Top 10 "What the Hell" Moments In the Earthbound Halloween Hack


The Top Ten

1 Entering Dr. Andonuts's Magicant
2 Encountering Dr. Andonuts's Homosexuality

"NO and his cohorts attacked! " - xandermartin98

3 Suddenly Reaching The Scary Portion Of The Game Halfway Through The Sewers
4 Encountering The Desire Dog

"The Desire Dog's body began to leak gooey pseudopods! "

0_O - xandermartin98

5 Encountering A Malformed Phase Distorter
6 Suddenly Transforming Into MOTHER 1 Characters
7 The Id
8 Fleeing From A Boss Battle
9 "A Ghost Poots On You"
10 Entering The Glitchy Area

The Contenders

11 "Dearkhart is your own fault."
12 Using The HP Sucker To Deal Extremely High Damage To One Of The Bosses
13 Encountering The Amalgamate
14 Having to manually find and equip Jeff's signature "Nerd glasses"
15 "Yikes! Poo turned into the Desire Dog!"
16 Being Given Only One Choice On A Text Menu And Pressing B To Continue The Game
17 Encountering the Ghostkin (Lamest Enemy In The Game)
18 The Museum Of Dead People contains an Empty Spot for you
19 "You aren't psychic."
21 Dr. Andonuts's Excessive Usage Of Curse Words During The Final Battle
22 "The Desire Dog's body collapsed into an array of wriggling tentacles!"
23 "NO tried to rip your eyes out of their sockets!"
24 "Dearkhart scrambled your heart into pieces!"
25 Zombie hippies
26 "The Uberhaunt roared, and shook. Suddenly, its chest ruptured as it burst into confetti!"
27 "Stop staring at my sexy muscles. Sexy."
28 The Amalgamate turned into an axe and swung itself!"
29 "Dr. Andonuts tried PSI B****kill Omega!"
30 The Stench Elemental used Stinky Socks and brushed its teeth and teeth were white and breath was fresh!"
31 "The Remnants, damaged, choked itself to death with its many hands!"
32 "The Phaze Destrortur tried to shove you into its gaping maw!"

How in the hell does that thing "grab" you? What an incredibly disturbing boss. - xandermartin98

33 "Jed you in the crotch extremely hard!"
34 "The Giegue League clutched its stomach, bent over, and crumpled into a wad of paper!"
35 "NO blew you a tender kiss!"
36 Dearkhart's attack element is its own weakness
37 Onett
38 Killing Desperate And Innocent Survivors And Taking Their Last Rations
39 Dearkhart and Phaze Destrortur both use a custom techno boss theme
40 "The Brain Buster chomped itself to strips!"
41 "I'll burn you so much, your ashes will be screaming for water!"
42 The Epic Final Boss Theme
43 The Amalgamate's battle theme is "New Age Retro Hippie"
44 Encountering the Vladula
45 "Premeditated murder, boing!"
46 "Comes in four flavors: Grape Gasoline, Cherry Chafe, Cinnamon Crap, and Mint. Mint is disgusting."
47 Thinking that Cocoon Pizza has butterfly cocoons on it
48 "NO slapped it's friends in a manly fashion!"
49 A girl at the mall calls you a "Reverse Pervert"
50 The Chosen Four are dead, and Dr. Andonuts unintentionally killed them
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