Weirdest Things In Video Games


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1 Earthbound's soundtrack
2 Wario Land 4's bosses
3 Cave Story's jumping physics
4 Super Smash Bros Brawl's inclusion of Solid Snake as a playable character
5 Super Smash Bros 4's final boss
6 Batman Forever's control scheme
7 Gyromite's ROB
8 Shovel Knight's usage of a shovel as the main weapon
9 Minecraft's graphics

Even ps1 graphics are better than that.

10 Mega Man 8's voice acting

The Contenders

11 Cho Aniki's intro on PS1
12 Half-Life's organic arm gun

Who thought that Freeman can hold... I dunno... Aliens? - Delgia2k

13 QWOP's control scheme
14 Super Metroid's item room music
15 The Amalgamates from Undertale
16 Undertale's art style
17 Super Meat Boy's usage of an evil fetus in a jar with a tuxedo as its main villain
18 Half-Life's Xen dimension
19 Super Smash Bros 64's soundtrack
20 Earthbound's Halloween Hack
21 Earthbound's battle backgrounds
22 Conker's Bad Fur Day's giant poop monster
23 Earthbound's giant sentient piles of barf
24 Moonwalker's Michael Jackson
25 Super Metroid's Mario turtles
26 Some of Zelda's characters
27 Hotel Mario's cutscenes
28 I.M. Meen's main villain
29 Rayman Origins' art style
30 Alien Hominid's giant butterscotch pudding monster
31 The White Chamber's "comedy" ending
32 Super Paper Mario's River Twygz Bed
33 Chrono Trigger's Lavos Core
34 Ratchet & Clank's Planet Orxon
35 Half-Life's Xen Gravity cheat
36 Super Smash Bros 64's controls
37 Super Smash Bros 64's final boss being only Master Hand with no Crazy Hand in sight
38 Pressing down to jump
39 Little Big Planet's jumping physics
40 Earthbound's Giygas
41 Mother 3's Masked Man theme
42 Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver's completely different Lavender Town
43 Kid Icarus Uprising's control scheme
44 Cave Story's final boss
45 Cave Story's constant tone clashing with its cloyingly adorable characters and disturbingly dark storyline
46 Yoshi's Story's art style
47 Henry Hatsworth's level where you have to control the Puzzle Realm inside of the Puzzle Realm
48 Braid's art style
49 Super Meat Boy's infinitely respawning main protagonist
50 Mortal Kombat's Dan Forden cameo
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