Top 10 Web Design Blogs to Follow In 2014

This is a list of the leading online design and development blogs that you must visit on regular basis. These web-magazine or design blogs keeps you aware of the up-to-date trends and activities in the web-design and development world. You can get thousands of design tutorials, inspirations, and other online resources for your upcoming web design projects

The Top Ten

1 Design Drizzle

DesignDrizzle is the light chronicle moments of information started with the aim to provide inspirational resources to web designers/developers, freelancers and all the professionals related to design industry - amitverma1947

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2 Web Designer Depot

The site is a collection of latest happenings in the world of web design - amitverma1947

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3 You The Designer

You The Designer is not just a regular design blog, it’s a lifestyle design blog - amitverma1947

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4 Design Modo

Design Modo website primarily focuses on in-depth design tutorials and coding - amitverma1947

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5 Web Design Ledger Visit Website9
6 Vandelay Design

Vandelay Design has a unique name but popular among web designers. The website was founded by web designer Steven Snell in 2007 - amitverma1947

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7 Design Your Trust

If you are looking for some off-beat design inspirations and resources, follow Design Your Trust - amitverma1947

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8 Design Beep

The Design Beep website offers feature articles, tutorials and design freebies for designers and developers - amitverma1947

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9 Inspiration Feed

Follow inspiration Feed to get your daily dose of design inspiration - amitverma1947

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10 MarkupTrend

MarkupTrend is as one of the best resources available for designers and developers. They can find all kind of tutorials related to web design trends, developer's guide, SEO tips, marketing tips etc.

I like the quality of content that they publish on their blog.

They have great collection of articles for Developers and Web Designers.

The Contenders

11 One Xtra Pixel

If you have always wondered “Why You Should Date a Social Media Guru” visit the site: One Xtra Pixel, to get an answer - amitverma1947

12 BestPSDtoHTML
13 Bestdesigntuts
14 bestdesign2hub
15 10techdesign 10techdesign
16 Technobeep
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