Frozen is really the most idiotic and worst animated of all time. Some who say not bad at all are really completely out of their mind or are really foolish. It is really extremely disgusting, full of complete annoyance and illogical and nonsense plot. Also the most sucking thing is its soundtrack of especially and most really idiotic, illogical and sucking song Let it Go. This film really doesn't deserves to win a single academy awards. It has really been bribed for this ward which can said 90 percent or above by me and by many people around the world. This film really deserves negative reviews from critics which they have most horrible blunder while judging on this film. As the plot is really completely nonsense and trash, this film also deserves to get flopped up. The characters are not properly developed. The most underdeveloped and worst character is Elsa followed by then Anna. The critics were really very foolish and crazy for this film as they themselves couldn't admit how ...more

It's not that good of a movie. Too much hype for an average film. In fact, this is probably one of Disney's worst films. And the songs... Oh my god. I don't want to hear another soul singing "Let it Go" or "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman".

Mad how it became the best-selling film! - By the way I'm a hater of it - sryanbruen

This movie deserves a lower rating. I'm not saying it's good, but I've seen many other films that are worse than Frozen(especially recently). But then, I can see why it got so high up in this list. This movie didn't deserve the hype it received from people across the globe, because eventually, it became entirely overrated by mid-2014. In fact, the only reason why Frozen really became overrated is because of the soundtrack. No one really cares about the film, except the crazed Disney fans.

I don't like this movie, because like I said before, the soundtrack is overrated and quite annoying if it's played constantly, the storyline/plot is bland, the characters are too dramatic(but then again, it's a drama movie as well), and they constantly sing every 5 minutes throughout the movie. Get on with the movie. The animation errors are out of control(there are at least a few), and overall, this whole entire movie just seem rushed, like Disney itself had better things to do than to work ...more

This is most really most worst and overrated thing. It's deserves lowering rating with extremely negative reviews from critics who were really dumb enough to do film review for this and giving all fake praises for this. They themselves couldn't realise that how the story and songs were irrelevant and annoying. It also doesn't really deserves to win a single academy award and hence it deserves to get flopped up. It has really been bribed for its almost praise from the critics and also bribed for giving a Oscar for this disgusting and hateful thing.

An overrated, awful and definitely the worst animated movie ever created, and the worst Disney animated movie since Chicken Little. The plot is terrible, the characters are generally unlikable and also the script has the worst in ever animated film history. I've never walked out of the cinema angrily and head aching before also the songs were terrible too

This animation is totally very annoying and idiotic including songs specially let it go. I don't understand why did Disney hired these stupid directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee as well as this stupid producer peter del velco. They were dumb enough to make project for this film within 18 months. Also the Disney hired nonsense and foolish songwriters Booby Lopez and his wife Kristen Lopez. Whatever interview I have seen of this people including both filmmakers as well as songwriters all are the fakes in reality. Disney has totally done horrible thing which they don't realise. on the other hand the voice cast hiring Kristen bell specially followed by followed by Idina Menzel then Santino Fontana, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad was really a stupid thing. The characters specially Anna and Elsa how worse they were developed my goodness Disney didn't care at all and later on they will give all rubbish excuses in order to hide their mistakes. Disney is really doing a great blunder which they ...more

Every 10 minutes, they sing. They just sing. That "do you wanna build a snowman" bull couldn't stop playing for at least 10 minutes and I had to think to myself, how the hell would I ever shut Anna up for one damn second. Seriously, this is torture. Combine childish songs with overrated and annoyingly catchiness, you'll never know how much of a pain I've been going through for 2 years. Disney has gone too far with the musical since Tangled came around.

If the fans would tell me that I have the worst taste of music, I would say that the fans have the worst taste of silence. And now let's bring out the irony for the last, if people can't let that go, why are they singing Let It Go anyway?

Come on! Why isn't Frozen on this list. This movie is CRAP. LITERAL CRAP.. I mean seriously, what? "Disney has gone from CRAP to TOTAL CRAP! The plot sucks, song sucks and ice powers for a princess that freezes an entire kingdom up and her sister freezes up because of ice struck in her heart. SERIOUSLY? "Most annoyingly overrated movie. Please vote this movie up this list if you have any sense.

Extremely overrated movie with an underdeveloped storyline, awful "charting hit" musical numbers, obnoxious character line up and frequent "sisterly love" imperatives, asserted in a feeble attempt to convince viewers that this isn't just another generic fairytale with twists and turns predictable as the light of day. Avoid this godforsaken abomination at all costs.

If you have a little sister/daughter/niece ETC, you'll know the pain of having her sing Let It Go all the damn time. I wish this movie would just be forgotten about already. Please. This movie isn't bad, but it ISN'T THE GREATEST ANIMATED MOVIE EITHER! Is it because of the song, or the year (2013 animated movies weren't spectacular). I wonder if in 2023, anybody will remember this movie... - JozzoRobber

Frozen is definitely not the worst animated movie out there, it's only the fact that it refuses to go away that makes it my vote. They keep dragging this movie through the dirt and trying to make it something that it into something that it's not. Mini-movies, t-shirts, plushes, toys, everything has and will have Frozen on it. From how much hype this movies has gotten, I feel like it would make the movie feel like such a disappointment for someone who had never seen it before. The movie is actually not that bad of a children's movie, it's just a case of extreme overhype that got out of hand and destroyed anything this movie had to offer.

Frozen is definitely one of the most overrated movies of all time. And the songs- oh my goodness, just kill me now. Frozen made about 1,000,000,000 dollars in theaters, which is about 1,000,000,000 more dollars than it should have made. Hate me ALL you want

This films is dull, bland and forgettable. The animation is fine and Olaf was a good character, but a good chunk of the plot makes no sense, the characters are tools and why do Elsa's parents lock her in her room? The trolls say fear is her enemy so why do they make her scared?

Frozen is totally overrated. It doesn't seem like an adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Snow Queen' and is very bland. Prince Hans is a terrible Disney villain.

Very idiotic and disgusting film. Unnecessary characters like Olaf and Hans was mentioned in the story which should not be at all. This Disney animated movie needs to be very strictly rebooted in animated 3D with CGI version by hiring correct directors and Disney most well known songwriters like Alan Menken or vice versa. The inspiration of the place was also inappropriate very much. It wasn't fitting well for the kingdom setting. The characters are also very stupid and annoying and are not well developed. The entire plot of the story is also bland completely. The songs are unnecessarily too much. There should be limited number of songs with one proper main song. The let it go song was most idiotic song followed by then for the first time in forever. Disney must very strictly do animated reboot 3D CGI version otherwise Disney will itself really pay for this heavily one day seriously.

This movie is fantastic. The plot is great. The songs are great. The only person I didn't like was Hans, because he so good at being a con artist and trickster, he turned out so good at being bad, he turned out bad. The plot twist where Hans is the villain I never saw coming. Even Olaf is likable. Give me one reason why Frozen is a bad movie, and don't say " Oh, it's the fanbase," or " It's because of those stupid Let It Go videos." I agree. The fanbase and those videos where people sing Let It Go a thousand times are terrible, but you can't judge a movie by a fanbase. Put it on Movies With The Worst Fanbases, and take off this list.

This movie is an overrated piece of crap. I mean, seriously, they had the characters be all lovey dovey, although there was n reason to, and the only reason they made Hans be the bad guy because they needed another 30 minutes to make it a full movie. I mean, really, how it this not number one? I could slap this piece of crap together in 3 days.

Personally I will that this movie is the first and for the first time has been has been overrated and overhyped for irrelevant and illogical reasons and this is very idiotic thing happened for the first time which is not at all fair.Those who say little bit some of hem had enjoyment of this are totally truly idiots and totally out their mind. As this film deserves very low rating and also deserves to get flopped up as this film is so worst and idiotic of all time in reality if judged properly.

Seriously, guys? You REALLY think that Frozen deserves to be ranked among the likes of Foodfight, Ratatoing, and Where the Dead Go to Die? I'm sorry, but no. I'll admit, Frozen does have a few flaws, but to call it a film that's worse than anything else on this list is just ridiculous. Yes, this film suffers from overplay/overhype. Yes, certain characters need to be vague to move the plot forward. Yes, the film can get a little too "quirky" at times, and I can see how that aspect can turn people off. But for crying out loud, to call this film as bad as Foodfight and the like is just ludicrous. If you voted for this film, you are either a pitiful hipster whose words should be taken with a grain of salt, are a troll, or you CLEARLY have not actually seen the other films on this list.

First of all, to the guy who's comment is at the bottom, Disney didn't come up with that, Hans-Christian Andersen did, as far as I know. Second of all, there are SO many bad things I could say about this movie. It should replace The Lion King on the list, and The Lion King shouldn't even be on here! Third of all, where is Chicken Little? Finally, Olaf is the ugliest cute thing I have ever seen. - Evant

And remember folks, you paid to see this... Along with you paying for your Elsa princess party and you $30.00 two foot tall Olaf doll and so much more stuff that you'll be throwing away in just two years when the next Disney film come out. Enjoy throwing out $200.00 worth of merchandise in the future or selling at 10% of what it cost you at the store. But hey, what ever shuts your child up, right? And this movie is very mind-numming to sit through as well as the songs go no where and make no sense which will surely shut up that kid of your's.

Literally sucks ah hate it and the let it go song is so bad it's irritating, not funny, stupid and nothing compared to PIXAR movies it's Horrible except for some music and now they're planning to make a sequel oh no:(

This overrated and horrible film in actuality with its dumb and nonsense plot and also its nonsense and annoying songs especially the let it go deserves to get flopped up. Disney has done most worst really by bribing this film for the academy awards by getting all fake praises by the critics in the review who were really dumb enough to do that.

Good but overrated, it has a few flaws but is a pretty cute Disney movie. And here are my complaints

-why did her parents lock Elsa in her room, instead of having her wear gloves or even better TEACHING HER TO CONTROL HER POWERS!
-Olaf is just a teeny teeny bit annoying at the start, and how did he become alive? Explain? No? Ok ;-;
- True love? really? Well it IS Disney... but still

Ok, but has a few noticeable flaws. Way to overrated, but the songs are beautiful even if everyone sings them... mostly, they can be SO ANNOYING to hear.

I do think elsa looked okay with her coordination dress. She looks stupid with her snow queen costume. Let it go is the worst song ever, elsa is the worst singer ever