Top 10 Best Vocal Techniques In Metal


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1 Growl

Death Growls are my favorite vocal style in metal. They are brutal and powerful, evil and demonic. Love this! I prefer this one over any other technique, but that's of course a matter of taste! - Flav

Hail metalLic growls! - Ananya

2 Clean Singing

Many people will prefer this, since they are not fans of guttural vocals. But also in extreme metal there is use of great clean vocals like in Melodic Death Metal. - Flav

I love operatic vocals in metal.

3 Black Metal Scream

The very evil and harsh sounding higher pitched guttural vocals in metal. In my opinion not as powerful as Death Growls, but still sounding extremely evil and satanic. - Flav

I can do this better than growling. I still suck at doing this though. - Metalhead1997

4 Grunt

Similar to the Growl in terms of pitch and demonicness, but sounding more clipped. - Flav

5 Rough Singing

A mixture of both guttural and clean singing to a rough sounding singing style with well hearable tones. - Flav

6 Insanity Scream

An insane, frantic and fierce sounding vocal style, very prominent in Grindcore. Many fans of extreme metal do not like this, so I'd say it's rather an acquired taste. - Flav

7 Shout

The Shout is a mid-pitched and rather clipped guttural vocal style. Its very prominent in Hardcore and Metalcore. - Flav

8 Pig Squeal

I do not like this much.. - Ananya

I am not a big fan of this to be honest. - Metal_Treasure

Every metalfan knows this characteristic "BREEE" sound. It sounds cool, but shouldn't be overdone. - Flav

9 Extreme High-Pitched Scream

Very common in deathcore. It's also acquired taste I guess. - Flav

10 Distortion

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11 Whisper Talk

I didn't add this item but I think it really sounds good on some metal songs - Iced Earth use this quite often (Damien, Dante's Inferno) - Metal_Treasure

Doesn't Korn use this? - Metalhead1997

It can be heard easily in imperial cemetery emtombmemt - Ananya

12 Rap

Yes, Rap is also happening in metal. In modern metal though. Many people like this, many don't. - Flav

Get this off the list - Ananya

A big NO from me. - Metal_Treasure

13 "Cricket" Vocals

Mainly used in slam. - Metalhead1997

14 Shaky Vocals
15 Creepy Voice with Heavy Deep Breaths
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1. Growl
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1. Growl
2. Clean Singing
3. Black Metal Scream

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