Top Ten Ways to Know Someone Doesn't Want a Child

The Top Ten

1 They tell you

I have a child - Luckys

Some partners are shy while some are very comfortable with just saying "no".

2 Always bring up the cons

When you say you want a baby and they start out with all the problems that could happen then that means that they just really don't want a baby and you should respect that! Saying stuff like "We just wouldn't have enough money" or "I wouldn't be a very responsible parent" is a very big sign.

3 Facial expressions and body language

Focus on your partner's expression when friends or family ask if you two are going to have a baby. If they seem uncomfortable, scared, angry, or shaken then just reply with "we haven't decided yet! " and talk to your partner later.

4 If they complain about not having enough money

This is actually completely unrelated to wanting or not wanting to have children. But if they don't get enough money from their job then they probably don't want to spend all the money that they might not even have on a baby.

5 They had a rough childhood

Often if people had a rough childhood (for example: if they were bullied constantly) then they may not want children in fear that the same may happen to their child.

6 If they often talk about how painful it must be

If your partner owns a vagina, then they might talk about the fear of it hurting or the fear of not being able to put the baby weight off. Well if your partner is scared then you shouldn't force them to have a child.

7 They don't agree when you point out cute babies

Have you ever seen a toddler or a little baby giggle or dance. It is so cute! But when you point out how cute they are, your partner just says "nah". If it's just a couple times then maybe they just don't find that specific baby very cute, but if they say no to every baby then they probably don't want one. Make sure to ask though.

8 They say that they like animals more than people

A Shiba Inu will be my child instead!

With the exception of you, of course! It may be time to get a dog or cat! Maybe something cool like a python!

I like animals more than people (i'm not joking)

9 They flat out hate children

We all do, don't even lie.

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