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1 Go PG

WWE's family programming has been deemed a PG television rating by their network distributors. World Wrestling Entertainment has been engaging families across all generations with their family programming for more than two decades, and will continue to do so for years to come with all the action on Raw, SmackDown and ECW.

WWE is destroying the sport and it is obvious they don't care. Writing is so horrible. You have to build heels and let them win matches and win them clean. Pushing meatheads with no personality like Reigns and Lesner is embarrassing. They will lose so much money if they don't change.

Don't know why people even watch the wwe now, it sucks! I started watching in 1997 and stopped not long after wrestlemania 26, PG killed the wwe for me!

It's not that they became PG. It's that they became childlish and immature. You can be PG without being a kiddie show.

2 Kill Owen Hart With a Malfunctioning Harness

They didn't purposely kill him he accidentally fell to his death

Actually, he fell for his death. Search him on Wikipedia

This techinally wasn't WWE's fault. Owen Hart fell on the barricade

Dumb 4 doing that what if that was U. little jerks

3 Repeat Matches

They did that with John Cena and dean ambrose vs randy orten and kane on raw and smackdown

Don't forget the 70 part saga of Randy Orton and John Cena.

Yeah, they do terribly with that. Most PvP matches today are all rematches...

I hate it. It's so dumb

4 Support SOPA

They can support whoever they want, as long as they don't shove its content down our throats, week in and week out, which it doesn't.

5 Replace PPVs

They don't care about PPVS anymore it's now WWE Network not to mention doing two pay per views a month and placing their pay per views in timeslots that do not fit at all.

Agree with the big E thing.

Big e could be a great champion but he's black and the WWE treats black superstars like nothing just look at Naomi knight for example she is the most talented diva and she hasn't held a title

WWE made MORE themed PPV's. Enough said.

6 Not Push New Talent

They need to put forth guys like seth rollins, Finn Balor, and Cesaro.

They only stick to John Cena

When they do, the fans hate it.

7 Replace ECW with NXT

Sure December to dismember was bad, but ecw still had matches that people liked. It fells like they just got rid off it for money.

This is about the Old NXT right? the game show series from 2010-11? that sucked. since 2012, NXT has evolved into a better version. like how a magikarp turns into a gyarados

ECW was a complete fraud and NXT was even worse.

ECW Was my favourite wrestling show

8 Get Sued by Pandas

May I explain? When WWE was WFF (world wrestling federation) it had the same name as a different WWF (world wildlife federation) so The 2nd WWF sued WWE and then they became World Wrestling entertainment (WWE) the currant WWF has a panda on the logo

Wait how did a panda talk? Ehh I'm out!

9 Erase Chris Benoit from WWE's History

They erased him from history, even the emotional match at WrestleMania 20. Can't WWE just respect Benoit as a wrestler?

Even though what he did is horrible, Benoit will not be forgotten, to the fans.

I will always remember Benoit as a great athlete and not for the tragedy.

I reckon they want you to forget he was Eddie Guerrero's friend

10 Turns Their Network Into a Pump-and-Dump Scam

They promised to launch WWE Network on Wrestlemania 28 day, then in November 2012, and finally on an unknown date, effectively revealing the truth about their "Network:" IT WAS A PUMP AND DUMP SCAM!

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11 Make RAW Run 3 Hours

I got other shows to watch, but 3 hours of RAW is too damn long. I'm only interested watching it in 2 hours.

Bella twins suck if I had to watch them for 3 hours I'd probably stop watching WWE they have no talent like Naomi knight

12 Bully Their Employees

I'm pretty sure punk and cena were fine with eachother by the looks of it. punk said he respected cena in a house show once. and punk also said that he doesn't hate john during his rant about the company back in 2011

*cough cough, jbl, *cough cough

I hate when that happends it is so mean like that is just so wrong like for example it is so Sad that CM Punk and John Cena have to be enemeys they would be so good as friends it feels so painful when that happends also because somebody could get Hurt by their enemeys so so so Sad

13 Botch the Invasion Storyline

All thanks to Vince McMahon's ego.

I mean come on look at the invasion ppv main event the alliances team was booker t diamond Dallas page rhyno and the dudleys all of them are jobbers

14 Not Bring Back WCW

They tried that by testing it on Raw, and it failed.

They tried and it sucked

Theey are bringing back starrcade

WHY didn't you bring back WCW? WHY?!

15 End Undertaker's Undefeated Wrestlemania Streak

I watched WWE only because of Undertaker. And then ruined his legacy and destroyed him by continuing his career. Let him retire and be in peace for godsake Vince Clueless. He is so old now. And I quit watching WWE since 2014

What! Why WWE do this to the legendry undertaker. I think that was one of the worst thing that I watch in WWE.

The bad thing wasn't The Undertaker losing his streak it was that Brock Lesnar broke it.

U suck WWE for doing this.

16 Repeatedly Screw Over Daniel Bryan
17 Ignore the Fans

WWE's stubbornness is ruining the product. They even went as far as confiscating Daniel Bryan Signs.

18 Underpush Cesaro

I just read an article today that said WWE employees dislike Cesaro and have told him to “stop being impressive” in the ring. He also got his first singles win in over a year on SmackDown not that long ago. Goes to show that WWE does not want to push great talent...

Come on Vince what's your obsession with Roman reigns Cesaro is 10 times the worker in a day than Roman reigns ever was.

19 Create the XFL

This made Vince Russo's run in WCW look more credible!

20 Devalue the Titles
21 Bury Talents Using John Cena

WWE please stop Cena from burying talents

Reason why Barrett is leaving

22 Overpush Charlotte Flair
23 Reduce the Meaning of Divas

The women from the past have shown a great deal of what it takes to be a real woman wrestler with examples of Trish Stratus and Lita and many more that could be shown dominate in the company especially today where in NXT the women have great matches such as having Charlotte and Sasha Banks compete against one another however, women like Emma who is great within the ring as shown in the NXT Arrival match of Emma and Paige but when she came into the main roster she became a joke and couldn't shown much of her capability as a wrestler therefore, divas like Natalya, Naomi, Emma, Paige, and aj lee should not just get more time in PPVs but also in the shows of raw, smackdown, main event, and superstars to showcase all their talent that they have trained for such as matches in NXT and FCW where they gave the women a greater importance in the business and should overall give these women a better position in the WWE

It seems to be getting better thanks to #givedivasachance.

24 Overpush AJ Lee

WWE pushed AJ to the moon, but she wasn't talented enough to reach Lita and Trish's level, or heck, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix and Melina level. She should have just been a jobber all her career!

Yeah, this should be renamed "Overpushing Roman Reigns"

She would lose to ever Marie if wwe was real

And AJ worked her ass off to earn success

25 Shove Roman Reigns Down Our Throats

Reigns is literally John Cena 2.0 lol! He sucks at mic, overpushed and always win. He keeps on burying talents and Legends. He has a limited move set. All he can do is just a superman punch and a spear. Reigns is such a sucky boy.

Good talent, doesn't have his character down pat and just plain sick of him.

Roman reigns has no life, why is he even Samoan? He deserves to be a penis

He has no life

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