Words Which Sound Amusing When Said Backwards

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1 Supercallifragilisticexpiallidocious (Suoicodillaipxecitsililigarfillacrepus)

Who ever came up with this one Deserves An Award!

So many smaller weird words!

With sugar spilled everywhere.

Yes I like this one cause I did this at my schools broadway show

2 Park (Krap)

This sounds nothing like crap

Going down to South Krap, gonna have myself a time...

Linkin Park sounds very amusing said backwards (Niknil Krap).

I'm going to the krap mom!

3 Police (Ecilop)

The lunar ecilop is tonight, wanna go see it?

Thanks P.W: that's just made my day! Haha! I think all the Welsh words look and sound like English words backwards. Great language though.

How do I pronounce that?

Sounds like a Sci-fi Language.

4 Hangover (Revognah)

What is this? The name of a BAR mitzvah or something? Get it? Don't mean to be racist.

It sounds like an Irish pub!

Laugh out loud your list's are funny Britgirl.

Thunderstruck bitches

5 Yellow (Wolley)

I love that movie!

What a 'wolley' word.

We all live in a wolley submarine

Where's Wolley?

6 Boobytrap (Partyboob)

My boob is partying!

You could record you're self saying slobber her balls and play it backwards and it will say the same thing forwards and backwards

Or you could say zero one in a recorder and play it backwards and it would say no worries

Are you kidding me? 100% should vote for this. It's the bomb.

7 Musical (Lacisum)

Sounds like a new chemical element!

If someone ever makes fun of you favorite musical genre, they are being laciest

Sounds like one of those impossible Latin roots or something.

Lacisum sounds like the name of a drug.

8 Solicitor (Roticilos)

I think of Sotorod when I hear this. (See what I did there?! )😉

9 Racecar (Racecar)

Oh, I like this - very clever.

Lol who figured this out give them a reward

Wow. Incredible

I knew this one!

10 Casino (Onisac)

On his WHAT?

Japanese Demon sac?

Super stupid


The Contenders

11 Telephone (Enohpelet)

Seems like the name of a demon.

Sounds like something I would take a shot on

Hang on my enohpelet is ringing again...

Its kinda splled like elephant

12 Westminster (Retsnimstew)

Its retsnimtsew not retsnimstew

Wets in reverse is stew

West in reverse is tsew

Sounds like a kind of food!

Sounds like 'rats in stew' Haha!

I live here

13 N***** (Saggin)

This is very rude to put up but at the same time it is kind of funny

Why would this be on the list.

I've been using this one for years.

That is as bad as crusty fish lips.

14 Jelly (Yllej)

Looks like german


Looks Scandinavian

No, no way it's german, German language doesn't starts world with Y and then 2 consonants
As someone else said, it's more like a more northern language

15 Focus (Sucof)

I Like this one

This one looks so rude but very funny - suc of!

Yeh dis is way rude focus on sucof. Wow!

suck off

16 Xbox (Xobx)

This one is kind of weird but funny at the same time.

It sounds like Starbucks, sort of.

17 Thanksgiving (Gnivigsknaht)

It sounds Russian.

very goofy

18 Computer (Retupmoc)

It's an anagram of "Rectum Op". So dyslexics everywhere will be texting/tweeting everyone that they've just got a new rectum op! At least it's better than saying "I have dailysex" (anagram of dyslexia).

Retupmoc. I like this. I'm going to call my tortoise this because I like saying this.

Here Grandma Its Called A Retupmoc

Oh dear, PositronWildhawk, is this a chink in our nerdy, crazy friendship?

19 Sex (Xes)

Who would put this on

Xes and Os!

X yes

20 SpongeBob (BobEgnops)

Is it only me or it sounds like "Bob Eggnogs? "

Who wants to practice saying it? Anybody?

Try playing the whole song backwards.

Your nans a pikey bastard

21 Marijuana (Anaujiram)

Sounds like an Indian state

22 Batman (Namtab)

Funny, he was supposed to be strong and fierce, but now he has the cute name of namtab

Thank you for making my Day

Nanananananananana NAMTAB

Bofl hilarious

23 PostrionWildHawk (kwahdilwnoitsop)

Bruh Issa whole nother language

24 Live (Evil)

I wrote a story and I named the villain Live.

In cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 there was a company named live corp. but some characters discovered it was evil corp so I am assuming whoever made this must have been watching cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2.

This is very awesome man written backwards! Ambulance written backwards makes me laugh so loud!

So if I'm alive and walk backwards, I'm suddenly evil?

25 Boob (Boob)

Nice job perverts, now we will catch all the red footed boobies

I Regret eating while reading this list



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