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1 Perpetrators

The chemistry between the three main boys is hilarious as they constantly throw witty ripostes and insults back and forth. Memorable four dimensional characters and a hysterical story of mistaken identity work together in this satirical farce. Not to mention the uproarious minor characters who play a part in this comic mystery. The situations they get themselves into is beyond amusing and it never fails to amuse. Funny, clever and amusing.

What a fantastic film!

This film will be completely amazing, I have seen the trailers and just can't wait to laugh!

I just want this movie to come out today!

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2 Evilclive

So mystical and creepy!

I didn't get it

I love the intricately planned out plot of ɘvilClive, with Clive's life and his new world in limbo. "Who did this to me! "

I don't get it, but it's still sooo awesome! :D :D :D

3 Arthur

Dot is such a great character! - roo

Awesome stop motion

I don't want to.

Oh my god! Is that poor boy ok? :/

4 Side Effects Of.....?????

I love the complexity of Fred's character. He kills people yet longs for justice. This short movie has incredibly powerful themes of revenge, morality and the human condition. I would go as far as saying one of the best films ever, - roo

5 Essentials

Where is this school?!

6 Talking Bout Your Hormones

Thank You Roo for teaching me so much about the hypothalamus, I don't even need to do a biology course anymore, I know it all!

7 Argh!

Can anyone tell me where I can find this movie?!

8 Side Effects 2 Tasmania
9 Bloopers

So funny. That falling chair. How is this so far down?!

Hahaa! Ah, James Gordon and Mr Farrer!

10 The PHD

Easily their greatest film! Simple, but effective!

Brilliant acting by Gerard!

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11 The Psycho

Awesome. Just awesome!

12 The Chance

Such a creative allegory for the communist regime in Russia. You'd miss it if you only watched it once!

This movie is rubbish

13 Screen Capture Prank

Stupid Will ruining it for Nick

14 National Anthem Parody

A bit edgy, but funny nonetheless

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