Most Unpredictable Movie Endings

The Top Ten

1 High Tension

This ending blew me away. Alexandre Aja and his team did a superb job! - Alexandr

2 The Others

Many movies copy this ending nowadays. Nicole Kidman was fantastic - Alexandr

3 Scream 3

I know, Scream and Scream 2 were awesome. Scream 3 had some ridiculous moments but its villain was more unpredictable - Alexandr

Shutter island is 100 times better than this... But still it is on 26... Please vote man

4 Tenebre

Dario Argento made many great films but this one is my favorite. The ending was shocking - Alexandr

5 Sleepaway Camp

That ending threw me for a loop.

Typical script, bad acting BUT its ending made it look like a cult classic of horror genre - Alexandr

6 Alien 3

They didn't put any twists but could you imagine that legendary heroine Ellen Ripley was going to die? Unpredictable and sad - Alexandr

7 Reeker

Many horror fans dislike this film but I do like it. And I couldn't predict the ending - Alexandr

8 Identity

Really creative and even shocking ending. Loved it very much - Alexandr

9 Psycho

Classic of cinematography. Bravo Alfred Hitchcock! - Alexandr

10 Fight Club

The Contenders

11 The Prestige

Very well written and acted movie with brilliant ending. Christian Bale shines here - Alexandr

12 Now You See Me

The ending to this movie totally shocked me great movie to watch. Highly recommend watching it

I agree, I was shocked to see the police as the one who has guided them

13 Oldboy

Come one, this list would be incomplete without a Park Chan Wook film

14 Shutter Island

Really? This ending is so predictable. I could see that coming after first 20-30 minutes

This should be on first... One of the best movie ever made

15 A Perfect Getaway
16 The Bird With the Crystal Plumage
17 Friday the 13th
18 Primal Fear

If you don't know the ending to this movie just watch the movie. I won't spoil it, you just NEED to watch this film.

19 The Forgotten
20 Deep Red
21 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Just the fact how most of the movie was played out like a silly popcorn action flick who'd thought the ending would be so serious, dramatic and kinda sad?

22 Mother
23 The Mist
24 The Usual Suspects
25 Tamara
26 Devil
27 Cube 2 - Hypercube
28 What Lies Beneath
29 The Collection
30 Hide and Seek
31 Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
32 Saw

The ending totally had me shocked! I don't know why this is not on the list yet, AMAZING ENDING!

33 Funny Games

The ending of this movie is breathtaking. I really didn't expect a ending like that. But once you saw it and you know the ending, it takes a lot of courage to watch it again. This is Naomi Watts at her best.

34 Carrie (1976)
35 The Sixth Sense
36 The End of Evangelion
37 Catch-22
38 Monty Python and the Holy Grail
39 Halloween

Michael getting shot six times, then falling out of a window two stories was sort of predictable. Him disappearing when they looked down, that was the shocker.

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