Top 10 Ways to Fix Sword Art Online

Even though I like it and say it's decent let's make it better then shall we

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1 Remove the fan service

Because this is really not fun to see for an anime with a game genre

Remove it ASAP the top 3 characters that get the most amount of fan service are

Isn't it obvious she got raped, tentacles, that bath scene straight out of fairy tail


Panning ass cheeks

2 Tone down the Harem

Honeslty, the harem is seriously over-exaggerated by SAO haters. Yeah it's slightly annoying but it only really existed in the Fairy Dance arc. Rika and Suguha, yes they have feelings for Kirito, plus everyone else in the Fairy Dance but that's it. Silica and Shino don't have feelings at all. "Oh but what about in the Calibur arc when Shino flirted to Kirito? " Well guess what she was teasing the other girls who feel for Kirigaya

Please do so. He's married and has a daughter. These women should be developing personalities rather than feelings for Kirito. Make them characters first and not cliches.

Kirito doesn't have all of the other girls fall in love with him. I would really appreciate a strong friendship.

Does anyone even know what an ACTUAL harem is like? I would like to point out that Kirito is already with Asuna, Silica sees Kirito as an OLDER BROTHER, Lisbeth does have feelings for Kirito, but respect his and Asunas relationship, Leafa gets over her feelings for Kirito and Sinon NEVER had feelings for Kirito. An actual harem has to have at least 3 women fighting over him, which never happens.

3 Make Kirito less of a Gary Stu

So that he can have a much more character development and the story could become interesting

Kirito is cool and all, but he's TOO cool. Kirito, at no point in the series, faces anything remotely resembling a character-changing event. He's the same "quiet, tall, dark, powerful cool dude" for the entire series. He should evolve as the story progresses.

Yeah, and give him a consistent personality. Many people hate Eren Jaeger and Light Yagami, but they are 3 dimensional fleshed out characters, even if they aren't what many people want them to be. Same with Issei from High School dxd. He was consistent and simple, and I hated that, but I liked that I hated that. Kirito should at least be that. Not a skin for a viewer to wear.

He's lost a few fights and wasn't able to win some fights without help, he HAS depth, like feeling guilt over killing people as seen in the Gun Gale Online arc, people say he's PERFECT at everything when he's not.

4 Have a darker story

For example like the GGO from Season 2, because it could make the anime feels much more intense and interesting to watch

Thousands of people died in SAO but the people in the game aren't really worried. That fisherman didn't care that he was trapped in a game and none of the other characters seem to treat it that way.

Yeah, they got used to it. People won't stay depressed about it forever. - Solacress

The anime looked so happy to the point they look like they're not even trapped in a game where they could die

Make Sword Art Online gorier than Happy Tree Friends

5 Make Asuna Yuuki more badass

When I first saw her I was like "Hey, she might be a cool character! " But no. She had horrible character development. She could be been way cooler. Also, the relationship between her and Kirito was super rushed.

Please do. There is so much potential in her character but she always relied on Kirito to save her.

PLEASE! She's a Mary Sue. Rich, Gets all the guys, what. Anyways, legit all she says is, "KIRITO! I NEED HIM! I'M GOING TO DIE IF I DON'T HAVE HIM! MARRY ME! " Oh gosh. Asuna is annoying, and she turns all Ms. Perfect in the other episodes. I personally LIKED her before! But now, she's a Mary Sue and a Damsel-In-Ditress waiting for Kirito. I would LOVE it if she would get removed. But hey, respect my opinion.

Then you have to like asuna, I mean no haters

6 Remove some characters

Oh yes, I would REALLY love it if they removed Sugou. I despise that pedophile.

REMOVE THAT DISGUSTINGLY USELESS LOLI SILICA! All she exists for is tentacles, flat chest jokes, and trying to prove anime fans are closet pedophiles!

Please remove Sugou, he sucks so bad, I even made a list of how much he sucks. The show would be better without this pervert.

Am I the only one who wished that kazuto killed that a--hole in that parking lot fight scene?!

7 Give characters that don't get much screen time more screen time

Klein was a pretty cool dude. They completely cut him out of the game to show us this Gary Stu

Agil anyone?! He is my personal favorite one lolol!

Sachi was one of my favorite cgaracter in SAO. She was too innocent to die and Kirito promiced her she wouldn´t. SHe died WAY too soon and wanted to know her better.

8 Don't reuse the princess rescue story

Plsss this story is so cliche

9 Have better pacing

I think this is a major issue with the first arc. It was confusing seeing Kirito jump through so many levels, with little development in between.

Yeah the pacing was all over the pace. Especially after the two year time skip in SAO. It makes me wonder why the government couldn't hack the game from the outside but Kirito could from the inside.

The first arc could have and also should have lasted several seasons.

10 Get rid of the incest

The fairy dance arc was kind of good but I hated the incest.

The Contenders

11 Give it an author who isn't a horny teenager

Reki Kawahara was the worst person to do anything. He created this story just so he could add in a romance to completely steal the show's screentime from the plot, he added Suguha so he could entertain his creepy incest fantasies, he added that weird tentacle dude so he could attempt to rape Asuna to entertain more of his weird fetishes, he added Sugou to ACTUALLY rape Asuna, because he thought if he used rape as a PLOT DEVICE, he could increase shock value. That's just disgusting. Every female, upon introduction, is a very mysterious and interesting character, but then they just fall in love with Kirito, lose their independence, and be useless from then on forever. Also, once Reki Kawahara realized his "masterpiece" SUCKED, he added a girl who had AIDS as a plot device to make people sad and think it was actually good, even though that arc was just filler. So yeah. To fix Sword Art Online, all you need to do is start over from the very beginning. With a DIFFERENT AUTHOR.

12 Give Klein a girlfriend

Yeah! Let Klein date Sinon so she'll stop messing with Kirito. I love her character but I hate when she gets flirty with Kirito, he has Asuna.

Klein x Lisbeth


Klein x Sinon please!

13 Use an actual writer from great developers

Yes, as SAO has the kind of excellent premise that would intrigue many writers, so they could easily find a quality writer for the anime

Give it to the people who made Abridged

That would be great. There's too many plot holes.

14 Make the abridged series the new canon

No, honestly. It's fun and all but the original SAO is still all the way better

15 Improve the looks of some characters

My god they need to improve Kirito's looks because there are 2 scenes I've seen that Kirito looks like someone else (In the extra edition he looks like Roy Mustang and in the Beater episode(episode 2) he looks like Eren Yeager making that creepy face

16 Give Kirito a male best friend

No I don't mean Klein or Agil. Create another badass male character that can start as Kirito's rival, but then later becomes his best friend. Who knows? This guy can even make all the girls fight over him instead of Kirito.

Well they're Eugeo - TheDarkOne_221b

17 Reveal what happened to Klein's pizza

Please, it's literally the most important part in the entire anime. Everything rests upon Klein's pizza.


18 Hire a game director to help

We need someone to make the gaming aspect better

Hire someone like Hideo Kojima or Hidetaka Miyazaki for this one

19 Remove the weird parts

So what I mean by "weird" parts are these naked scenes. It goes way too far at that point.

20 Talk about Kirito's parents and how they died

Yes! This needs explanation like how did they die and such

21 Give it a Crossover with Fortnite
22 Redo it over again
23 Not make it an anime
24 End it when the game finishes
25 Give Sinon more screen time

She deserves it, because she has a lot of good character development which make her an interesting character

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