Top 10 Wings of Fire Books

The Top Ten Wings of Fire Books

1 The Lost Heir

The story is very interesting because of Tsunami's bravery of wanting to go find her family's palace alone, without the other dragonets with her.

This book is a very good book I wanted to read it again and again but my parents wouldn't let me but I give this book infinity Out of ten =)))

The lost heir should be number one,Tsunami is my favorite character and is a selfless character. She shows a lot of heart that's right,FUDGE CORAL

Tsunami shows a lot of heart in this book, under all those scales is a heart of gold worth more than all of Queen Coral's treasures combined!

2 Moon Rising

I love how you can relate to the anxiety of meeting new people

This was a very interesting book and I love the depth in Moons character

I love Moon Rising because it was really cool that Moon could talk to darkstalker (sorry for spoiler! ) and she made friends with her winglet. Love it!

This is the best Wings of fire book I love it so much I think that everyone can relate to something about Moon or at least one of the characters. Moon grows so much throughout the book and you get to see how all the different tribes interact with each other and the unlikely friendship between Moon, Qibli, Winter, Kinkajou, Turtle and Peril!

3 The Hidden Kingdom

I like the challenge at the end and kinkajou makes it more exciting

the colours were so nice and you could see the emotion on the dragons faces

Clay: I never new that Glory, a dragonet of destiny would be so low!

I like the sarcasem and other stuff, by the way can't stop reading it!

4 Darkstalker

Undoubtedly the best book in the entire series. None of the other books manage to give the suspense and the feeling of tension and drama as this book does.

Darkstalker is so unique in the writing universe. He is so torn apart inside it's crazy. Amazingly written

Does anyone else think Albatross was a sweet old man before he went insane?

This was a very sad book that in with the story well. This book really pulls you in dying to know what next.

5 Brightest Night

I love it when (spoiler alert) Sunny finds the two scavengers and how understanding she is with flower. And the kindness of the scavengers were so beautiful. I love it when they gave her the eye of onyx!

I think that The Brightest Night should be at the top, because it has a lot of action, but it still from the point of view of such an innocent, determined, and strong dragon. I love it!

The war actually ends and its such an amazing book I love this book

The most POWERFUL dragon is defeated by a pebble and #SunnytstaysingleforLIFE

6 Darkness of Dragons

This book is by far the best! Qibli is hilarious and wicked smart! Seeing how he thinks is AWESOME

I love the thoughts qibli has towards his friends and family

After reading all thirteen books, I think Darkness of Dragons is best although many other books trail close behind - MaxAurelius

THE BEST BOOK EVER even all Harry Potter books combined cannot beat DARKNESS OF DRAGONS or any of the other books!

7 Winter Turning

I love this book and personally it's my favorite. On top of that Winter is going through the same things I am at home so I have a lot connections with the book.

Nah it's alright not into Winter or anythin' just it's alright not the best not into the Icy boys Icewings it's a no

I think this book was amazing the way they reveal the sky wing to be hailstrom was amazing and I love that they intrdued forslayer at the end of the book

I love winter SO MUCH! I personally support winterwatcher BEST OTP EVER! best book in the series

Blade the Icewing

8 Escaping Peril

Peril's book should be first she is amazing and Ruby/Tourmaline! amazing twist

Escaping Peril has got to be the best book ever published.

I love seeing Peril’s view. Everyone thought she was a monster but there’s more to her.

Scarlet dies. It's immediately in the top 5 for me. - SnowyOwl

9 Talons of Power

this is a great book
I really get hooked by the fight between him and his sister

I love Turtle as a character. I like how much he and his sister interact and develop as characters.

This book has some the most amazing twists and turns and some of the fights (i won't spoil anything) are the most amazing and intense In all the books!

Tsunami: seriously, my brother a total hero is,like the lowest!

10 The Dark Secret

First some of the other books aren't even real winter turning that's not a book put the dark secret in 2 or 5 cause this is messed up

Yes STARFLIGHT MY DUDES. But why you make him go blind Tui, just, just why.- Starflight my dudes

Starflight and Fatespeaker or Sunny and Starflight who should I pick?

. Totally my favorite. People should be sensible and get this into the top 5. -Snowflake of the Icewings

The Contenders

11 The Dragonet Prophecy

The dragonets prophecy was amazing! I defiantly think it should be higher on the list. (WARNING: spoilers ahead! ) It was a great kick off when Tsunami mentioned a plan to escape the mountain to Clay. SO AWESOME

this book was a great intro to the wings of fire series and I love how clay just wants to protect his friends

the first one was one of the best

I liked this book

12 The Lost Continent

the new continent sounds so cool I would love to got there for a holiday if there weren't anything o kill me

I liked that we had a new place because we heard about all of pyrhria so on my top 5

It's good, I like Blue. I need him to get wings now! I know The Hive Queen is out but still I can't stand him without wings! -Starflight my dudes

This deserves top 5!

13 Dragonslayer

I love how this book fits together with the plot of the first 5 books of the series to make the SandWing Succession more complete - Marella

I have read this book! It has Perils brother and the story of the scavenger who killed Queen Oasis and his daughter!-sinkhole the SandWing

I have VERY high expectations for this book. I am fascinated by Sky, Wren's friend dragon who is described as a mountain dragon and small.

This book is a work of art. The individual characters make it flavorful and the plot C'est Magnifique

14 The Poison Jungle

the way Hawthorn tricked the dragonets made me sad but hopefully they can find a cure for the disease

I love Sundew and Willow, I love this book it’s one of my favorites

Such a cliffhanger can’t wait for the next books they just keep getting better and better

Sundew is cool and interesting!

15 The Hive Queen

I love crickets point of view she has a relatable personality and the plot is so good

This book is almost as good as darkstalker. It has a compelling story, relatable point of view and really gets your mind going with the way hivewing society is described

I love Cricket and her strange adoring ways, she is my favorite dragon!

This should be at LEAST in the top ten! - SnowyOwl

16 Runaway

I love Snowflake.

My favourite character of all is Princess Snowfox, I'm obsessed with her. she deserves to be queen, and I wished she managed to wipe out the night wings. I can see why not many like the book, but I just love the characters

17 Prisoners

Prisoners was a good book! I think this should be in top 5. opinion! -Frost the IceWing/RainWing

18 Deserter
19 Hidden Kingdom: Graphic Novel
20 Assassin

Deathbringer FINALLY got a book!- sinkhole the SandWing

21 The Dangerous Gift
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