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181 Despicable Me

Seriously? Whoever said this is very strange because this is very good

Don't Hate Just Because Of The Minions Movie

Better than 3rd one - Lunala


182 Jungle Book (Good Times)

A rip off of Disney's jungle book which is fantastic.

Look at mogllee's face and you will see pure evil.

183 Dragon Hill: The Magic Cube

A crappy sequel that was literally terrible. Looks like it was animated on flash, and every character looked stupid. And there's this one scene where the maid randomly starts teaching them about road signs. Seriously?

Looked up the first, looks like some cartoon a 2 year old would watch from the animation ALONE.

Just the graphics and the plot can kill people. This movie sucks

Very creative name ya got there. - ItsCyclic

184 The Secret Life of Pets

What is this! This movie is excellent it has great characters, animation, and humor

I'm a pets fan. Whoever put this on here doesn't have a sense of humor.

Don't know why this would be a bad film when it received good reception and kicked Zootopia's butt in the domestic box office. Toy Story ripoff? I think not.

This movie sucks. It teaches jealousy, when max was jealous of duke. It teaches revenge, when snowball got revenge on people that didn't do anything wrong. The animation is awful and I find the characters so unlikeable. Even Moana is better than this crap.-trollsfan536

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185 Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip

I had no intention to see this and I looked at the ratings and it was terrible. This is not the movie for a mature audience.

That's not Animated

In full movie There is no scene
In trailer I saw nissan cube trying to hit back of police car - SpencerJC

These keep happening.

186 Cats Don't Dance

I've always found Darla Dimple annoying because all she did was whine, walk, talk, crawl, and cry like a baby. That's why Darla Dimple is NOT a cartoon character at all. I'm very happy that annoying little baby jerk is dead for good.

I haven't seen it but looks good.

I'm a cat and I'm offended by this

187 My Life as a Courgette

It's just weird.

188 The Boss Baby

Don't know anything about this movie except that one of my friends nickname is "Boss Baby" because he looks IDENTICAL to him. Except older. - JamesBourne

I had to say it,s ok

189 Surf's Up 2: Wavemania
190 Trolls

It may not be the rich man's version of A Troll in Central Park, but it is childishly happy, has Justin Bieber's girlfriend Ariana Grande, moments whereas Poppy & Branch bicker and has not enough original songs.

191 The Care Bears Movie

*Sigh*... - LOTP

192 Despicable Me 3 Despicable Me 3

I saw this movie today. OH MY GOD, THIS WAS GARBAGE! (at least compared to the original.) The plot was bland as hell and WAY too overstuffed.

Not too bad but the original is better. There aren't a lot of minions in this one and the cheese festival part was weird. Also all the minions leave gru then go to jail.

Also gru's twin is unlikeable and has THE MOST annoying voice and he looks like a girl. Ugh I want to hang myself after hearing dru's whiny voice. it gave me ear ringing and headaches. - Lunala

193 Freedom Force


194 Scooby-Doo! and the Reluctant Werewolf

Things are becoming too nonsense!

195 Captain N: The Game Master

It may not be perfect but still a guilty pleasure. The Timon and Pumbaa show is much worse.

This is not even a movie it's an animated series

This is a show of such bad portrays!

This isn't a movie.

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196 Cool World

This movie is too dirty!

The concept is great, but the plot is so slow and nonsensical it's boring to watch. I had to take 10 minutes breaks near the climax.


197 Disco Worms

This movie looks funny.

Laughed as soon as I saw the name and cover. - Lunala

Ok this looks like a bad movie like a really bad movie.

198 Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

This is one of the greatest films I have ever seen. It's better than almost all of the Pixar films, for me. It never had a dull moment, the acting was amazing, the plot well put-together, and the visuals completely breathtaking. They really need to make a sequel to this amazing film.

it's super far from top 10 and so boring, even the trailer is boring and this is for babies

Most boring movie ever. No one wants to watch a movie about boring owls doing boring stuff.

It's about owls fighting. - Lunala

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199 Thumbelina (1994)

Eh. The music sucked 100% but the movie was...

200 A Snow White Christmas

Since when Snow White became a platinum blonde and what the heck happened to the other six dwarfs? - bigg3469

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