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1 Maine Maine

I went there on a vacation once, thinking it was going to be boring. I was wrong! It was just really cool and it was like going to Cali, but there's not tons of people there(when I was there) The beaches were very clean and the weather is nice during the summer. The people were really nice and overall I had a great time.

Nice, cool, and full of wild life. One of the few sanctuaries left in the USA! Reminiscent of Canada!

I'm born and raised in maine. Just picture southern hospitality but way more north. By the way more beautiful. I love it

Maine is such a quiet place to stay. It's always so peaceful there when my family goes on vacation. - HauntingStomper

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2 Utah Utah Utah is a state in the western United States. It became the 45th state admitted to the Union on January 4, 1896. Utah is the 13th-largest, the 31st-most populous, and the 10th-least-densely populated of the 50 United States.

Utah is THE MOST underrated state. If you have ever been, you would know. Up north, there are mountains that tower the skies and have the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. Plus, there is amazing skiing and snowboarding. When the Winter Olympics was held in Salt Lake in 2002, People called the snow "The Best Snow on Earth". Then if you go south, there is the most amazing red rock you'll ever see. There is nothing greater than the natural red rock formations in southern utah. It is stunning. No doubt one of the most underrated states in the U.S.

When you think of Utah you instantly think of one of two things; baron desert boring land, or skiing, however there is much more to the state itself. It has beautiful downtown urban areas, incredible suburban outskirts, and a lot of amazing geography to keep you occupied all day.

It's beautiful and has so many different things to do outdoors! Boating at Pineview, skiing, or hiking. - kiwigreeneyes

I don't think this state is underrated anymore. It's getting more and more positive exposure all the time. - bagel

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3 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania, officially the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is a state located in the northern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States.

If you really look deep into the entire state it is FULL of copious amounts of history and things to see/do. Not only does it have Philly and Pitt, but other towns and areas that display endless amounts of fun.

Come on! If you've been to Philly, than you have to know why Pennsylvania should be first! Plus, it has Fallingwater!

From the beaches in the north west, to the mountains in the south, to the wonderful cities in the east, Pennsylvania is the best.

Hmm... That's a good description... But one there's a Groundhog too and second is that... Did anybody that commented here know that Philadelphia was the 5th most populated city in the USA with over a million people? I don't think that's underrated. Sure it has beaches and mountains and wonderful cities, but that's the same ideal in the northwestern states. I myself think more people go to Pennsylvania (like I been there too) than know what is in Portland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington.

I would say it's underrated I feel like it gets a good amount of attention id say instead of underrated it's just 'rated' - Idiot

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4 Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota is a state in the Midwestern United States. Minnesota was admitted as the 32nd state on May 11, 1858, created from the eastern half of the Minnesota Territory.

We love Minnesota! Yeah, the winters aren't great but there isn't a state with a better summer and the fall is absolutely gorgeous, especially along Lake Superior and the Mississippi River. Our state is always well cared for, the lakes are so much fun! The Twin Cities are the most happening towns in the Midwest. No state is perfect, and our winters are too long unless you're into skiing or snowmobiling. I wouldn't live anywhere else, though!

Most people think that Minnesota is basically buried in snow year round, but that's all WRONG! Minnesota has beautiful summers that aren't too hot, and its kind of boring to be over 50 degrees year round don't ya think?

Minnesota may not have great winters but the summers are amazing with all of the lakes, forest and comfortable weather it is very underrated.

I went to Minnesota for the first time when I was thirteen, and we stayed there for two weeks. SInce myy family lives in Texas, so we thought it would be a nice change. And it was! Minnesota has the most beautiful lakes, and the summers are great. When I was old enough, I bought a house there. Now I like in Minnesota. The whole place is clean and free of trash, and the people really are nice.

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5 Oregon Oregon Oregon is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Oregon is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean, on the north by Washington, on the south by California, on the east by Idaho, and on the southeast by Nevada.

No foreign people ever even know this state but they really should. Oregon is full of all these beautiful signs made by Mother Nature herself, not by man. I mean, sure New York is cool with it's hundred story buildings and Los Angeles is close to a lot of attractions, but Oregon is a gem. There are thousands of hikes, lakes, forests and mountains to explore and plus, they aren't overrun by annoying tourists. Also, they named Oregon the beaver state and that makes us all sound like trappers with furs on our heads, but I haven't seen a real beaver in all the time I have lived here -my entire life-. Anyway, you should really just visit Oregon

Oregon is lovely. The nature is gorgeous; many animals, lakes, rivers, trees, underbrush, waterfalls, you name it! It is the 2nd most forested state. Even though it is called the beaver state, it is not overrun! Oregon should actually be called the river state, the rain state, or the water state! It rains often, but that is a small price to pay for the beauty of everything once the rain is over. The rainbows are the largest and most colorful that I have ever seen. Outside, it smells wondrous after a rainfall. I love to live here and am very glad I moved here instead of

We might have a lot of rain, but step outside once in a while and you can see the beauty of the rain on the landscape, the greenery and the many trees. No matter what season it is, in Oregon it is above all beautiful with its natural looks.

Oregon is very beautiful and there is the right amount both cities and natural areas. It is rainy but it is made up for during the summer.

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6 New Mexico New Mexico

There are so much culture there! and if thats not enough, the balloon feista is actually exciting, and is just lovely!

This should at least be in the top 5, this is the most underrated state in the U.S. because there is so much culture and awesome places and a very awesome balloon fiesta along with a neat tramway that goes up the Sandias in Albuquerque. - TopTenJackson

Easily the most unique and cultural state in the US. Has its own cuisine, architecture, music, and fusion of native and Latino cultures with modern technology. It's very historic! Diverse landscapes from the high desert to the snowy Rocky Mountains in the north. Ancient ruins, big caves, supervolcanoes, hot air balloons, skiing, tent rocks (only place in the world besides Cappadoccia). So much to see and not crowded!

New mexico isn't underrated, its overrated - Heyo_Simba

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7 North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina is a state in the southeastern region of the United States. The state borders South Carolina and Georgia to the south, Tennessee to the west, Virginia to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

everyone talks about South Carolina but this is better -

Nobody talks about South Carolina what are you talking about? - TheMainReason

I'm from there, the best suburbs, cool pro teams, great collages, CAROWINDS, they've got everything.

Some of the most breathtaking scenery in the entire country. The bet of both worlds, with the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains on one side of the state and the crystal blue Atlantic Ocean on the other. NC boasts rural small towns and big cities, all wrapped up in incomparable southern charm. Did I mention we have hushpuppies, too?

Yeah no one really cares about North Carolina and especially for me who is a K-Pop fan no one comes here to perform a concert

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8 Idaho Idaho Idaho is a state in the northwestern region of the United States. Idaho is the 14th largest, the 39th most populous, and the 7th least densely populated of the 50 United States.

I live here. And idaho is full of great people. Our cities are growing ( the Treasure Valley is one of the most heavy construction zones right now In the USA). And our colleges are getting quite a bit of fame and great economy. And yes it may be conservative but that's what keeps Idaho so great and polite.

Idaho id not full of potatoes, yet full of the nicest people, and most amazing scenery and has a lot of things to do

Bro, Idaho is not just a bunch if potatoes, and we hate when people only ask about potatoes when they visit. Why not ask about how we legalized BASE jumping, or that we are one of the last frontiers of America, or that we are very nice, and funny people. Others think we are just a desert, but we have so many wonders that it's unimaginable. Also, why is Niagara Falls more popular than Shoshone falls when Shoshone falls is taller by more than 100 ft? Go to Idaho, and I know you'll love it.

We're called the Gem State not the potato states. -.-

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9 Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin is a U.S. state located in the north-central United States, in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions.

People think its all dairy farms that make cheese but that is mainly only the southern portion of the state. But the central and northern part of the state consist of beautiful cranberry marshes and thick tamarack swamps. It also contains exciting animals. In northernmost Wisconsin they have Lynx and even elk. In almost all parts of the state you can see Black Bear, wolf and even the occasional Cougar.

Four seasons. All of them absolutely beautiful. The wildlife is extraordinary and its heaven for outdoors men. For city dwellers there is a lot to do. Milwaukee is highly underrated especially the East side of the city, it is right on Lake Michigan and there are many things to do like visiting the Milwaukee Art Museum or taking a stroll downtown or in one of the suburban neighborhoods.

Within Wisconsin, you can find the water park capital of the world, Wisconsin Dells, and one of the largest music festivals in the world! Yet, no one knows this. Wisconsin deserves to be loved and appreciated yet everyone sees it as irrelevant or boring. There is so much more to this state that deserves to be seen!

Lots of fun things to do. Wisconsin has something for everyone and its beautiful.

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10 Indiana Indiana

Yes one of the most underrated states. The south edge has a bit warmer of weather and the north has a lot colder of weather. There is the sand dunes and lake Michigan to in the north by Hammond, and there is plenty of cities like Indianapolis, South Bend, Fort Wayne, Evansville, etc. There is also plenty of areas where it is mostly beautiful nature for people who's more into that like Brown County. Then there is farm lands in places like Tipton and Carrol counties for people who like that. Chicago metro leaks into Indiana with about 3-4 or so counties plus Cincinnati, Toledo, Detroit, Columbus, Dayton, and Louisville all being close to the border as well.

Something for everyone!

Indiana has beautiful state parks, friendly people, and not as many hillbillies the world thinks. I was born in the states

Indianapolis is an incredible, world class city. Beautiful corn fields and state parks. Close to Cincy, Detroit, Chicago, and Louisville. Great people. Love driving through Indiana. Indianapolis is a top ten US city in my opinion. Oh yea can't forget the colts!

From the great rivers in the south to central, to all the wonderful lakes up north, Indiana has beautiful sights and fun things to do all over. Indianapolis is easily one the most important sport cities in the world. They have the Indy 500, the largest annual single day sporting event in the world, the NCAA headquarters, the NFL Combine, an NFL team, an NBA team, multiple minor league and semi-pro teams, and some of the best college basketball anywhere in the world. Plus, Indy's food scene has boomed in recent years. No longer is this just a meat and potatoes city (although it still has some of the highest regarded steakhouses in the country), but now Indianapolis has a lot of weird expensive food I'll never eat, but choices are great!
Other great cities are Ft. Wayne or Evansville, both of which have rich Native American history, and also strong German influence, so the food is amazing. The Fall Festival in Evansville is one of the largest street festivals in the country, and it ...more

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11 Alabama Alabama Alabama is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. It is bordered by Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and Mississippi to the west.

The people here are very friendly. I'm from here and I know that everyone stereotypes us. Firstly, we do not always say "y'all" at the end of every sentence. I actually refrain from using that terrible contraction and say "you guys" instead. And we do not all have farms and tractors. There are more tractors in the north than here in all honesty. And no, we do not kiss our sisters or do any of that incest crap. We are just like northerners but we have accents and hotter weather. We also drink sweet tea though I prefer warm tea. - SenpaiNoticeMe

Friendly people, underrated scenery (though not quite as great as the Interior West/Rocky Mountains). Some towns feel more old-fashioned, which can come out as a good thing in my opinion. The northern part is the most scenic, though I've spent more time in southwest/central AL.

If you're mom and dad were related before they got married, you know you're from Alabama.

I live here and shooot, y'all need to haul your butt down here I love it

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12 Illinois Illinois Illinois is a state in the midwestern region of the United States. It is the 5th most populous state and 25th largest state in terms of land area, and is often noted as a microcosm of the entire country.

No matter what happens here it is barely on national news no talks about Chicago it's always about New York or LA - robertspat91

No won says their favorite city in Chicago it's always New York or LA - robertspat91

I've lived in Illinois my whole life and to me I gets too much bad rep.the one thing that is the worst in Illinois is our state politics(which I don't really want to get into).but when you look at the other things like culture,history,people,Illinois is very good for those.there is a lot of fun stuff to do here in Illinois across the state and not just in chicago,and illinois has too may hidden gems that even some people here don't know about! abe lincoln was from here and if you love history you will love illinois! a lot of the people here are very nice (except for the politicans here lol).also we grow the most pumpkins and corn here so you thank our state farmers for that.
p.s Chicago is way better than LA and NYC!

13 New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey is a state in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. It is bordered on the north and east by New York, on the southeast and south by the Atlantic Ocean, on the west by Pennsylvania, and on the southwest by Delaware.

New Jersey is by far the most underrated state, why is it ranked 11. New Jersey hides in the shadow of two major cities, Philadelphia and New York, and people think of New Jerseyians as people with unnatural tans that argue over everything. But on the series of jersey shore, only one person is from New Jersey. Also we have the worlds tallest roller coaster in the world( it's also the fastest roller coaster in North America), worlds longest Boardwalk, loads of history,(if you don't think so you are actually retarted), the origin of salt water taffies, New Jersey is also one of the leading states of Jersey Tomatoes, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, cranberries, apples, and most likely more. Apparently a farmer in Florida tried to plant Jersey Tomatoes in Florida also, so that lets you know that jersey tomatoes are damn good.

NJ is so underrated! It is surrounded by multiple big cities and doesn't quite fit into New England, and the media tries to represent it as a place where hoodlums, and guidos live. Not true at all! In fact, being that it is a giant suburb surrounded by multiple large cities is why it is so prosperous! If you don't believe me lookup the facts. Plus, there are endless amounts of things to do, it has just about everything you could want, it may not rate #1 in any category, but rating #2 or 3 in almost every category is better in my book! Go NJ!

new jersey is SO awesome atlamtic city, east coast, dense, rich,more interesting than most of new york, and everyone thinks we try to copy new york, but we DONT we do our own cool stuff and yet we still fade away in underratedness.... anyway, NJ is awesome.

New Jersey is not underrated. It's just fine! - Heyo_Simba

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14 Michigan Michigan

One cannot forget all the water! While many states are suffering from water shortages, there is no shortage here. The Great Lakes hold one forth of the worlds fresh water. That is not counting the lakes within the state. No matter where you stand you are never more than 6 miles from fresh water.

Most people just think of Detroit and how "bad" it is, but Michigan is so much more, it has the largest coastline in the lower 48, and it has many welcoming small towns and a beautiful upper peninsula, it should be higher on this list.

Michigan is so beautiful but unfortunately many people don't realize it and go to places like Florida and California. They're great places but Michigan is as well and it's often overlooked

It's the best state ever so much to do and it's all so close together u rarely even have to travel

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15 Iowa Iowa Iowa is a U.S. state in the Midwestern United States, bordered by the Mississippi River on the east and the Missouri River and the Big Sioux River on the west.

Where do I start. We are one of the biggest producers of food in the US. Without us the country would be hurting. We lead the nation in Wind Energy production, with 35% of our energy produced coming from wind. We have always been on top of social issues, being one of the first states to legalize gay marriage, The University of Iowa was the first state college to allow women to study law, we desegregated schools almost a century before the rest of the nation did. So while you guys may think of us as a boring state, we have plenty of things to be proud of.

The hate on this state is just ridiculous. In the worst states list, it's 9. Really? I bet most people put that there just because of the stereotypes that aren't even true. Yes, Iowa has lots of farmland, but it doesn't have the most in the US. There are over 900 cities and towns. Iowa is full of cities and forests. There are beaches, you just have to look at the lakes in Iowa to find them. Yes we have no mountains, but we aren't flat either. We aren't even in the top ten flattest states. How this state isn't in the top ten on this list is beyond me. - JakePlaid

People Just simply overlook Iowa as a boring, stupid, state, that's all crops and farms.
Well your wrong Iowa has a lot of Big cities (obviously they're note huge, like Kansas City or Chicago) But they're pretty big (An Intresting fact about Des Moines Is that 801 grand building, Iowa's Tallest Building as well as Des Moines's is actually 6 feet taller than Kansas Cities Tallest Tower). Also Iowa has plenty of gorgeous scenery. And in the Des Moines Area there is a ton of stuff to do. Also Iowa Supplies our nation with a lot of food. With out Iowa the state that produces the most corn. Our food supplies would drastically decrease in fact food gets sent all over the world from here.

Everyone is nice here

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16 Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska is a state that lies in both the Great Plains and the Midwestern United States. Its state capital is Lincoln.

My favorite state it deserves to be number 1

Well, we are certainly more underrated then Pennslyvania, Michigan, Alabama, or Wisconsin. They each have known major landmarks or cities that almost any American can name. Can any one tell me a town in Nebraska? Or that can point it out on a map? I didn't think so.

We made kook aid

It has has the best zoo in the world

17 Kansas Kansas Kansas is a U.S. state located in the Midwestern United States. It is named after the Kansa Native American tribe, which inhabited the area.

We also have pretty good sized cities and we are pretty flat but that's what makes Kansas Kansas but also the flint hills a very nice to look at I know it's a drive through state but just stop and look around you'll be surprised trust me

It's not a boring pancake. Rolling flint hills have a very simple beauty.

Food is amazing! One of the BBQ capitals!

18 Vermont Vermont

You know your in Vermont if you have maple syrup running down you and you gay husband - DaLizts

We're here, we're queer and we want to get married on the ocean

My wife visited Vermont for her work and loved it...

Needs to be like #1 - Idiot

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19 Rhode Island Rhode Island Rhode Island, officially the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, is a state in the New England region of the United States.

People underestimate the stunning beauty of our little state too often, and dismiss the place for being "too small" without realizing how much of an impact it has on our country's history and culture. Rhode Island is a special place indeed, but few know it.

If you were to park your car squarely in the middle of RI... It would take you aprox 15-20 mins to get to: a city, to the north; the beaches, to the south; farmland, to the west; high society wealth (Newport) to the east. Name one single other state that can boast that... None... Oh yeah and m ountains too... And an Ivy league school... And much much more

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20 Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas is a state located in the Southeastern region of the United States. Its name is of Siouan derivation, denoting the Quapaw Indians.

I live here and I have to say, while it has some issues, it's still a very beautiful state. The nature here is amazing, and if you live in the right place, you're life will be great here in Hog Country. Very underrated.

It is so underrated

Very underrated!

53,179 sq miles of unnoticed beauty. Even though I'm from Virginia and never went to Arkansas, but whatever.

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