Toughest Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock Song

The Top Ten

1 Black Widow of La Porte - John 5

Personally I think this is by far the hardest - not even the Megadeth finger-mutilators come close to this!

So fun AND a good, hard song.

That song for me I'ts the hardest song on guitar hero!

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2 Fury of the Storm - Dragonforce

Sounds like junk, but still hard.

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3 This Day We Fight! - Megadeth

Very fast, good solos, hard.

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4 Sudden Death - Megadeth

A bit overrated, but fun and a bit tricky.

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5 Chemical Warfare - Slayer UListen to Sample
6 Speeding - Steve Vai

Too hard. This and if you want peace prepare for war are the only songs I can't beat on expert and I know I'll never beat this!

The intro is insane, also good main riff.

I can beat any guitar hero song, and I say this beats Fury by just a little. You can easily beat OMGWTFBBQ if you have full star power, but this song throws you directly into the water with the beginning shred. It doesn't get much easier after that, either, since there's barely any HO or PO.

7 Holy Wars... The Punishment Due - Megadeth

The 1st verse is REALLY confusing.

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8 If You Want Peace... Prepare for War - Children of Bodom

The fast riff and great solo make this a solid 9/10.

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9 Calling - Strung Out UListen to Sample
10 Deadfall - Snot UListen to Sample
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