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1 Fortnite

Guys, fortnite should not be number 1. It is highly overrated and is riddled with 12 year olds. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Battle royale is so much fun, and its free, not much more to say

Its awesome lol

Fortnite is fun and for people who hate it, it’s a free game and the graphics are good

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2 Far Cry 5 Far Cry 5

This game is way better than Fortnite, everyone should know that. YOU CAN TAME ANIMALS.

Remains to be quite similar to two of its predecessors, but its heart still doesn't lose steam as this series remains to be a good time for fans and first-timers, especially in online co-op. - Mcgillacuddy

Far cry 5 is boss guys buy it on ps4 dudes and girls its amazing and not riddled with 12 year olds because its ma15+

3 God of War God of War

I just finished playing it, and it has the potential to make my #1 game of the year on my remix. This is a monstrous and action-packed game with and fantastic story and some of the most incredible combat sequences I've witnessed. - Mcgillacuddy

Make this 1. Screw fornite, this game is the real deal. It has great graphics, gameplay, voice acting, story, and characters. I love the God of War series. - psiddy42

10 out of 10 in almost every review? amazing story? Best graphics? Cool gameplay? All can be found in this AMAZING GAME!

Athena: There's nowhere you can hide, Spartan. Put as much distance between you and the truth as you want, it changes nothing. Pretend to be everything you are not: teacher, husband, father. But there is one unavoidable truth you will never escape: You cannot change. You will always be a monster.

Kratos: I know. But I am your monster no longer. - reaperam

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4 Red Dead Redemption 2

Hasn't come out yet, but when it does, its gonna break some records

5 A Way Out

From what I've played so far, I find it a fun, good game in general that is further improved by the stupid stuff tat you can do throughout. - kempokid

Already have a contender for GOTY. This was so much fun. Make sure to play this with a close bud, makes the experience all the more enjoyable. - cjWriter1997

Wow! EA came up with one very original game! Split screen campaign! Now the only thing to do is find someone to play wi-

*sniff* - Not_A_Weeaboo

6 Dragon Ball FighterZ

The year has just begun so I'll vote for something that actually has come out. This game is marvelous, one of the best dragon ball games and actually one of the fighting game I've ever played. The story is something new with correct tone coming from the anime. Gameplay is fantastic and battles seem exactly lile the anime. The art design and graphics are marvelous and you get invested. Gameplay is easy to learn and also the process is very fast. There are many of options or playable modes to get invested. Every single character is fantastic (yes, even yamcha) and everything is balanced. My only problem with that is that the character rosted is very disappointing (in my opinion). Another problem is that other characters and music will be paid dlc! That's abussive actually and it makes me think that in the future for 60 bucks we will only have the right to acess to a game but that the menu, the music, the dialogues and practically everything will have to paid separately. Nevertheless ...more - Ale99

7 The Last of Us Part II The Last of Us Part II

How did admin submit this, but not submit my best rappers of 2018 list? Hypocrite admin. - TeamRocket747

sick boi

8 Monster Hunter: World

This should be number one

PubG is better

A very unique experience unlike many fps/rpg/racing/sims out on the market today. This game very much deserves a spot with some of the current triple-a titles.

It's the best... so far.

9 Marvel's Spider-Man


10 Kirby: Star Allies Kirby: Star Allies

YE BOI, BEST GAME OF THE YEAR 2018, Dededominates the rest in my opinion. - Aceto

Fortnite came out last year. It wasn’t even nominated game of the year 2017, so why popular now? It’s just a ripoff that’s only more popular than what it ripped off because it’s free. Kirby best game until SMASH 2018 BABY!

The Newcomers

? Battlefield V
? A Certain Magical Virtual-On

The Contenders

11 Detroit: Become Human
12 Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered

Fortnite sucks

13 Celeste

It should be number 1 it's the best game of 2018, the story is such a masterpiece, plus it has the best soundtrack I've heard in years

According to IGN: Celeste is a surprse masterpiece! The platforming is intense, same with the story, for platformer fans is goty 2018. Such an amazing game!

14 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
15 Mega Man 11

Why Are You Voting for this if you haven't Played it? - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

16 Blackroom
17 Kingdom Hearts III

It's the best game in the world I can't wait till its released

18 WWE 2K19

Dude. It's still 2016, it's 2 years before any of these games would be released - Neonco31

19 Consortium: The Tower
20 Metroid Prime 4 Metroid Prime 4
21 Sonic Mania Plus
22 Dual Universe
23 Sea of Thieves

It is AWESOME you go around on your pirate boat and dig up treasure a

This game is so fun but it is not for everyone and still has a lot of room for improvement. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and feel like I have gotten my money’s worth out of it but that is just for me. Make sure to play with at least one other person when you are playing because otherwise you aren’t getting the full experience of the game. Overall it is a very good game although does feel a little content empty sometimes.

24 Vampyr
25 System Shock
26 Super Meat Boy: Forever

Looks like crap. Who asked for an auto runner?

27 Metro: Exodus Metro: Exodus
28 State of Decay 2
29 Psychonauts 2
30 Subnautica

It's EPIC! (Fortnite sucks! )

31 Indivisible
32 Kingdom Come: Deliverance Kingdom Come: Deliverance
33 Project Phoenix
34 Shadow of the Colossus Remake
35 Super Smash Bros for Switch
36 Final Fantasy VII Remake
37 Mario Tennis Aces
38 Yoshi (Nintendo Switch)

At this point it could be called Yoshi's felt world - TealBoyxx

39 Welcome to the Game II

It is one of the scariest games I have ever played. - DatLegoMann

40 Titanic: Honor and Glory
41 EA Sports UFC 3
42 MLB the Show 18
43 Pokemon Flame Red and Tidal Blue

This isn't even a real project. Do the research, people. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

More gen 1 remakes? That's awesome!

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