Top 10 Upcoming Animated Films as of 2016 that are Likely to Be Terrible


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21 Despicable Me 3

This should not be on the list! - darthvadern

Yeah, I lost faith in this after Minions - ProPanda

We'll Still Have To Wait And See What Will Happen

22 Sing

I Haven't Seen it Yet, And I Won't Anytime Soon, It Has Crappy Pop Music In The Trailers (Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Arianda Grande, Etc), Thank Goodness On December 23rd 2016, I Watched Rogue One With My Cousin Instead Of THIS, Assassin's Creed film, and Passengers, Rogue One Was Awesome, And I Glad I Watched it instead of this boring looking kids cash grab, illumination, Please stop trying to go for the "COOL KIDS" Crap, You too, Sony And Blue Sky, Thankfully Disney And Pixar Are still keeping the animation industry alive - VideoGamefan5

Well Its Score Went Down And I Do Expect Its Score To Go Down Even More So We'll Have To Wait And See What Happens

The Final Trailer Looks Pretty Good So Give This A Chance

Also You Can't Force Me To Give A Little Kids film a chance, it's my opinion, PUNK - VideoGamefan5

Good News

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23 My Little Pony: The Movie

Unicorn Twilight is the superior Twilight!

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24 The Emoji Movie

It's gonna suck so much it had to be put twice on the list - VideoGamefan5

It Will Suck, I'm Very 100% Sure - VideoGamefan5

25 Beauty and The Beast

Its Live Action And It Was Awesome - VideoGamefan5

26 Alpha And Omega: The Big Fureeze

The Alpha and Omega series has to end! The first movie wasn't even good, so why the hell does it need a sequel?

How Many Of These Are They Going To Release? - VideoGamefan5

27 Foodfight 2: The Revenge of Brand X

Is this being made - Tyoshi

28 Rock Dog

Poor Rip-off of Sing. Expect this to be $2 on Black Friday lol.

No, Just No - VideoGamefan5

29 The Lego Movie 2

The first one was already bad. - darthvadern

And another lego film - VideoGamefan5

30 Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale

Enough with your bandwagon hate, Discord1! Also, how is this film terrible if it made tons of money at the box office and received generally favorable reviews from audiences and critics alike? Also, this premiered in 2017, so it shouldn't be on this list since it wasn't shown in 2016! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

31 Toy Story 4

It's not even out yet, & it's getting hate already

It's not out yet

They pulled off toy story 2 and 3 really well,so probably not going to be so bad. - flash101

32 Pitch Perfect 3

*Animated Films* - VideoGamefan5

This Is For ANIMATED Films - VideoGamefan5

33 Blazing Samurai
34 Open Season 5
35 The Boss Baby

This was actully a masterpiece, there's so much effort in this movie! - darthvadern

It Sucked - VideoGamefan5

Looks Ugh - VideoGamefan5

36 Inside Out 2

I actually have hope for this one.


Why Just Why? - VideoGamefan5

37 Minecraft: The Movie

Oh WHY? , I'm Not Sure If Its An actual Animated film, But You Can't Really Do Minecraft In Live Action, So Its Gonna Be A Animated Film, WHY? - VideoGamefan5

The game was good. But do we REALLY need this?!

38 Rio 3

Ok Please Stop Adding Fan Made Stuff Now - VideoGamefan5

39 Hotel Transylvania 3

This Will Suck, Just Like The First 2 - VideoGamefan5

The first one rocked and was great, the second one was meh, hopefully the third one will save the franchie. - darthvadern

40 The Lego Ninjago Movie

Why Another lego film? - VideoGamefan5

Lego Movies Too Much - VideoGamefan5

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