Top Ten Video Game and Gamer Misconceptions

I am a gamer and I am proud

This list will be 5 each for gamers and video games, ENJOY!!!! :-)

The Top Ten

1 They are All Fat

I hate this misconception because skinny people also play video games

2 They All Like Doritos, Mountain Dew and Gfuel

Some video games players maybe don't like that stuff and we are not all MLG wannabes

3 The Xbox One is Their Favorite Choice for a Console

I really don't know why non gamer's always seem to hate Xbox. I love all consoles and brands like Nintendo,playstation and Xbox and they hate Xbox because Xbox is said to be preferred over other consoles.

4 Gamer's are Violent

Video games don't cause violence, war and firearms cause violence

5 They All Like Call of Duty

Lots of people don't like Call of Duty and there are other games that are also good

6 Video Games are for Children

Non Gamer: Video Games are for babies and children

Me: So I guess that Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Wolfenstein, DOOM, Rainbow six siege, Payday 2, Fallout are G rated for little kids.

7 Video Games are a Waste of Time

I hate this misconception because Games are not Time wasting, social media (Not YouTube) and T.V. are a waste of time.

8 Video Games are Bad for You

They are not bad, and there are lots of exercise hacks for hardcore gamers like me or there is the nintendo wii which is good for fitness

9 Video Games Make Us Dumb as Rocks

They Don't make us dumb, some games are based in real wars which are accurate and some historical times.~

10 Games are for Males

Some females also play games too, but its hard to find a female playing.

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