Top 10 Reasons to Use Linux

Linux is great to use, and here are the reasons I believe that. For those who don't know, Linux is a family of operating systems with the Linux kernel, developed by Linus Torvalds. Ubuntu is regarded as the best distro for newbies, but there are many options out there.
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1 It's FOSS

FOSS stands for free (libre) and open-source software. Open Source software is software whose source code is available to the public. Due to that, anyone can inspect the code and can look for flaws. It's also good for people who want to configure the code so it works how they want it to work.

2 It's SecureĀ 

One thing that Linux is known for is the fact that you don't need anti-virus. The package management system works really well to prevent malware from entering your system.

3 It's Free

Linux costs absolutely nothing. For comparison, most operating systems cost around $200. This is good for obvious reasons, because why use an expensive proprietary OS when you can use a free distro with all of these benefits?

4 It Respects Your Privacy

Linux does not collect any of your data. The software that different distros ship with is always FOSS that does not track you. Not only that, they run as well as their Microsoft/Apple counterparts.

5 It Performs Well

Linux is also known for running extremely well, even on old, low-end computers, due to its lightweight nature. I've heard many stories of people having badly-performing computers, before installing Linux.

6 It's Customizable

Another advantage of Linux is the many options to tweak the way your system looks. I've seen people make it look like a Windows computer, a Mac computer, and even make their own design concept for a handheld device. I've also seen people customize it to look like nothing that has existed before. There is so much customization available, it's crazy.

7 It's Good for Programmers

This is another feature that Linux is known for. It supports many different programming languages. It has many applications for all of the different languages out there. The terminal is also favoured by programmers as it is easy-to-use.

8 It Comes In a Variety of Flavors

There are many Linux distros out there. For instance, there is Ubuntu, a popular distro for newbies, due to its ease of use, there is Arch Linux on the opposite end of the spectrum, which is known for its customizability, there is Linux Mint, generally regarded as a well-rounded distro, and I haven't even begun to scratch the surface. I personally use Manjaro KDE.

9 It Doesn't Have Forced Updates

Many operating systems force their updates on you. It's very easy to accidentally update your computer, and sometimes they literally force their updates. I remember using Windows 10 school computers, and you weren't allowed to simply log out. You either had to stay logged in, or log out *and* update. I've also had an experience with Mac where it literally shut down in the middle of me writing an essay.

Linux on the other hand, does not force updates on you. It's still a good idea to update it, but you can do it whenever you want, as opposed to having updates forced on you.

10 It's Easy to Get Support

There is Linux support everywhere. If you need help, you can just look it up, and you get very easy-to-find support. There are support forums everywhere, and much of the support you find is from enthusiasts who probably know what they are talking about. Other operating systems may also have excellent support, but it comes from employees. Due to that, it's very hard to find.

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11 It Supports Android Custom ROM Development

The thing that got me into Linux.

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