Top 10 Architectural House Styles

Every house has a unique design to provide comfort to those who inhabit them. Many of these designs are common choices that have been inspired by exquisite architecture all over the world.
The Top Ten
1 Victorian

This timeless style was popular during the Victorian era. While not as common nowadays, it remains a timeless style. These houses are unusually towering in height and are always painted with a bright color. I like this style the best because it stands out among all the traditional and modern-looking houses.

Victorian houses are super creative and require a large amount of architectural brainpower. Modern houses should take notes.

2 Craftsman

Craftsman-style houses are commonly seen in the Midwest. These types of houses always include a front porch and a triangular roof. While being simplistic, Craftsman homes are very traditional, and they are probably the design that comes to mind when we think of a home.

I loved building these in Minecraft. A bit simple, but appealing to the eye.

If I were able to buy a house, I'd buy one that looks like this.

3 French Provincial

This style was inspired by Parisian manor homes in the 1600s. It is simple, yet classic. The only issue with living in a French Provincial house is that you would have to have furniture that is equally as elegant and complements the house. Anything too modern would clash and look gauche.

4 Mountain

Mountain-style houses are designed to adapt to the mountainous climate. They are mostly brown in color, with large windows to give you a gorgeous view of the scenery. This beautiful, lodge-like style also provides you with a sense of warmth and comfort.

Mountain houses remind me of the lodge houses you can find on holiday. Looking outside these houses, you can see the beautiful scenery while sitting down in a cozy house.

5 Gothic Revival
6 Dutch Colonial
7 Mediterranean

As the name suggests, Mediterranean houses were inspired by Mediterranean villas in the 1920s. These beautiful houses are known to have a lot of open space, stone carvings, as well as large windows. Because of its open design, it is more suitable for warmer regions near a body of water.

8 Second Empire
9 American Colonial

This style was invented during the colonial period of the United States. It is mostly known for its symmetry within the structure. The style typically features numerous windows spaced at equal distances, a slanted roof, and a door that is centered in the middle of the house. Although this is an older style, it remains a classic.

10 Neoclassical
The Contenders
11 Greek Revival

Inspired by Ancient Greek architecture, specifically the temples, the signature of this particular design is the pillars in front of the entrance, which give it a more authoritative look. It also seems to be the typical design for most fraternity houses.

12 Art Deco

Like the contemporary style, Art Deco does not resemble a standard house. These homes have a geometric structure and are almost always painted white. Although not as common as contemporary homes, they are far more modern and unique in terms of style.

13 Georgian
14 Contemporary

This is probably the most common style that most architects build nowadays. Unlike traditional houses, this style is usually built with a flat roof and massive windows. While they are nice-looking houses from the outside, I would not want to live in one due to how impersonal they seem.

I would never want to live in one of these ugly modern houses that lack privacy.

15 Spanish

Similar to the Mediterranean style, Spanish houses were inspired by Spanish churches. Spanish houses are beautifully decorated with hedges and contain courtyards. Their cultural essence is both warm and inviting.

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