states of America the first president to not seek re-election. While it was a military defeat for the communists, the sheer psychological impact of Tet on the U.S meant that they realised that the war could not be won despite their best efforts. The north were just too determined and militarily strong.

Although this was tactically and strategically a victory for the USA and South Vietnam, the wide media coverage of the Tet Offensive caused outrage in the American public. This was a crushing blow to American spirit and led the the USA's withdrawal from Vietnam.

It was the turning point in the Vietnam War

Damn media. Great victory, but the media exaggerated the coverage of the Tet Offensive.

15 Battle of the Bulge (WWII, 1944–1945)

This is a Great Battle, we are in fact studying it in History. It is quite interesting for young students like me, to see how soliders fought and how strong they stayed.

Hitler's last push failed because he refused to let his marshals do the work and insisted on trying to command.

Very sexy battle, without the battle the war would have been longer.

My grandfather fought in the battle of bulge,DDay invasion, and the battle of Normandy

16 Battle of Hastings (Norman Conquest of England, 1066 A. D.)

Had the Normans lost this battle England and France's relationship would have been entirely different for centuries after.

17 Battle of Cannae (Second Punic War, 216 BC)

Military circles call this "the battle"

The Romans out numbered Hannibal's army by a very large margarine. However due to the sheer genius of tactics devised by Hannibal putting his weaker forces in the centre and his strongest at the flanks turned the flat line of Carthaginian forces into a concave forcing the Romans into a compact line. As the mounted forces defeated the Romans horsemen encircled and turned the entire battle on it's shoulders as close to minimum casualties to Hannibal's men and countless on Rome's

THE single greatest tactical defeat in history.
Rome gathered the largest army they ever had done (80,000 men) in an attempt to crush the much weaker invading Carthaginians. However, the Carthaginian leader, Hannibal, devised a brilliant tactic to somehow defeat the massive Roman army. He tricked them into getting encircled by his smaller army and then slaughtered almost all of them. Somehow, a genius had beaten the sheer might of Rome with a much smaller army.

The third major, and greatest, Hannibal's victory over the Roman forces. This is where war becomes an art. Hannibal managed, with a much smaller force, to encircle the 80,000 men strong Roman army, by making them act stupidly and with force, without thinking. Rome lost 20% of her adult male population in this battle.

The Romans were given every advantage over the Carthaginians in this battle but the Carthaginians still annihilated them. Hannibal's Carthaginians were outnumbered 2 to 1, had lost most of their elephants and resources while crossing the Alps, and were an army of mostly barbarian mercenaries who could turn on Carthage at any moment. This single battle almost ended the Punic Wars in Carthage's favor.

18 Somme (World War I, 1916)

So many brave men on both sides lost their lives. It was fought on the border between France and Germany. It was an extremely bloody battle, over 1,000,000 casualties.

Over 1 million lives were lost in barely 4 months.

This was 1 of the greatest battles ever

The stage of modern war...

19 Battle of Troy (Trojan War around 1200 BC)

The time period of war was the age of Homer, a great writer who wrote the Iliad, the story of the war.
However, it was the involvement of the gods that made this war so different and important to history. It still hasn't been proven whether the war really happened or not.

This only 11? This is a legendary battle. The Greeks put soldiers in a horse so when Troy took it in their walls the Greeks came out and took the city. A legendary battle to this date

Altough it may be a war that never occurred, the stories and legends of this battle makes it more interesting than most real wars in human history.

I read a thick book all about it.

20 Battle of Verdun (World War I, 1916)

Great Victory of the french army with the recapture of douamont. Number of deaths over 500.000 should be in the top 5.

The Battle of Verdun SHOULD be in the top 10. It was ALMOST a German Victory there, and it was crucial for the Germans. The French Army NEVER recovered fully after this battle.

21 Battle of Moscow (World War II, 1941)

This is the battle that turnedthe table of the gratest war.

22 Battle of Yarmouk (Rashidun Caliph / Eastern Roman Empire, 636)

General Khalid Bin Waleed fought the battle as state of the art and further the result of this battle impact, almost all walks of life of the people of the world. One of the best battle ever fought under the command of the best general ever born. He fought almost hundred wars along with the soldiers and never defeated even one war.

The battle of Yarmouk made Muslims the superpower of the era and it was result of this battle that Islam got a global outreach and it succeeded in becoming the world's second largest religion. Although. christians had advantage of 700 years existence making Islam worlds fastest growing religion.

One of the most desicive and successful battles in Muslim's History to capture Jerussalem. Rashidun Calip's 40,000 army that were lead by General Khalid were able to defeat 240,000 byzantine army. The cost of byzantines army's death were 80,000 but the muslim's death were only 4,000.

The greatest decisive battle of all time. A small force totally destroyed the much larger army with 50% of the enemy force destroyed.

23 Gaugamela (331 BC between Alexander the Great and Darius III of Persia)

At Gaugamela, Alexander was probably outnumbered 2 to 1 and was in a tactical disadvantage due to the fact that Darius III had Scythed chariots and removed vegetation to let them perform to their maximum capability.

Despite this, Alexander managed to defeat Darius against the odds and stole substantial loot to further conquer the rest of Persia and face the army of Porus in India

Alexander's most epic battle

24 Battle of the Chesapeake (American Revolution, 1781)
25 Battle of Austerlitz (War of the Third Coalition, 1805)

Napoleon only lost 1,000 men himself but the opposition lost 16,000. Napoleon was heavily outnumbered and the enemy had the geological advantage

War was changed forever as the battle with speed and cunning became relevant.

It was a tactical masterpiece

The greater battle of history

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