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21 Battle of Cannae (Second Punic War, 216 BC)

Military circles call this "the battle"

The Romans out numbered Hannibal's army by a very large margarine. However due to the sheer genius of tactics devised by Hannibal putting his weaker forces in the centre and his strongest at the flanks turned the flat line of Carthaginian forces into a concave forcing the Romans into a compact line. As the mounted forces defeated the Romans horsemen encircled and turned the entire battle on it's shoulders as close to minimum casualties to Hannibal's men and countless on Rome's

The third major, and greatest, Hannibal's victory over the Roman forces. This is where war becomes an art. Hannibal managed, with a much smaller force, to encircle the 80,000 men strong Roman army, by making them act stupidly and with force, without thinking. Rome lost 20% of her adult male population in this battle.

THE single greatest tactical defeat in history.
Rome gathered the largest army they ever had done (80, 000 men) in an attempt to crush the much weaker invading Carthaginians. However, the Carthaginian leader, Hannibal, devised a brilliant tactic to somehow defeat the massive Roman army. He tricked them into getting encircled by his smaller army and then slaughtered almost all of them. Somehow a genius had beaten the sheer might of Rome with a much smaller army.

The greatest army rom ever had, and whith only one purpues, deafet Hanibal

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22 The D-Day Invasions of Normandy (World War II, 1944)
23 Gaugamela (331 BC between Alexander the Great and Darius III of Persia)

At Gaugamela, Alexander was probably outnumbered 2 to 1 and was in a tactical disadvantage due to the fact that Darius III had Scythed chariots and removed vegetation to let them perform to their maximum capability.

Despite this, Alexander managed to defeat Darius against the odds and stole substantial loot to further conquer the rest of Persia and face the army of Porus in India

Alexander's most epic battle - MatrixGuy

Come on

Pure genius!

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24 The Battle of Thermopylae (Greco-Persian Wars {Second Persian Invasion of Greece}, 480 BC)

By far THE most important battle in history! If Greeks had not defeated the Paersians the world would have been very different today!

25 Battle of Dien Bien Phu (First Indochina War, 1954)

The French defeat started a chain of events that led to the United States' going to war against North Vietnam-a war that was to be the longest and in many ways the most costly in American History. Certainly one of the most important battles in World History.

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26 Battle for Kursk (World War II, 1943)

It was the largest tank battle in history.

Largest battle in WWII. Millions of men, 100 of thousand of mortars, cannon, tanks, aircraft.

27 The Battle of Gaugamela (Wars of Alexander the Great, 331 BC)
28 Iwo Jima (WWII, 1945)

The refusal of Japanese to surrender in this battle was one of the reasons the bombs were dropped, changing history forever.

One of the greatest battles the US ever fought - Schwanie2

29 Somme (World War I, 1916)

Over 1 million lives were lost in barely 4 months.

This was 1 of the greatest battles ever

So many brave men on both sides lost their lives it was fought on the border between france and germany. It was an extremely bloody battl, over 1,000,000 casualties.

The stage of modern war...

30 Leipzig (Napoleonic Wars, 1813)

The allied victory over Napoleon at Leipzig in 1813 marked the first significant cooperation among European nations against a common foe. As the largest armed clash in history up to that time, Leipzig led to the fall of Paris and the abdication of Napoleon.

- MatrixGuy

Marked the true end of the French Empire, even the 100 days could do nothing to help Napoleon rusee again from this coalition defeat after his failed invasion of Russia

31 Empire's conquest of Babylon by Cyrus the Great (539 BCE)

It's the glorious and greatest battle of history. This is the greatest war in history. Cyrus the Great in the battle against other commanders could use his military genius and knowledge in the shortest time with the least casualties war ended. It was this battle that his reputation in the history of all the leaders and distinguished him as a moral ruling and the genius successful in history. Although thousands of years, but his position is still intact and stable

I don't know why this is on the list. There was no battle at Babylon with the Persians. They Babylonians simply let them in out of fear.

32 Battle of Arnhem (WWII, 1944)

Part of the downfall of Operation Market Garden

33 Battle of Moscow (World War II, 1941) V 1 Comment
34 Battle of Vienna (Great Turkish War, 1683)

The battle marked the historic end of the expansion of the Ottoman Empire into Europe.

Without the Polish and Holy Roman troops launching a desperate charge, much of Europe would have fallen under Ottoman control.

Its surprising that most battles on this list are Americans or English. But I never heard of them and I don't know the difference that this battles maked. Battle of vienna however was I think one of most important and its sad that it's so low on this list

The Grand Vizier (like the Vice-president or the MP nowadays...) Kara Mustafa Pasha led the glorious Ottoman army from Konstantiniyye (Constantinople) to the mighty walls of Vienna, to succeed what Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent couldn't do, to conquer Vienna... but again, like the other siege of Vienna, the nature was in favor of the defenders, a divided Ottoman Empire which got slowed down and became weak because of the rain and so on.. but even with those penaltys the Ottomans were almost succesfull defeating the Austrian armies and their allies, but the Polish reinforcements which arrived in the last second, saved Vienna from the glorious Muslim Ottomans, keeping Islam away from Central Europe and actually saving the rest of Europe by defeating the Ottomans there, if Viena were to fall then Europe today would be very different.

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35 The First Battle of Pharsalus (Caesar's Civil War, 48 BC)
36 Battle of Austerlitz (War of the Third Coalition, 1805)

Napoleon only lost 1,000 men himself but the opposition lost 16,000. Napoleon was heavily outnumbered and the enemy had the geological advantage

War was changed forever as the battle with speed and cunning became relevant.

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37 Marathon (Persia / Greece War 490 B.C.)

Darius, the leader of Persia, Egypt, Babylon, and India, decided to become the ruler of Greece as well. But the Greeks, armed only with javelins and swords, defeated the much larger and better armed Persian army. What we remember today is the story of the messenger who brought the good news to Athens, the capital of Greece. Upon completing his 26-mile run, legend says he delivered his message, collapsed, and died. Today, the word marathon means a footrace of exactly 26 miles, 385 yards.

This battle truely determined civilization as we know it!

Western civilization was spread around Europe by the Roman empire. The Romans copied much of their culture from the Greeks. So it stands to reason that if the Athenians had lost their would be no western culture.

38 Battle of Badr (Muslim-Quraish Wars, 624)

This should be ranked number 1

Had the pagans won it would have been the end of Islam

If the Muslims had lost this battle, the world would have never known Islam existed.

313 poorly armed men fought with well equiped and well trained army of more than 1000. 13-15 men died from muslims from madinah side and 70 men died from attackers side from makkah.

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39 Battle of Crécy (Hundred Years War, 1346)
40 Fall of Constantinople (Ottoman / Byzantine Empire, 1453)

it's one of the most legendary conquests of all time. Constantinople was sieged 28 times before, but none of them succeeded because of the sea way was closed, the ships were pushed on the ground by the force of oxen and men. About seventy ships entered the golden horn by pushing on the road. the siege lasted 53 days, Sultan Mehmed II was only 21 years old when he conquered Constantinople. - gzmnrmnr

This battle was a decisive point in Turkey's history, if the Byzantines had won then Christianity would have had a much stronger influence in the Middle East.

A sultan who studied, dreamt, years about this siege, the siege of Constantinople, the young sultan Mehmed II a.k.a Mehmed the Conqueror,who was 21 years old, couldn't sleep because he was always thinking about his first battle, the glorious walls of Constantinople, doomed to fall to the Turks, the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once said 'the army which will conquer Constantinople will o so be glorious, and their leader will o so be wonderful'. A new beginning for the Turks, an end of the christian and roman era, walls which didn't fall for centuries, fell to a young, ambitious Ottoman sultan.

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