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1 Supercallifragilisticexpiallidocious (Suoicodillaipxecitsililigarfillacrepus)

Who ever came up with this one Deserves An Award! - Curti2594

That was me. Thank you, Curtis. - PositronWildhawk

I heard that the one who played Mary Poppins in the Broadway version was able to pronounce this. Not sure though. But if it really was true, that's awesome! - TheFourthWorld

Mary Poppins!

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2 Park (Krap)

Going down to South Krap, gonna have myself a time... - Puga

Linkin Park sounds very amusing said backwards (Niknil Krap). - Britgirl

Funny because While I read it I said crap before I even read this


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3 Boobytrap (Partyboob)

Are you kidding me? 100% should vote for this. It's the bomb.

I didn't even notice this! This is hilarious!

This one is my favorite! Its funny lol - FerrariDude64

Lol that's hella funny

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4 Yellow (Wolley)

What a 'wolley' word. - Britgirl

We all live in a wolley submarine - Flowersocks2137

Where's Wolley? - Swellow

Wolleyball anyone?

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5 Police (Ecilop)

Thanks P.W: that's just made my day! Haha! I think all the Welsh words look and sound like English words backwards. Great language though. - Britgirl

How do I pronounce that? - Neonco31

Sounds like a Sci-fi Language. - Britgirl


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6 Hangover (Revognah)

What is this? The name of a BAR mitzvah or something? Get it? Don't mean to be racist. - ethanmeinster

Laugh out loud your list's are funny Britgirl. - DunnaNunnaBatman

It sounds like an Irish pub!

Thunderstruck bitches

7 Musical (Lacisum)

Sounds like a new chemical element!

If someone ever makes fun of you favorite musical genre, they are being laciest

Lacisum sounds like the name of a drug. - Catacorn

Kind of sounds like the name of a religion if you add an ism at the end - Thecyanryan

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8 Jelly (Yllej)

Looks like german


Looks Scandinavian

No, no way it's german, German language doesn't starts world with Y and then 2 consonants
As someone else said, it's more like a more northern language

9 Westminster (Retsnimstew)

Sounds like a kind of food!

Sounds like 'rats in stew' Haha! - Britgirl

I live here

10 Xbox (Xobx)

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11 Batman (Namtab)

Bofl hilarious

Nanananananananana NAMTAB

So funny

12 Solicitor (Roticilos)

I think of Sotorod when I hear this. (See what I did there?! )😉

13 Thanksgiving (Gnivigsknaht)

very goofy

14 Racecar (Racecar)

Oh, I like this - very clever. - Britgirl

Lol who figured this out give them a reward

I knew this one! - FerrariDude64

i'm Deaddd

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15 SpongeBob (BobEgnops)

Is it only me or it sounds like "Bob Eggnogs? "

Who wants to practice saying it? Anybody?

Try playing the whole song backwards. - Garythesnail

Your nans a pikey bastard

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16 Snail (Lians)

You aren't gonna hate on snails so much when you learn there secret identitys. HA! - Himalayansalt

Sounds like DJ Khalid tryimg to say Lions - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

17 Sex (Xes)

Who would put this on

Xes and Os!

18 N***** (Saggin)

I've been using this one for years.

Sounds like a new Japanese name.

What is this suppose to say

Love racism lol

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19 Telephone (Enohpelet)

Seems like the name of a demon.

Its kinda splled like elephant

The the


20 Marijuana (Anaujiram)
21 Penguin (Niugnep)

Sounds like African sousages

Sounds like it could be a class from Wakfu


22 Casino (Onisac)

On his WHAT? - froogylowlo


Casino night sonic 2 2 cinos thgin onisac

23 Computer (Retupmoc)

It's an anagram of "Rectum Op". So dyslexics everywhere will be texting/tweeting everyone that they've just got a new rectum op! At least it's better than saying "I have dailysex" (anagram of dyslexia). - PositronWildhawk

Retupmoc. I like this. I'm going to call my tortoise this because I like saying this.

Here Grandma Its Called A Retupmoc - topbesttopworst


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24 PostrionWildHawk (kwahdilwnoitsop)
25 Live (Evil)

I wrote a story and I named the villain Live.

This is very awesome man written backwards! Ambulance written backwards makes me laugh so loud! - Lordvader3500

So if I'm alive and walk backwards, I'm suddenly evil? - Cyri

It's sounds funny, when it pronouced backwards!

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26 Beatles (seltaeb)

It can be pronounced: sailed-tape - CasinLetsGoBowling

Eht Seltaeb. Who knew The Beatles name backwards was so interesting. - Catacorn

um no

27 Boob (Boob)

Nice job perverts, now we will catch all the red footed boobies - pupcatdog

I Regret eating while reading this list

Hilarious - DubstepLover

Not the same affect as racecar racecar

perv - B0S5J4M3S

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28 Pokémon (Nomékop)
29 Poop (Poop)

Its hilarious dude I tell my friend this joke everyday when we go fishin he dies of laughter every time it never gets old its our personal joke that no one ever gets. =)


30 Pals (Slap)

This is bomb hah

lol - B0S5J4M3S

31 Jesus (Susej)

Everyone at our high school refers to jesus as susej

Haha sounds like sausage

Jesus likes sausage?

God-dog Jesus-susej 😱

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32 Washington (Notgnihsaw)

Yes thank you for putting this

33 Ironman (Namnori)
34 Dog (God)

This proves that dogs are heavenly creatures - PackFan2005

Have to vote this one just for the two words. Oh, my gosh this is great. - Donut


No - PeeledBanana

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35 Tacocat (Tacocat)

Reminds me of those shirts with tacocat on them. - Minecraftcrazy530

This is the most amazing thing on this website

Ha yes it does

Lol - Orlemley

36 Focus (Sucof)

I Like this one

This one looks so rude but very funny - suc of!

Yeh dis is way rude focus on sucof. Wow!

Sucof ynnhoJ!

37 Titanic (cinatit)

I might have laughed a little to hard at this

That film sucks! - AlphaQ

38 Again (Niaga)

You need to play it backwards or have a bad mind to get this one >

39 Yagami (Imagay)

LOL Light Yagami's name is so unfortunate - RebeccaDarking

40 Devil (Lived)

It doesn't work backwards

The devil lived lol scary

That's... Really cool.

Wow - B0S5J4M3S

41 Murder (Redrum)

Ha I thought it would be higher on the list.

42 Muslim (Milsum)

I think this is just supposed to be racist.


Eh...That's not that funny to me.

Sorrs. :/

43 Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia (Aibohpoiladepiuqsesortsnomotopoppih)

Fear of long words is a pretty long word (36 letters) are they trying to scare people - Orlemley

I'd lose my grasp of sight at some point u know...

44 Gallons (Snollag)

Can I have 4 snollag of water please? - FuffleyandPeetah

This is v funny

The best


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45 Squidward (Drawdiuqs)

Fkin love it

46 Spoon (Noops)


47 Daniel (Leinad)

Leinad Nmad

48 Justin (Nitsuj)

This particular name was put here deliberately. Just ignore it. It may go away! - Britgirl

Not really a word, more of a name. - quamalamalam

It's probably here because of Reboob Nitsuj - AlphaQ

Rebeib Nitsuj - WonkeyDude98

49 Welcome (Emoclew)

This kinda reminds me of a Warrior Cat name, but weirdly distorted. - Minecraftcrazy530

Sounds like a Warrior Cat name. - Catacorn

CLAW - PeeledBanana

Welcome, Emoclew! Your Name Sucks, Screw U. JK - AlphaQ

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50 Dad (Dad)


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