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Even though we love the Warriors series, it does get a little repetitive, doesn't it?
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1 Forbidden Love

The forbidden love in Warriors is the equivalent to Hollywood movies inserting token romance into their films with no other reason other than people eat that crowfood up. Not for a good plot device, not for actual conflict, but because it's "cute" and it sells the product.

The only "forbidden romance" I ever really liked was the one with Silverstream and Greystripe because it was the first time it was done, and it actually played out like some sort of cat Romeo and Juliet kind of thing. Not because it "looked cute." The newer ones are ridiculous, with all of the newer forbidden romances becoming more and more clichéd.

The Erins know a large number of their readers just love to see any drama...involving forbidden romance. Or just romance in general. They even did a page on their site on the "top ships," didn't they? They must see it as a good marketing scheme, so they will keep pumping it out because people just LOVE shipping and forbidden romance.

Just, get on ...more

I have to say, yes, there are a lot of forbidden loves but here is one thing, they are CUTE! also I have to say, it makes me be sad cause one cat dead and other cat sad... I think that forbidden love should be allowed because then there wouldent be so much grieve...

Oh my gosh, this is one of the most insanely overused plot lines in Warriors. It started with Graystripe and Silverstream, which was cute, but it's literally everywhere now, with Leafpool and Crowfeather, Mapleshade and Appledusk, Dovewing and Tigerheart, and God knows how many others. I think they should just stop making so many of these relationships and stick with relationships within the code. P. S. One of my favorite forbidden relationships is Bluestar and Oakheart.

I don't find it "cute" how many cats actually care more about their love lives than the good of their Clan(s). You need to focus on surviving and protecting your Clan members, not going around with your tails intertwined together with some random tom.

The Erins seriously need to stop it with this "forbidden love" trope. They must have some irritating obsession over it or something.

And can we ever get any more female cats that DON'T want a mate and/or is not "lovestruck"?

2 Most of the Cats Are Related to Tigerstar, and Are Evil

Well actually Scourge is Squirrelfight's uncle so he is Bramblestar's uncle in law so he is Tigerstar's brother in law. He also is related to Hawkfrost but that's all. And Not all the cats are evil including the half of thunderclan he is related to so

Why! This is just stupid! Stupid! It's kind of offensive to the cats!

How is Tawnypelt evil?!

Only Hawkfrost was evil

3 Everybody Training In the Dark Forest

Brambleclaw was training in the dark forest for some time, and we were curious as to where his loyalties lied. Then, it got even more interesting when Ivypool joined the Dark Forest.

Omg I started to find the amount of cats in the dark forest hilarious, literally every main character ever has been there!

4 The Cat With 100 Kits

Although this one tends to bother me less than others, there's characters like Ferncloud, Daisy and Sorreltail who are always in the nursery.

Actually this are real cats. Humans today have one or wo kids, but in normally wise she-cats should have one Litter pro year if shes able to have Thema.

Like Ferncloud who had seven kits in total.

You mean ferncloud?

5 The One Arrogant Clanmate

*Spoiler! *

Sorry to tell you this, but Berrynose does eventually become deputy to Bramblestar, even though Squirrelflight is still alive...

There's always someone isn't there? Foxheart, (Yellowfang's Secret) Dustpelt, etc.

This does annoy me a lot. Thistleclaw, Tigerclaw, Dustpelt, Rainflower (UGGH! ), Foxheart, Darktail (Sharpclaw kind of), etc.

6 Kits That Look Nothing Like Their Parents

Well, say a cat with white fur and green eyes mates with someone that has grey fur and blue eyes, and they have a brown kit with amber eyes. This may seem impossible, but say the cat with white fur has a parent with brown fur and green eyes, while the other has white fur and amber eyes. Now, lets say that the grey cat has a parent with grey fur and blue eyes, and another with grey fur and amber eyes. This makes it technically possible for the two original cats to have a kit with brown fur and amber eyes, it's just that the chances are slim.

Honestly, Sorreltail! Whitestorm was WHITE and Willowpelt was GRAY! How can a tortiseshell kit can born? Well, Willow's parents had brown, but then how can Willow born? Oh her grandmother's sister is white with gray patches. Now I should live with wiki.

Yeah! Hollyleaf looked like her dad a little, but Jayfeather looked nothing like Crowfeather or Leafpool, though, he did look a bit like Ashfoot...Crowfeather's mother...Lionblaze looked a little like Leafpool.

Actually Dovewing and Ivypool could've been genetically correct! But I agree. How did Brambleclaw not notice that the kit's weren't his?

7 The Cats That Were Discarded or Unused

All the kits and apprentices in the arc 1 and 2. Half of Brindleface, Speckletail, Goldenflower's kits disappeared. Then, in the arc 2, 3 of Ferncloud's kits died. While that... Barkface and Mistyfootstar had their incerdible long lives. And tada! Misty appears at the cover of River, the new warriors book! When will she die?

So many dead kits or apprentices…. Sweetpaw, Shrewpaw, Snowkit, Hollykit, Larchkit, Flickerkit, Swiftpaw, and not to mention, basically all of Ferncloud's kits were just thrown in the books with no purpose… maybe it was a curse since Dustpelt and Ferncloud are so closely related.

Hollyleaf was a good example of laziness. But at least they gave her a side story. Spottedleaf didn't become important until she died, and so on. Really, Erins?

8 All the Cats That Look the Same

Gingr cats are not that common! We need a cat with a amber eye and a yellow eye! And a lavender lilac cat who has green eyes! Give me a cream blue grey cat! Beach fang for the name I guess!

The most used looks in the Warriors series are as follows: orange tabby, tortoiseshell, gray, etc. Why not have more hairless cats like Rock?

There should be more white and brown patched cats. They're not used often!

How about more black cats, huh?

9 Badgers

So many cats, even in the first series, were killed by badgers. Let us not forget the amazingly tragic death of Cinderpelt, ThunderClan's med cat.

Not all badgers are bad, just see what Midnight has to tell you.

Let's not forget that Midnight is a badger, too.

10 ThunderClan Cannot Keep Med Cats

Notice how nobody in thunderclan wanted to be a med. Spottedleaf: became a med because of Thistleclaw. Yellowfang: forced to become a med because she could feel other cats' pain. Cinderpelt: injured leg. Jayfeather: blind. Alderheart: siGn FrOm StArcLan. Leafpool is the only one from Into the Wild to now who actually wanted to be a med.

Ever notice how ThunderClan cannot keep med cats? Spottedleaf, Yellowfang, and Cinderpelt all died not long after being in the books.

They all die at some point too soon!

Ever notice every med cat after Spottedleaf (including her) have a love

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11 ThunderClan are Heroes

Alright can we have Shadowclan, Windclan or Riverclan the hero's for once. It is just Thunderclan Thunderclan Thunderclan! I want to know what is going on in Shadowclan not in Thunderclan! Everything happens in Thunderclan! All the drama so please put some drama in the other clans!

So, let's read the next warrior cats series! *A few minutes later* Okay, this follows the adventures of a THUNDERCLAN -argh! - MEDICINE CAT -e- apprentice who is the son of the noble BRAMBLESTAR -gasp- who has a PROPHECY and then brings back a lost Clan. I wonder if that puts you off. There is a ShadowClan cat who helps him in the first book, but then she goes and joins a band of rogues and falls in love with a tom. Here's something better: two regular apprentices, a tom and a she-cat from RiverClan and WindClan are sent on a mission to explore the rest of the area around the Clans to start their own Clan. Too many Clans? This is my kind of thing.

why can't a clan like windclan be the heroes for a change? They aren't evil like shadowclan, I'm not a big fan of river clan cause its just a bit..(cough boring cough wheeze) sorry to all the riverclan lovers but its true, but mistyfoot and crookedjaw are ok. Anyway, onestar is awesome (please don't tell me he's dead) even if he is, we can do one from the past, right? I'm just really bored of the same old cats in thunderclan so it probably time for change. -Wildheart

ThunderClan this! ThunderClan that! Everything focuses on THUNDERCLAN being the right, awesome, sensible ones! Yeah, let's focus on a ShadowClan warrior in Moonrise, when Firestar was trying to persuade them to work together. What if the whole series was focused on a different Clan, but the same plot? ThunderClan would appear to be the weak, begging kind, arrogant and self-centered! Weak, fawning kittypet lovers! Read Tigerclaw's Fury, and you might know why I think this and where I got that perfectly accurate statement. But no, everything is all ThunderClan point of view, so they're viewed as heroes! (Except for some of the mangas and super editions) Come on, start making another Clan important! (Remember in Rising Storm, RiverClan was only important when Graystripe was there. Who is ThunderClan.
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

12 Boring Villain

We need more Mapleshades! Put back stupid Tigerstar and his fellow trainees! No more ambitions! Gimme vengeance! Write about misunderstanding! More backstories for villains!

Well if people would just read broken code, you would see how non-cliche ashfur is I mean come on he did all of everything he did just for squirrelflight. he did it for love (ish) not power

Apart maybe, Sol or Scourge, the Warrior Cats villains are a bit cliched. Classic Warriors villain; They're toms, Cruel, Power hunger (Usually wants to take over the whole forest), only cares about fighting and being the strongest, doesn't care about anyone else and shows no personality outside of being evil. Let see who falls under these rules; Tigerstar, Hawkfrost, Brokenstar, Brokenstar, Darktail, Slash, One-eye etc.

Let's just, quite a lot.

Yeah, it's not that they're 'boring', it's just that they are evil for dumb ( or no ) reasons. I love Mapleshade because she actually has a complex, through-and-through backstory of love. That's basically it for females. While in males, it's Brokenstar, Thistleclaw, Tigerstar, Hawkfrost, Darktail, One-eye, Slash, Redwillow, Scourge, etc. The only other female villain I can think of is Bee from Dawn of the Clans who I don't really count as one of the biggest antagonists. Just like, take over the Clans, be the strongest, kill all the good guys, train evil cats... I guess some minor " villains " could be Roach and Sleekwhisker, followers of Darktail. And I'm pretty sure they're both female. Although... I feel like Darktail makes Tigerstar look bad. What if they were in battle with each other?

13 Mary Sues

If you need help trying to have a non MarrySue character, just get a positive trait (e.g honesty and talkative) and turn it into a flaw by looking at the bad outcomes of that trait (The character can be dangerous because at gatherings they can give away Clan weaknesses because they are always chatting, and their honesty means that they don't lie about it).

Dovewing, Star Flower, Feathertail, Silverstream, Whitestorm (he's wonderful, but you have to admit he's a total Gary-Stu), Violet Dawn, Moth Flight (maybe not 100% Sue, but pretty much), and even MORE! There are WAY to many Sue's/Stu's!

Ugh, I just hate Mary Sues/Gary Stus. They seem to make the story or roleplay boring and are practically the same.
Tabby with special eyes, bullied as a kit, prophecy about them, forbidden relationships, not being caught breaking the code becoming leader, never dying...
When will we get a story about a normal warrior who has to do warrior things, like hunt for the Clan and fight foxes and not become leader or whatever?


Firestar, spottedleaf ,fernsong, and many others! Firestar could have been a great character if he had not been made too great!

14 Silver Tabby with Blue Eyes

Omsc most annoying thing ever. The most beautiful she-cats are always the silver tabbies with blue eyes. Feathertail, Silverstream, etc. And then almost every fanfiction out there has a main character that's a silver tabby and their names are things like Moon-something or Spirit-something or Dream-something. Tortoiseshells and black cats are just as beautiful, you all.

I'm one of the few people who doesn't think it's wrong to consider a silver tabby pretty. Humans have beauty standards, so why can't warrior cats?

Being a silver tabby with blue eyes doesn't make you "prettier" than other cats.

It's so annoying at this point, and the only one that wasn't a Mary-Sue is Millie.

15 Firestar x Spottedleaf

Firestar, just get over Spottedleaf. Just...please. Just do it. She's dead, she was never an important cat to the series...while Sandstorm has gone through so much for you. "Sandstorm, you will never be my second, only my first." (That's not an actual quote) Everyone can see you didn't mean that, Firestar. Just ditch the tortoiseshell, for Llama God's sake!


Such a disgusting ship that literally had no chemistry at all.

Listen to cinderpelt. Look at sandstorm

I totally hate this ship

16 The obligatorily famine/drought/ disease/two-leg invasion/fire the cats have to deal with in every single book.

Ideas for problems in the book without it being really dramatic:
- Cat doesn't feel they fit in.
- An enemy tries to take their territory.
- Cat overhears a character plotting something against the Clans, but the cat doesn't know whether to let the leader know.

If you are going to put a famine, drought etc. in the book, try to make it have a plot twist or bad outcome. If you want to be different, maybe make a cat help someone out of famine or drought but in secret, instead of them experiencing it.

Well, Those are all problems that usually happen. I can say that they do get boring, but still. They don't always deal with those problems.

Just need something or the other for trouble right?

What is a book without conflict?

17 No Twoleg Notices When They Run a Cat Over with a Car

Can't they hear the crack of bones?

Yeah its weird

That is weird

18 Shadowclan is Evil

Yeah ShadowClan is not evil the Place of No stars is. But many people think they r! come on have some imagination! ShadowClan is actually smart! They just get in battles with ThunderClan a lot. But they aren't EVIL!

Let's just say this is all according to Thunderclan. Because Thunderclan has their very big share of evil cats. Bigger then Shadowclan!

It would be cool to get a story where ThunderClan and ShadowClan team up to fight some outside force.

Shadowclan is not evil you fleabrains! And just because they have shadow in the clan name doesn't make them evil.It makes them sound cool unlike Thunderclan.

19 Good Always Wins!

Good always seems to win in every situation, even if it's just a small disagreement between cats! -Fallen from before StarClan

I think the evil side should rule for a bit, making life had for the cats who chose the good side, starving and abusing them until they break and go onto the dark side. Eventually, the good side revolts and takes down the bad side, then goes on rebuilding cat society. -Wildheart

Remember there has to be some balance. Bad can't always win and good can't always win.
When the Clan cats fought the Dark Forest, they ended up winning the battle, but some cats got killed and some Clan cats went on the side of the Dark Forest. This is a good example of balance because the Dark Forest killed some cats and gained some cats in the Dark Forest (bad winning), but the Clan cats won the battle (good winning).

Yeah! A villain rules the clans and kills many cats (except Graystripe&Ivypool) but finally, after like 4 books, a hero rises up and defeats the villain!

20 Evil Tom Cats

So many evil cats are toms! Tigerstar, Brokenstar, Hawkfrost, Thistleclaw, and the she-cat villains are usually background characters or just sidekicks!

We need more cats like Mapleshade, she was a good villain, no doubt about that.

Cats like Sleekwhisker are just side villains, and she can just barely make the "villain" title for attacking Tawny and Rowan in River of Fire. -Fallen from before StarClan

Look at all of these evil tom cats

Tigerstar, Ashfur, Clawface, Brokenstar, Scourge, Bone, Breezepelt, Darktail, Hawkfrost, Darkstripe, Oneeye, Thistleclaw and Tigerheart (if you consider him evil.)

We need more evil shecats like Mapleshade!

I always wanted a female medicine cat who was secretly working for some rogues. Why not?

Yes! Can we please have a few more evil she-cats? Toms aren't the only ones who can be bad!

21 All Medicine Cats are Good and Not Evil

I'm making an evil med cat because of this. Medicine cats aren't always sweet, lovely, popular, and pretty cats. I know not all of them are like this but most of them.

Some people would consider hawkheart of being evil because he killed moonflower, but to be honest even though killing her was too far, had every right to attack her. I mean she was DESTROYING the herb supplies!

My OC I made up:
Shadestripe, a black she-cat with green eyes.
Backstory: Shadestripe, a cat in ThunderClan (lol), who wanted to be a WARRIOR! Sadly, she has trouble with catching prey. Getting depressed, she decides to take a nap to get her mind off it. Her dream: Mapleshade appears and tells her to be a medicine cat, but evil, "to destroy the Clans inside". Because of depression, Shadestripe agrees. When she becomes a medicine cat, she attacks her Clan from the inside, poisoning the kits, apprentices, whatever! When the deputy finds out, she is blinded, forcing her chaos to stop. She than spends her days in the elder's den. However, her disability does not prevent Mapleshade's goal to destroy ThunderClan. She trains with Mapleshade in her dreams. When her Clanmates try to murder her, she bursts out of her den and kills many cats. She gets even more depressed and drowns herself. She than joins the DF.
The End

Like, why does this happen! A evil medicine cat would be so intresting!

22 Medicine Cats Falling in Love

I don't know, It's a bit repetitive but I think it's cute. They should tackle this issue in the Broken Code

Why have the rule if so many break it? Leafpool and Yellowfang both broke it AND had kits! -Fallen from before StarClan

23 If Your Prefix Is Snow, You're Most Likely To Die

Well to be fair, literally everyone dies so I don't see how this is cliche..?

It just occurs to me that a lot of cats who died have the prefix 'Snow'.

-Others I can't think of

Geez, who's next?

24 Main Character is Always Leader

That's all novels tho

Excluding super editions and side stories, only two main characters have become leader

Brambleclaw, Firestar, Squirrelflight will be leader and so on and so forth

25 Cats Excluded and Included in the Allegiances

All of a sudden Beetlewhisker somehow revived himself. Smokepaw too from The New Prophecy! They have secret StarClan powers or something.-Fallen from before StarClan

I think that there should be a kit section in the allegiances. It would take ages and would be useless because kits grow up so fast in the books... but we have an apprentice section and they also go into another rank in six moons and a kit section would make it easier for people so you don't have to go scouting in the books because you just couldn't remember that book where that one character is a kit. My fanfiction allegiances have it, so why not the official books. to be honest, if you know your characters well, it should / will be easy to add kits! #JusticeForKits

Yes! Whenever a leader annonces "A new litter has been born to Blahblah", I literally ALWAYS lose my spot searching, and combing through the dang Allegiances, looking for the darn kits names!

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