Top Ten Ways Zootopia is Better Than Planes

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1 Zootopia is Funnier

Planes isn't funny at all. - micahisthebest

I Don't Like Either. - VideoGamefan5

2 Zootopia Has More Action
3 Planes is Just a Duplicate of Cars
4 Zootopia is More Interesting
5 Zootopia Has a Better Cast
6 Zootopia Has More Suspense

Lot's more, unlike Planes - micahisthebest

7 Zootopia Has Better Animation
8 Zootopia Has a Better Storyline

Planes' story is pretty by the numbers. Zootopia, on the other hand, has a far more interesting story with a thrilling crime-solving plotline and compelling characters that all work off one another.

9 Planes is Boring

I watched Planes and it was pretty boring, I think it was only made to sell merchandise to little boys. Planes is just a plane version of Cars, but less popular and epic and more boring and forgettable.

Probably the most boring movie I have ever watched. - micahisthebest

The 1st one was...ok. The 2nd one was uneccessary.

10 Planes is too Babyish

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11 Planes is a Cars spinoff.
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