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The Lost Heir The Lost Heir Product Image

I really like how Tsunami just remembered that she killed Gill, and how she was also talking to the guards to save her friends, not fighting them. But I don't like how Anemone gets a frixking narwal spear and pokes Whirlpool into the eel thing, she completely lost her innocence. And OMG I totally ship Riptide and Tsunami. Great job, this deserves to be somewhat this high, but not first, I'd say 4 or 5.

Paradise the RainWing

I loved this book-- first of all, Tsunami is my favourite character. Secondly, there was some drama, feelings, and violence. I think Tsunami deserves to be the queen of SeaWings... maybe. Also, the book shows what Tsunami is thinking and what she feels, so I could feel her thoughts and stuff. So... vote for THE LOST HEIR! Thanks if you did. :3

The story is very interesting because of Tsunami's bravery of wanting to go find her family's palace alone, without the other dragonets with her.

The lost heir should be number one,Tsunami is my favorite character and is a selfless character. She shows a lot of heart that's right,FUDGE CORAL

Darkstalker Darkstalker Product Image

I think Darkstalker was the best. I'm SOOOO glad his book got first place. I mean, guys, he's the best villain! I don't think he's evil. He killed Artic because...why? Oh that's right, this IceWing was gonna wipe out NightWings because he hated his own son. Like, who WOULDN'T kill him? He should've gotten number one in Top Ten Best Wings of Fire characters. Kinkajou sucks and I hope she dies later on. Well, suffers a death for turning Darkstalker into some loser Peacemaker.

Best book in the world, and is extremely, undoubtedly interesting. I was glued to the book while I was reading it. It should be number 1!

Undoubtedly the best book in the entire series. None of the other books manage to give the suspense and the feeling of tension and drama as this book does.

Really loved this book. I have read it at least ten times now. I’ve read the entire series and I am super excited for the dangerous gift to come out

The Hidden Kingdom The Hidden Kingdom Product Image

I'm sorry if you like this book but I don't feel like it should be this far up. I think something like the brightest night could replace it.

I like how Glory became queen and got to meet her tribe. All in her point of view!

Tui, how exactly did you get the idea to start wings of fire? I have tried to write books but always end up forgetting about them or just ditching the idea I had. Maybe the plot I had just wasn’t interesting enough? HOW DID YOU DO IT

The Hidden Kingdom was the BEST! It was so fascinating and suspenseful. Plus, Glory is my favourite character and guess what? She became queen of the RainWings! It's so fun and interesting! You should read it too, if you haven't. :3

The hidden kingdom should be first on the list.during this book we find the nightwing island and we here the name of there queen and need I remind you GLORY becomes queen in it as well.not voting this book number one should be considered Major misjudgment

Brightest Night Brightest Night Product Image

I love it when (spoiler alert) Sunny finds the two scavengers and how understanding she is with flower. And the kindness of the scavengers were so beautiful. I love it when they gave her the eye of onyx!

Such Excitement! This book like, I love. at the end of the dark secret, we all wonder what happens to starflight (Poor guy) and, we all love finding stuff out, right? My favorite scene was when The other DODs find sunny. I hate war and I'm glad it ends. You all agree with me. I looked at your comments.

I think that The Brightest Night should be at the top, because it has a lot of action, but it still from the point of view of such an innocent, determined, and strong dragon. I love it!

REALLY REALLY TIRED OF REVIEWS. Amazing book, especially with the references to Dragonslayer, which was written many years after. A flower is a rose!

pxfferfish, a reviewer who is tired of writing reviews

Moon Rising Moon Rising Product Image

My absolute 100% favorite Wings of Fire book ever. How is the Lost Heir #2? And all of the main series should come before Darkstalker. Here is my list from best to worst.
1) Moon Rising
2) The Brightest Night
3) Darkness of Dragons
4) Talons of Power
5) The Hive Queen
6) The Hidden Kingdom
7) The Poison Jungle
8) Escaping Peril
9) Winter Turning
10) The Lost Continent
11) The Lost Heir
12) The Dragonet Prophecy
13) The Dark Secret
14) Darkstalker
15) Deserter
16) Runaway
17) Assassin
18) Prisoners
19) Dragonslayer

Moon Is AWESOME! who doesn't like her. And it's intresting to hear what Darkstalker says after I read Wings Of Fire Legends Darkstalker

This is the best Wings of fire book I love it so much I think that everyone can relate to something about Moon or at least one of the characters. Moon grows so much throughout the book and you get to see how all the different tribes interact with each other and the unlikely friendship between Moon, Qibli, Winter, Kinkajou, Turtle and Peril!

It was awesome to see how Moon became less shy and more sure of herself in Moon Rising, plus you could see more of the other dragons you saw in Arc 1 (Kinkajou, Anemone, Tamarin, dragonets of destiny)

Darkness of Dragons Darkness of Dragons Product Image

This book was pretty good except when I got to the ending and apparently quilibi wasn't the hero. Although he pretty
much thought of the plan to take down darkstalker no one gives him any credit. its all kinkajou (sorry if you like kinkajou but I hate her character she talks to much and was overall annoying in my opinion, but if you like her that's fine with me I don't care I just don't like the character.) and how she gets all of the glory instead of quilibi (which should've been the hero.) By the way @ the person who said all of the harry potter books combined couldn't beat Darkness of dragons sorry, but I don't think that's right. Every Harry Potter book could beat the Darkness of Dragons ( as much as I like this series Harry potter is better overall.) I hope (even if you disagree) that you respect my opinion.

This book is so amazing! I also loved how it was Kinkajou who defeated Darkstalker in the end, rather than Qibli, which would be totally cliche. Strawberries rule!

I get very annoyed about how Kinkajou never got a book! But she is the total hero of arc 2. And that is only half of the reason this book is one of my favorites.

Qibli was my favorite character in the Winglet! Finally, a book to see what he thinks, and to get more witty jokes and see his fun personality!

Escaping Peril Escaping Peril Product Image

I love how peril is friends with turtle. and the end of the book is kind of like how kinkajou killes darkstalker in book ten even though shes not a main charecter but peril killed scarlet and perils also not a main charecter

Love the book. I ship Pertle, don’t care if you don’t. God, I’m really tired. Extremely sorry for my unprofessional reviews.

pxfferfish, super-super tired

Escaping Peril had lots of twists, so nothing that we expected at the beginning of the book was close from what actually happened. I love that fact because that means I won’t be able to predict anything 😃 I actually just finished reading this one and am now on talons of power (Turtle’s point of view turn).

I like them idea of swapping dragons with dragons switching a princes with a princess switching a Rainwing with a Skywing very cool

Winter Turning Winter Turning Product Image

It was nice seeing Winter's point of view on Moonwatcher, it was awesome seeing how he reacted to everything. by the way I do not ship Winterwatcher.

I love this book and personally it's my favorite. On top of that Winter is going through the same things I am at home so I have a lot connections with the book.

I ADORE winter and am so happy he got his own book! I am still trying to accept he didn't get moon.

Great story and plot.I really liked seeing it from winters point of view. I love moon and winter! I got to see a lotof it in winter turning.

Talons of Power Talons of Power Product Image

This book is amazing for three reasons:

Turtle definitely needed some character development

Kinkajou wakes up!

Anemone and Darkstalker are the best villains. (Anemone is my least favorite character in the series)

Turtle is a really kind dragon he was really kind towards his sisters even anemone. he was brave and strong in this book I love it.

Talons of power Is my current favourite book for a few reasons
One being that turtle Is the best character and no one can say otherwise
Two being, In this book (If you haven’t read Darkstalker before It) You really discover what It’s like to be an animus and how animus life works, And I find that really cool.
I have a few more Ideas in this book but I can’t be bothered commenting them.

This book has some the most amazing twists and turns and some of the fights (I won't spoil anything) are the most amazing and intense In all the books!

The Poison Jungle The Poison Jungle Product Image

Really tired of writing reviews. But the book is interesting. SNUDOO. Bam, four down, fifteen million to go. Homophobes, be warned.

pxfferfish, a lesbian reviewer

Like, HOW is this so low? here are my favorite books:
1. The Poison Jungle
2. The Hive Queen
3. Darkness Of Dragons
4. Winter Turning
5. The Lost Continent
6. Darkstalker
7. Talons Of Power
8. The Hidden Kingdom
9. Deserter
10. Runaway
11. Assassin
12. Dragonslayer
13. Moon Rising
14. Escaping Peril
15. The Dragonet Prophecy
16. The Dark Secret
17. The Brightest Night
18. The Lost Heir (Tsunami is trash)
19. Prisoners.

loved sundew and willow, and they finally get to go to pyrrhia and meet other dragons! I was waiting the entire third ark for this.

The whole Sundew + Willow thing is amazing. Don't even get me started on how much I love Bumblebee!

The Newcomers

? The Lost Heir
? The Dangerous Gift

Uhm this book isn't out yet
(Also I think the reason Animus Magic isn't working is Jerboa)
Wait, did someone get early asses?!

I predict I am going to love it!

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The Dragonet Prophecy The Dragonet Prophecy Product Image

The dragonets prophecy was amazing! I defiantly think it should be higher on the list. (WARNING: spoilers ahead! ) It was a great kick off when Tsunami mentioned a plan to escape the mountain to Clay. SO AWESOME

I think this book should be at least #3 its really good I like that clay is on the cover *if that even is clay*if it weren't for clay every single dragonet would die

Speedyscout? Thank you I hate it when people type in all caps

Shows how the world is

Dragonslayer Dragonslayer Product Image

I LOVE WREN SO MUCH! I dint know why but I do she is awesome also though the are a few things that bug me 1 the characters some of them are dim dims I dint like that. because each side was just so wrong about the other and that made me uncomfortable. WREN IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER IN THE WHOLE WINGS OF FIRE ACRES AND NOT BECAUSE SHE IS HUMAN EITHER.

I think this should be on the first place it’s place because it has three people that meet together during the first five books!also there is a cliff hangar at the very end and it wants you to re-read this book over and over!

I have read this book! It has Perils brother and the story of the scavenger who killed Queen Oasis and his daughter!-sinkhole the SandWing

I have VERY high expectations for this book. I am fascinated by Sky, Wren's friend dragon who is described as a mountain dragon and small.

The Lost Continent The Lost Continent Product Image

It's good, I like Blue. I need him to get wings now! I know The Hive Queen is out but still I can't stand him without wings! -Starflight my dudes

Love the third arc, yay, tired, sorry for being unprofessional. I’m really-really-almost-zombified tired.

pxfferfish, a dying reviewer

I liked that we had a new place because we heard about all of pyrhria so on my top 5

This is such a good book. I am actually listening to the audiobook as we speak!

The Dark Secret The Dark Secret Product Image

My favorite part of The Dark Secret was when the RainWings rescued the prisoners from the NightWing island, because that part was just AWESOME. I also love seeing how Starflight became more sure of himself. He did not deserve to go blind.

Sunny is my favourite character, so I could've picked The Brightest Night, but The Dark Secret was so interesting and action-packed! So... I picked this one. :3

First some of the other books aren't even real winter turning that's not a book put the dark secret in 2 or 5 cause this is messed up

I LOVED this book, action and excitement every time you read it. A total page turner. Deserves more likes.

The Hive Queen The Hive Queen Product Image

The Hive Queen was awesome! I also loved the introduction of Bumblebee and finally finding out why Cricket can't be mind-controlled, so great!

Okay, I just want to start of saying, How is this book in 15th place! It is the best arc 3 book yet! The beginning is boring, but the rest... This should be in the top 5

This was my favorite book and I love to see out of crickets perspective! The backstory was cool, and I absolutely Adore this book!

Come on! This book was great. Best book in arc. 3 so far! You’ve gotta give it some love. Cricket is my 3rd favorite Wof character, so of course I’d like it, but I really liked her point of view as well and the book itself overall was really interesting!

Assassin Assassin Product Image

I loved how we got to see stuff from Deathbringer's point of view, the part about Quickstrike is so sad! But you also get to see his conflict and it's great.

I love death bringers point of view. I just love these three books so much I can't explain why.

I love Deathbringer. I was thrilled when he got his own book.

the tale of the love of glory how much more do you want?

Hidden Kingdom: Graphic Novel Hidden Kingdom: Graphic Novel Product Image

Why is this here? It’s the same as the real book, but with pictures! And I don’t see the graphic novel of The Lost Heir or The Dragonet Prophecy on here!

I just love how they escap the nightwings!

Deserter Deserter Product Image


Runaway Runaway Product Image

Getting a bit tired of writing reviews, but let me say this. This book is UNDERRATED as hell! I like how under her exterior, Snowflake has a PERSONALITY. I also love Snowfox. Let’s face it, Foxflake is meant to be. Homophobes, be warned.

pxfferfish, a lesbian reviewer

My favourite character of all is Princess Snowfox, I'm obsessed with her. she deserves to be queen, and I wished she managed to wipe out the night wings. I can see why not many like the book, but I just love the characters

I love Snowflake.

Prisoners Prisoners Product Image

Prisoners was a good book! I think this should be in top 5. opinion! -Frost the IceWing/RainWing

prettty good. I think its rated correctly

The Dragonet Prophecy: The Graphic Novel The Dragonet Prophecy: The Graphic Novel Product Image
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