Most Unpredictable Movie Endings


The Top Ten

1 High Tension

This ending blew me away. Alexandre Aja and his team did a superb job! - Alexandr

2 The Others

Many movies copy this ending nowadays. Nicole Kidman was fantastic - Alexandr

3 Scream 3

I know, Scream and Scream 2 were awesome. Scream 3 had some ridiculous moments but its villain was more unpredictable - Alexandr

Shutter island is 100 times better than this... But still it is on 26... Please vote man

4 Tenebre

Dario Argento made many great films but this one is my favorite. The ending was shocking - Alexandr

5 Sleepaway Camp

Typical script, bad acting BUT its ending made it look like a cult classic of horror genre - Alexandr

6 Alien 3

They didn't put any twists but could you imagine that legendary heroine Ellen Ripley was going to die? Unpredictable and sad - Alexandr

7 Reeker

Many horror fans dislike this film but I do like it. And I couldn't predict the ending - Alexandr

8 Identity

Really creative and even shocking ending. Loved it very much - Alexandr

9 Psycho

Classic of cinematography. Bravo Alfred Hitchcock! - Alexandr

10 Fight Club

The Newcomers

? Catch-22
? The Usual Suspects

The Contenders

11 The Prestige

Very well written and acted movie with brilliant ending. Christian Bale shines here - Alexandr

12 Now You See Me

The ending to this movie totally shocked me great movie to watch. Highly recommend watching it

I agree, I was shocked to see the police as the one who has guided them

13 Shutter Island

Really? This ending is so predictable. I could see that coming after first 20-30 minutes

This should be on first... One of the best movie ever made

14 Oldboy

Come one, this list would be incomplete without a Park Chan Wook film

15 A Perfect Getaway
16 The Bird With the Crystal Plumage
17 Primal Fear

If you don't know the ending to this movie just watch the movie. I won't spoil it, you just NEED to watch this film.

18 The Forgotten
19 Deep Red
20 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Just the fact how most of the movie was played out like a silly popcorn action flick who'd thought the ending would be so serious, dramatic and kinda sad?

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