Top 10 Most Useless Items We All Own and Never Use

This is a list about the useless items we own and never use. If you want to add anything else I am fine with that, but please do not add inappropriate things.
The Top Ten
1 Old, Generic Birthday Cards

Why is that balloon-spotted Hallmark fifth birthday wish from Grandma still the thing that jams your desk door? All Grandma did was sign the thing. It's no more sentimental than the one she sent you the year before.

I've kept my birthday cards since I was twelve. I'm now...older.

2 Throw Pillows

Who doesn't want to move several, large, plush items out of the way before flopping into bed each night? You've got to love one, last obstacle between you and an uninterrupted night of sleep.

My library has these, but I always chuck em on the floor.

Yes why do we need these we practically only use regular pillows

3 Dictionary

Pretty useless, but not totally. Only if you don't know what a word means and you have no internet connection, which is pretty rare.

Don't kid yourself. You, like everyone else these days, look up what words mean on the Internet.

Can't say useless if you don't have an internet connection and you are stumbled over a word.

No one uses these these days, though most people have them. Nowadays people look words up on the internet

4 Twenty Salt and Pepper Shakers

One pair is more than enough, especially considering that most spices come conveniently prepackaged in the modern world.

5 Paperweights

The most useless items to date, no desk requires a paperweight unless you work outside or surrounded by fans.

6 Battery-Less Flashlights

One of the first items we rush to in an emergency, the flashlight that has never had nor will ever have batteries lives in all of our closets, waiting to foil plans of fixing a blown fuse box or just telling sufficiently creepy ghost stories.

7 Tea Candies

Maybe loose tea is getting trendier, but who really cares to deal with that when most tea already comes in bags?

What are these

8 Every Bag We’ve Ever Been Given

When you wad them all up in the cabinet under your sink, they, for some unknown reason, attract cockroaches.

9 Label Markers

These make sense in an office. Owning one at home may just lead you to such acts of extreme boredom as labeling each drawer's use in your kitchen. No one needs this. Plus, visitors will think you're crazy.

Unless if you're an artist.

10 Butter Knives

Non-butter-specific knives can spread the stuff, too. Let's not kid ourselves.

I don't own any but true.

The Contenders
11 Plastic Spoon
12 Globe
13 Stuffed Animals
14 Dolls
15 Rubber Bands

Yeah really it does not mean that you get them on target bags you need to keep e'm all!

16 Plastic Knives
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