Top 10 Colors That Go Worst Together

Which pairs of colors look the very worst? See what color pairs voters have put in the top 10 and add your votes on the pairs of colors you think should be in the top ten.
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1 Red and Purple

Why in the world are you saying that purple and red is a bad color combination because BLUE and RED make PURPLE so it doesn't make sense that purple and red is a bad color combination when red is in purple.

I never thought it would work, but I use red and purple tableware on my chestnut dining room table. I must confess I have a wall-hanging in my dining room with beiges, slate blue, gray, and, around the edges, a purple design. I started with red and charcoal for my tableware but decided to add purple and it is all gorgeous.

Red and purple is all I own. When I shop I automatically gravitate to red and purple. My head, eyes, body, hands and feet are covered in red and purple. Jenny Joseph wrote a poem about wearing these colors when she is old. I'm a lady of the 19 year old Red Hat Society and I wear these colors daily and Stand Proudly doing so.

Red and purple together is so hideous! It's like somebody vomited up blood and grape juice. The colors are beautiful on their own and match wonderfully with many others, but together look horrible. There are very few (if any) worse color combinations.

2 Pink and Bronze

Beautiful! Some people have no taste in colors it's so sad!

I think that that is one of the best combos yet!

Pink and bronze go beautifully together!

Um they look great together...

3 Orange and Green

I'm partially red-green colour blind, and when I see these two together my eyes start committing suicide! The two colours keep changing between looking identical and looking different. I don't know how a non colour-blind person sees these two colours, but for me personally they just don't match.

In short, the only good thing this colour combination is good for is for playing tricks on certain colour-blind people like me!

I refer to them as the "carrot colors" and I find them almost hard to even look at! Like purple and yellow, or purple and green? Or blue and orange? All disgusting in my opinion! But then again, I have a heavy opinion. Especially on colors!

Not many things go well with orange. Except for black. Black and orange remind me of Halloween but I agree I don't think those colors go well with each other.

Orange and green are summery colors, and I think they look very nice together! Lots of dresses worn in spring are made of orange and green.

4 Silver and Yellow

Think silver and yellow go great together but, in some cases you have to use subtle amount of either color.

These can go well together if it's the right kind of yellow. I think this item should be "Yellow and Gold" insyead.

Of course yellow and silver go together. I wear them all the time!

They should never go together ( silver is cool, yellow/gold is hot get over it! )

5 Orange and Blue

Although orange & blue are technically "Complimentary" colors, that only refers to their spot on the color wheel. They are opposites. If you try to use these two colors together, they often make the entire work look muddy. This is because those two colors mixed together literally make a muddy color. If you were to use them in a striped pattern, the lines would almost seem to vibrate. Just a good rule of thumb, avoid them.

-A Graphic Designer

They look great together. I have a orange and white strip dress with my Jordan's 11 unc and it brings everything out

Only good of done right. Lime a dark blue with a tiny bit of bright orange as an accent.

This color pair reminds me of the most corrupt political party in the Philippines.

6 Brown and Maroon

I wore this yesterday (I'm in 12th grade) and everybody laughed at me. It was just an experiment. So you know this happened on April 14th 2017.

No way. They are too close together. What makes maroon is brown and purple. Couldn't pair those.

I love the color maroon, but with brown? They're a similar shade so yeah.

Never pit these together

7 Blue and Pink

I think pink and blue go together perfectly. You are absolutely wrong if you think pink and blue don't go together. You look fabulous just the way you are and nobody can tell you differently. Not even your family or friends... Etc. I'm so angry when people think that pink and blue don't go together. Look on the color wheel people.

Wow! I can't even imagine why anyone would even put this on a top twenty list for colors that don't look good together. Plus I Love the fist comment, " You look fabulous just the way you are and nobody can tell you differently. Not even your family or friends... Etc"

They're a bit weird : they remind me of Kirby and Meta Knight or Kirby and Blue Kirby...

Blue & Pink: the colours of Cotton Candy would be the best though!

8 Yellow and Pink

This is a great combination! It reminds me of The Land of Sweets and candy. The paired colours look really nice and pretty together.

One of my favourite colour combinations. I love how they go together. Should be removed from this list, as it makes no sense this being here.

Pink and yellow are the prominent colors that has to be endured when looking at donald trump. not to mention the two blue dots (windows to hell) that lie to us all!

Yellow... and pink. They're both vibrant and together, they burn my retinas... Thank god I stopped looking at those colours together.

9 Blue and Gold

I beg to differ. Blue and gold together is a truly stunning combination - but that does depend on what shade of blue it is. A lustrous midnight blue and gold is simply beautiful

My schools colors...they look amazing together and we had a party themed with Blue and Gold...maybe a hint of silver in there too.

Blue and gold really match together. I've worn several blue and gold clothes and they were explicit.

Blue and gold go great together unless the blue is too dark/grey (navy blue) or the gold is too dark (rusted).

10 Brown and Black

I think brow and black are both really good bases for outfits, but together they look tasteless.

Brown and black is beautiful ok. It reminded me of wolves and wolves are my favorite animals!

It's tacky together and they don't match. Brown shoes and black pants. Major no no

These two colours can be quite a startling combination.

The Contenders
11 Yellow and Black

I personally don't understand whats wrong with yellow and black, not only do most people think it looks good together, and they compliment eachother, but they were chosen by nature to be together on multiple organisms such as bees and some flowers!

Yeah, you know what it is, black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow...Ahem, this is a very nice color combination! Bees and wasps!

How is black and yellow (wiz Khalifa song just saying) a bad combo, when I look at things that are black and yellow eg. A bee, out of bound Sellotape thing that the police have you no. It's awesome

Black pants with a yellow shirt? Is that so awful? It goes well for the bees, so why not for humans?

12 Pink and Red

I understand if you don't like this combo, but their both from the red family. I won't get angry because I understand if you don't like pink or red, but I think they work just fine.

Who wouldn't love these two pretty, nice, almost same colours?

I think red and pink are fine together. They're both good colors for hearts

Worst color combination

13 Yellow and Brown

No it's a good combo!

(If you don't or didn't watch Little einsteins you will have NO IDEA who I am about to talk about)

For some reason the colors Yellow and Brown remind a bit of Quincy and Annie...

I think mist color combinations can be good, but this is really ugly. But who knows maybe it could look good!

I like this combo. It reminds me of pee and poop together in the toilet.

Yellow and Brown?!?!? I'm saying it's really bad but bad combination

14 Brown and Yellow

I like yellow and brown together.

15 Black and Green

Excuse me? Black and green go incredibly well together! My deadmau5 Google Chrome theme proves that point.

If it's dark green, I agree, but if it's neon green... that's my favorite color combination!

Awesome combination! Both are my favorite colors, along with blue and red.

Black goes well with practically any bright color.

16 Brown and Lime Green

This should be way higher. At present (with 4 more attractive color combinations higher on the list) this is the ugliest combination I have seen here.

What?! This is one of the best combinations, better than pink for sure.

Trees. If you don't like this color combo, you won't like forests.

So trees are ugly? Nature is ugly?

17 Purple and Yellow

Many shades of purple go beautifully with many shades of yellow but not all shades of purple go with all shades of yellow - choose wisely and if you are color blind ask several friends.

Purple and Yellow are directly across from each other on the color wheel, which means they are complementary colors and they go together.

These are my favourite colour combination. Think of the purple Iris is deep purple with a bright yellow centre. Enough said.

Purple and yellow are opposites on the color wheel and thus, go together. This is called complimentary colors.

18 Red and Lime Green

If you wear these colors you will be enslaved in a sweatshop full of eerily jolly midgets.

I Love Christmas but these colours together Yuck as ... I hate this combo!

I don't care if they're opposites on the colour wheel, it's disgusting.

This should be way WAY higher. All the ones above I like or love. Aside from dark blue and orange (only dark blue not light blue, light blue and orange are great together.)

19 Red and Blue

Red and blue doesn't go together, your dad, mum, or both might think it looks great, maybe even your family, the truth is it doesn't, if you want to look like some kind of kid trying to be "cool", or a fictional character, then go ahead. -me

Why! Why would you do this? Unless you add green and make a Christmas tree fine but no..

Lots of national flags have this combination and it's not bad.

I am literally planning to dye my hair blue and red and I won't care if there is a little purple

20 Purple and Brown

This combo isn't 100% the best in my opinion, but lavender and dark brown work together just fine.

Purple is my favorite color and my hair is brown so yeah they work together.

I love the right shades of brown with purple accent!

I've dyed my hair dark brown ( almost black but not completely ) and a purple. Like a half and half :) and I completely say that it looks gorgeous together

21 Gold and Black

The gold adds an extra touch to the black, a reason why I like this combo. It's not too fancy, but it could work for going somewhere nice.

Black looks good with everything except brown, in my opinion. My school's colors are black and well as at least 3 other schools within an hour's drive of me. Some places call a medium toned bright yellow (google Jasper High School Baseball - the JHS in Indiana- for the shade I'm talking about) gold. That yellow still looks good, but I definitely prefer black and metallic gold when I'm not showing school spirit.

Gold and black look great together, they are a warm and a neutral, which can almost never go wrong.

I think they go really well together.

22 Pink and Orange

Orange, if you think about it I have orange pants and I have to dress tacky, so I think those will be good to dress for tacky because they don't match!

I call this color combination Orink. I used to hate both colors, but now now I like them. So to have them together makes me hurl.

I love this combination. Add red and you have a stunning trio!

If you use the right shades, they kinda look like sunset colours

23 Fuchsia and Peach
24 Red and Aqua Green

Red an turquoise are very good in my opinion. They compliment each other and I like that.

Gross combo. Irritating nonsense

I don't really like it.

The don't go together

25 Blue and Green

When considering this combination, you must think of bright green with bright blue, with no blend of the two. It's garish and ugly. Yes, the two can be paired well if you blend them and the contrast is not harsh, but with two solid colours bright green and bright blue are frankly a hideous combo.

There is a little rhyme which goes: blue and green should never be seen unless there's something inbetween.

Blue and green are gorgeous together. Think of the swirling ocean...stunning!

I love blue and green being together. It's nature, blue sky and green grass.

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