Worlds That Should Be In Kingdom Hearts 3

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21 Wizards of Wazerly Place

No real people in Kingdom Hearts!

Umm... Port Royal And Tron Have Real People

22 The Black Cauldron

Well Phineas and Ferb, Wizards of Wazerly Place (The Wizards of Waverly Place), Gravity Falls and The Muppets really But Really don't feet. The Black Cauldron has a better adventure and storyline. Besides it does have an ending.

Imagine Sora Donald and Goofy Fighting The Horned King! It would be awesome!

This sounds like a great idea


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23 Monster University
24 Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Oooh boy don't cry Loz

25 The Princess and the Frog

Dr. Facilier and his abilities to summon the darkness would make a great boss battle.

26 Tangled

Great news! It was announced that this world is going to be in Kingdom Hearts 3!

The only reason I didn't vote for this is because it already is going to be in Kingdom Hearts 3! - Disneylover

I gues people don't vote for this since it was already confirmed. But why is this still an entry in that case?

27 A Christmas Carol





28 Underland

For those who don't know this is Wonderland as envisioned by Tim Burton and/or James Bobin - mcvito

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29 Robin Hood
30 Pokemon

I'm a huge Pokemon fan but this has nothing to do in Kingdom hearts...

No way! That show his annoying!

Pokemon isn't Disney, thus will never appear in KH.

The only way this would show up is if Square got permission to make LH3 for NX and make this an exclusive world!

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31 Cars

It sounded good but then I thought "Sora as a car?! "

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32 Tinkerbell (Film)

I think they should make a world of the movie called tinkerbell.

I think they should make a world of the movie Tinkerbell for the game and love all the main fairies including Silvermist the water fairy.

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33 Capcom Universe

I don't see third party worlds appearing (lucasfilms doesn't count since its owned by Disney now)

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34 Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Sounds good but I don't see any plot

This BETTER be in kh3! The story for this world basically writes itself

No and Yes

35 The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Yes. I'm referring to the one with Nicolas Cage. It would make sense, with Merlin's and Yen Sid's appearance in the game.

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36 Final Fantasy VII

There has never been a Final Fantasy world in a Kingdom Hearts game. Kingdom Hearts 3 should be the first to include one.

Well kingdom hearts is mostly known for disney worlds but ok! FF VII sounds good!

KH features FF and nobody said only Disney Worlds, so why Not,

FFVII is awesome, Sephi for Story Boss
Kefka Palazzo optional

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37 Big Hero 6

Great news! This one has been announced!

38 Kim Possible

It doesn't make any sense

Cool, but no

39 Guardians of the Galaxy

No one likes that movie

Could be cool!

40 A Bug's Life

Yes! The crickets with the heartless vs the circus bugs and sora?! Just imagine that huge battle!

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