Top Ten Most Vital Heroes In Castle Clash

The most important heroes. The heroes in which you can't come far if you do not have them. The heroes that unlock winning possibilities in game modes you thought were impossible. The Top Ten Most Vitral Heroes in Castle Clash.

The Top Ten

1 Pumpkin Duke

I do not even have to explain. He is PD. - CeresHaumera

2 Vlad Dracula

Without him in the game neither wretched gorge, hbm2, ht2, lava isle and expert dungeons would have existed. He can easily solo stuff you normally would require a well placed team for. No one has ever been near completing hbm S&T, WG3&4, ht13-18(vlad, ork, aries etc.) without him. He is a god in every game mode and is made entirely to solo stuff. - CeresHaumera

3 Druid

You won't come anywhere without a heal. Before the ork update, he was in the area of PD when it comes to OP. Supports even beasts like vlad in any game mode. - CeresHaumera

4 Minotaur Chieftain

Without him, the Insane dungeons wouldn't exist as it would be impossible to take down expert 8. He is good in almost every game mode, and he is the raid god. - CeresHaumera

5 Cupid

Without him, it would be very hard to get PD stacking. Supports heroes in every single aspect of the game as he has a unique energy boost. - CeresHaumera

6 Aries

The Arena God, even though DD and Warlock has taken over quite a bit lately. Good in any aspect of the game where heroes appear and indirectly supports his allies with the ability to proc without probably. - CeresHaumera

7 Santa Boom

HBM2, WG3&4, HT2, LR Demon&Altar, LB, E Dungeons and I Dungeons are very hard without him. When buffed, he simply wipes any intruder out in an instant. - CeresHaumera

8 Moltanica

Try HBM S&T without her. Hard huh? Her debuff is the greatest in the game with an insane -90% at 10/10. Good in pretty much any aspect of the game as all enemies hit are slowed down by an insane amount. Oh, she also deals dama- I forgot. When buffed, Molt simply one hits every building (not to mention Mother of Moltanica LMAO). - CeresHaumera

9 Ghoulem

Best Healer in the game, and damage reduction buff is pretty good

10 Skull Knight

The Contenders

11 Marauder

Not much to be said. Definitely the most unique hero in the game.

12 Dread Drake

The new arena king. Efficient stun, 5/5 revite, fast energy recovery and damage reduction makes him alm,ost invincible. Has the highest health in-game which makes him very hard to take down even when not considering the constant procs and 90% reduction (10/10). - CeresHaumera

13 Warlock

He made it possible to cancel out most of aries's proc, and as he procs instantly at 5/5 revite, he became the new vital hero in arena. - CeresHaumera

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