Top Ten Worst Days of the 60099 Lego City Advent Calendar (2015)

The 2015 Lego City advent calendar was alongside the 2011 one, my favourite advent calendar by far. Most of why is thanks to the amazing stuff you get in the calendar. Although there was a significant minority of underwhelming things too, which we'll look at now. With that being said here is the list.
The Top Ten
1 Day 18: Husky and Bowl

Yet again, my least favorite day of the Lego City calendar was the one that came with only a dog (and bowl). Why? Because it's just one piece and there's nothing to build. Not to mention, I don't like dogs in general. What set this one apart was that it was no ordinary dog. Rather, it was a husky. This was the first husky in a Lego City calendar. But soon, huskies would become the only dog in Lego City, which made them even more bland than the regular brown dogs. So by far, this is my least favorite.

2 Day 21: Fireplace with Marshmellows

This one isn't "bad" per se, but it's certainly one of the most underwhelming gifts, especially for being so far into the calendar. It's just a small fireplace and two sticks with "marshmallows" on them. Why this couldn't have come bundled with, say, the girl on Day 19, I don't know. But I do know that this was underwhelming at best.

3 Day 4: Coffee Stand

Downright ugly, if I do say so myself. It's basically a small stand for a coffee shop. Not only is it way too small and has bland colors, but it's also way too thin. Ugly on so many levels that it's unreal. I rank it below the fireplace and husky because, at least, this is kind of interesting, but it's still bad.

4 Day 10: Christmas Tree

Here comes the squad of annual gifts that appear in every calendar. Overall, Christmas trees are really generic most of the time. I can usually tolerate them if they at least look good. But 2015 did a really terrible job on the Christmas tree! That's not saying much, though, as all the Christmas trees succeeding this one were even worse (2018 gets a pass, though).

It just looks so unnaturally shaped. The ones preceding this had simple but sensible designs, like the base. This one lacks a real base that holds up the tree. It's just one round 1x1 piece. It's not only impractical, but it's ugly as well! And the "rug" which the tree usually stands on is just a cross. It's so ugly!

5 Day 12: Presents

Likewise, I think 2015 did a really poor job on the presents as well, only beating the 2019 ones. It's not that they look bad, just generic. And the colors? In my opinion, blue and yellow was a good choice. But who the heck thought the other present should be orange and barf green? There's no uglier combination than this! In my opinion, this isn't bad, but definitely one of the weakest parts of this calendar.

6 Day 17: Snowmobile

I like snowmobiles, but this one was pretty terrible. It's not bad on its own, but it's certainly a bad snowmobile. My main complaint is that the three continuous tracks that make up the bottom part of the snowmobile can fall off incredibly easily. You don't even have to exert effort to accidentally knock them off! The design of the snowmobile also leaves much to be desired. It's just kind of "boring."

7 Day 1: Green and Red RC Cars

It looks like there's one mini-vehicle-infested day in this calendar that wasn't great, namely the first day. It's essentially just two very small RC cars - green and red - that come with their respective controllers. They look fine, but why include not just one, but two RC cars on the very first day, before we've even gotten any minifigures? This is a poor decision, especially since minifigures in this series since 2015 only appear after the first day, which is really questionable.

8 Day 11: Streetlight with Clock

Now we move from really underwhelming builds to actually decent ones, starting with a streetlight with a clock. We get two streetlights in this calendar: a standard one and one with a clock. However, I find the clock version significantly worse. It just doesn't look nearly as great as the standard one, that's all.

9 Day 8: Streetlight

This is an overall pretty cool-looking build. I never cared for it when I first got it, since there isn't much to do with a streetlight. But after receiving numerous streetlights in subsequent calendars, I've come to appreciate this one for at least looking awesome.

10 Day 3: Ice Rink with Skates

Nothing too exciting, but it's a nice little feature. You get this tiny ice rink with a bar holding a bucket of ice skates. It offers a lot of playability. It's only on the list because the other items in the calendar are even better.

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