Top Ten Weirdest Things About Plumbers Don't Wear Ties


The Top Ten

1 Insane filters
2 The game concept

How is this crazy joke a video game, anyway!

3 The decision where Jane takes her clothes off for Thresher
4 Shower scenes with country rock music
5 The fights between the two narrators
6 Race cars and pandas in the opening credits
7 The outtake left in the game
8 The stupid chicken mask

We even see an UPSIDE-DOWN chicken mask in this game!

9 It's basically a toned down porno turned into a chick flick
10 The best possible final score is -170,000 points

Talk about pointless (rotten joke intended)!

The Contenders

11 The opening scene is the only full-motion video in the whole game

Full-motion video my gizzard!

12 Weird title screen
13 The plumber in this game is shown wearing a tie

So much for "Plumbers Don't Wear Ties"...

14 Ridiculously false advertising ("Plays like a game, feels like a movie!")

Another candidate for worst joke game ever...

15 Bungled rating

"Not suitable for mature audiences" is an accurate assessment of Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, unlike nonsense like "The box says 17, but for this ONE PART, you gotta be 18" (Don't ask! )

16 The box cover

An interactive romantic comedy: A plumber, a daddy's girl, chickens, crazed yuppies, evil bosses, pandas, shower scenes, race cars, a nun. Get it? No, I don't get it!

17 Hardly any real gameplay

An interactive romantic comedy? Everybody's a comedian!

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1. The game concept
2. The decision where Jane takes her clothes off for Thresher
3. Insane filters
1. Insane filters
2. Race cars and pandas in the opening credits
3. The fights between the two narrators


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