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1 Perpetrators

The chemistry between the three main boys is hilarious as they constantly throw witty ripostes and insults back and forth. Memorable four dimensional characters and a hysterical story of mistaken identity work together in this satirical farce. Not to mention the uproarious minor characters who play a part in this comic mystery. The situations they get themselves into is beyond amusing and it never fails to amuse. Funny, clever and amusing.

This film will be completely amazing, I have seen the trailers and just can't wait to laugh!

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2 Evilclive

I love the intricately planned out plot of ɘvilClive, with Clive's life and his new world in limbo. "Who did this to me! "

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3 Arthur

Dot is such a great character! - roo

Awesome stop motion

I don't want to.

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4 Side Effects Of.....?????

I love the complexity of Fred's character. He kills people yet longs for justice. This short movie has incredibly powerful themes of revenge, morality and the human condition. I would go as far as saying one of the best films ever, - roo

5 Essentials

Where is this school?!

6 Talking Bout Your Hormones

Thank You Roo for teaching me so much about the hypothalamus, I don't even need to do a biology course anymore, I know it all!

7 Argh!

Can anyone tell me where I can find this movie?!

8 Side Effects 2 Tasmania
9 Bloopers

So funny. That falling chair. How is this so far down?!

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10 The PHD

Easily their greatest film! Simple, but effective!

Brilliant acting by Gerard!

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11 The Psycho

Awesome. Just awesome!

12 The Chance

Such a creative allegory for the communist regime in Russia. You'd miss it if you only watched it once!

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13 Screen Capture Prank

Stupid Will ruining it for Nick

14 National Anthem Parody

A bit edgy, but funny nonetheless

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