Top 10 Colors That Go Worst Together

Which pairs of colors look the very worst? See what color pairs voters have put in the top 10 and add your votes on the pairs of colors you think should be in the top ten.
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1 Red and Purple

Red and purple usually go badly together, but sometimes they can look good. In hair and paintings, they often blend together and look murky, and a lot of times, they give off a weird vibe when together.

Sometimes, this can be a great combination. It all depends.

Red and purple together is so hideous. It's like somebody vomited up blood and grape juice. The colors are beautiful on their own and match wonderfully with many others, but together they look horrible. There are very few, if any, worse color combinations.

2 Pink and Bronze
3 Orange and Blue

Orange and blue are truly a 'meh' pairing. I have shoes that are blue with orange highlights, and it gives off a kiddish vibe, which can be good sometimes. I personally like this pairing occasionally, but usually, it just doesn't work.

Although orange and blue are technically "complementary" colors, that only refers to their spot on the color wheel. They are opposites. If you try to use these two colors together, they often make the entire work look muddy. This is because those two colors mixed together literally make a muddy color.

If you were to use them in a striped pattern, the lines would almost seem to vibrate. Just a good rule of thumb: avoid them.

A Graphic Designer

4 Orange and Green

I'm partially red-green color blind, and when I see these two together, my eyes start committing suicide. The two colors keep changing between looking identical and looking different. I don't know how a non-color-blind person sees these two colors, but for me personally, they just don't match.

In short, the only thing this color combination is good for is playing tricks on certain color-blind people like me.

I refer to them as the "carrot colors," and I find them almost hard to even look at. Other pairings like purple and yellow, purple and green, or blue and orange also clash in my opinion. But then again, I have strong opinions, especially when it comes to colors.

5 Silver and Yellow

Gold and silver don't really go together, so why is yellow and silver any different?

They should never go together. Silver is cool, and yellow/gold is hot - get over it!

6 Blue and Pink

I think it depends on the shade and/or hue of both colors. Sometimes these colors just don't go that well together, but that's just my opinion.

They're a bit weird. They remind me of Kirby and Meta Knight or Kirby and Blue Kirby...

This is an okay combination, not that good.

7 Yellow and Pink

Pink and yellow are the prominent colors that have to be endured when looking at Donald Trump. Not to mention the two blue dots (windows to hell) that lie to us all!

Yellow and pink. They're both vibrant, and together they burn my retinas. Thank god I stopped looking at those colors together.

They are the worst color combo ever! I don't know why blondes think they can get away with wearing pink!

8 Blue and Gold

Blue looks better with silver because it's a cool color. With gold, it just looks ugly.

If it's a navy blue, it goes with gold. If it's a lighter blue, it won't (just like gold and silver don't go together).

9 Brown and Maroon

I wore this yesterday (I'm in 12th grade), and everybody laughed at me. It was just an experiment. So you know, this happened on April 14th, 2017.

No way. They are too close together. What makes maroon is brown and red (not purple). Couldn't pair those.

I love the color maroon, but with brown? They're too similar in shade.

10 Pink and Red

I understand if you don't like this combo, but they're both from the red family. I won't get angry because I understand if you don't like pink or red, but I think they work just fine.

If you mean just plain pink or bright pink and red, yeah, those two don't go together. But if you mean light pink/blush with a dark red, I don't see any problem.

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11 Yellow and Black

I feel like this looks good on certain people but on others, not so much. Just be careful.

12 Brown and Black

I think brown and black are both really good bases for outfits, but together they look tasteless.

Duh! Remember on What Not To Wear, they said you can't wear these two colors together!

It's tacky together, and they don't match. Brown shoes and black pants are a major no-no.

13 Brown and Yellow
14 Yellow and Brown

I think most color combinations can be good, but this is really ugly. But who knows, maybe it could look good!

Yellow and brown? I'm saying it's a really bad combination.

15 Black and Green

If it's dark green, I agree. But if it's neon green... that's my favorite color combination!

16 Brown and Lime Green

This should be way higher. At present (with 4 more attractive color combinations higher on the list), this is the ugliest combination I have seen here.

This just looks disgusting. I don't understand why anyone would want to match them.

17 Red and Lime Green

I love Christmas, but these colors together? Yuck! I hate this combo!

I don't care if they're opposites on the color wheel. It's disgusting.

This should be way WAY higher. All the ones above I like or love. Aside from dark blue and orange (only dark blue, not light blue). Light blue and orange are great together.

18 Purple and Yellow

Many shades of purple go beautifully with many shades of yellow, but not all shades of purple go with all shades of yellow. Choose wisely, and if you are colorblind, ask several friends for their opinions.

Yeah. All I can say is that they never match!

My mind hurts just thinking about it!

19 Red and Blue

Red and blue don't go together. Your dad, mom, or both might think it looks great - maybe even your whole family. The truth is, it doesn't. If you want to look like a kid trying to be "cool" or a fictional character, then go ahead. -me

Why! Why would you do this? Unless you add green and make a Christmas tree, fine. But otherwise... no... Just... just no.

This looks terrible together. I am only wearing it because my friend dared me to do it last night.

20 Fuchsia and Peach

Two very contrasting, different colors. I kind of like peach, but then you have fuchsia. So you're mixing a pretty color with a hideous, too-bright color. That's what I'm getting at.

21 Pink and Orange

Orange, if you think about it... I have orange pants, and if I have to dress tacky, I think those would be good because they don't match!

I call this color combination Orink. I used to hate both colors, but now I like them. So to have them together makes me hurl.

There's just a slight difference between them, and it's blinding.

22 Purple and Brown
23 Gold and Black
24 Red and Aqua Green

Just don't. I can't explain why exactly. It's like you take a color you usually see around Christmas time (red) and combine it with a summer color (aqua). It's like mixing the seasons together. It just looks so tacky.

Gross combo. Irritating nonsense.

I personally don't like this combo.

25 Grey and Brown

Not a fan, but it's an interesting combo.

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