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India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country (with over 1.2 billion people), and the most populous democracy in the world. Its capital is New Delhi. Some other major cities are Mumbai, Chennai, and Ahemdabad. more.


There are multiple reasons why I would say that inspite of being an Indian.

1. Corruption- Anywhere you go, government offices, schools, private organisations and most importantly the people themselves are corrupt to their bones. Everyone including me wants to make money, but here making money assumes a negative sense and people try to squeeze people out for money. Example, a school leaving certificate in India is so difficult to obtain, that you need to file a police report and have to bribe the cops, then go to the school administration and bribe them again so that you get your stuff on time. A person with economic constraints finds it terrible to lead a daily life, forget about making it big.

2. Lack of civic sense and social apathy.

People litter, spit and drive stupidly with sheer inconsideration for their fellow beings. Government has to spend heavily on cleaning up the mess and educating programmes for people. But still they don't budge even an inch. ...more

We love to dwell in our ignorance and negligence. We judge people on the basis of their caste, colour, race, religion, height, weight, sex and everything which does not matter. And every time when we fail in competing developed countries, we take refuge by boasting about our majestic 'Indian culture', not knowing the very fact that there existed nothing like 'Indian culture'. We don't know much about our history, nor are we interested in knowing. Closed minded orthodox mentality just kills any innovative idea or a healthy debate. Talking about debate, we do not know how to debate. We boast of our intelligence, but fail to have any university in world's top 200 list. And guess what, we don't care and we are proud of it.

Worst place to live for a women. Men here think that women are meant only for sexual desire.

I am Indian and I truly believe many of the points that make India the Worst Asian country, are very true. To my fellow ignorant and dumb Indians who cannot handle the truth, you cannot think "Outside the Box", you cannot think logically and clearly for yourselves, you are helpless and worthless and also fail to handle REAL reality, not FAKE reality as well. So shame on you India.

All of India's politicians, are not only corrupt - they do not serve the interests of Bharatia (the Indian nation). Indian politician's, are just controlled puppets for their evil Banking Masters, who want to keep our country forever poor and under their secretive control. They hate to see India develop and urbanize and become debt-free and self-sufficient. They also hate and intend to overthrow any Indian government that does not tow the Bankers Line and worst of all, invade and terrorize our country.

Please also remember, The Commonwealth is a racist organisation, to keep India and ...more

People are rude, uncivilized, uncultured, filthy, smelly. You will never know what real life is if you live in India. People all look worried and tired of life. People here believe life is a lesson in suffering. Better to migrate to somewhere else if you are in India or never come back to India, if you are already abroad. Ugly cities like Bangalore are rated amongst the best in India. That itself tells you what the average life here is like.

India's the worst place in the world! I CANNOT STRESS THAT ENOUGH! WHY IS IT NUMBER!? IT SHOULD BE AT LEAST IN THE TOP 3! The schools are HORRIBLE! All they care about is making money! People in India are extremely uncivilized! If that's not bad enough, did I mention corruption? Well, it's a major problem. In general India IS ONE OF THE WORST COUNTRIES THAT YOU COULD POSSIBLY LIVE IN! ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN!

It is a Hell-hole, tourist women are advised not to wear their skirt, people need vaccination before arriving there, there's a high rate of tourists suffering from food poisoning and pick pockets are common. They'll never advance when their government invest for military instead of fixing the sanitation crisis, people there have little to no ethical morals with their ideologies and the population is extremely high, there's only 1 police for every 1,000 citizen so crimes will remain as high as ever. They're migrating instead in search of sanctuary where they do not bother abiding foreign laws. Please avoid India, even if you see some discounts because it's not worth to see a dead corpse lying around somewhere or an Indian defecating or any inhuman behavior. This is for your safety, stay safe.

India is not meant for the sensible and kind people who look for a safe environment for their families and themselves. It is indeed an overcrowded hell. They are the most closed minded, obnoxious, selfish, cunning and ignorant people to say the least. They don't accept others' point of views even though they are mindless racists. There is no respect for humans.

Their thinking is the main reason for all their problems in India. The only way a country can really prosper is if it provides it's people the freedom of thought, dignity and equal rights, livelihood and opportunities to everyone. Even if the people change by some miracle, the current population may not be able to sustain itself for a prolonged period of time.

India is heading towards a fanatical and Hindu religious compulsion rituals place, totally messed up with the new RSS backed Modi led government, trying disturb the balance by influencing young educated youth via social media and making matters worse than you can imagine, super bullet train dreams, the poor are steam rolled by the rich because of of political clout, I see things only as a dream for the youth who are only wanting a great lifestyle which will never come as promised by this government, and there will be endless bans on endless and senseless things.

Today we have MBA's selling ice creams and policies... quite a shame, Industrial growth reduced, basic commodity prices tripled, petrol the costliest in the world, transportation companies like the Mumbai metro has been on a price rising spree since its launch in mid 2014, today the prices are 4 times hire and expected to go 3 times more... wow what a great place for helpless people to be..haha

I'm from India and I'm not gonna lie. This place is horrible on so so so many levels. I can't wait to go to Australia and get a new living. But at the same time, a lot of you gentlemen here are being hypocrites for calling us racist. The way you vehemently rant makes you seem racist as hell just in case you didn't notice. In terms of historical and cultural beauty, But is it a nice place to settle and spend the rest of your life? No. Just no.

Also I'd like to mention the hypocrisy of our government because we call India a "secular" country. How is India supposed to be secular if cow meat is banned in a lot of states just because Hindus find it offensive? Now, I believe that alll meat should be illegal, but that's another issue, but the thing is, non-veg is not something illegal but cow is banned in many states because of Hindu beliefs. Secular? Really? I don't think so.

Nobody mentioned heavy disrespect for women and intolerable immaturity. They are cracking jokes from 10 years of age and grow up to be roadside *astards who smoke all the time, most are dumped and then drink all night, claiming themselves depressed and all. The lame comments they make and their useless efforts to attract attention always go in vain and the education system there sucks. Corruption, horrifying pollution, idiotic beliefs, racism, or communism, stupid drama, over-reacting to stuff, it's all so ugly, I want this country to suffer so much damn pain and collapse. Hell, history would be beautiful if this place never existed.

It Is Worst Ever Country, No Dought.. They Don't Have Moral Values, They Don't Have Respect On Fellow Humans...

The trouble with you Indians, you cannot expect everybody to like you and your cesspit corrupt and overcrowded country. You always expect everybody to hold the same opinion and always argue and criticize if somebodys opinion is different to yours.

How is India the best country in the world, if it still remains poor and underdeveloped, corrupt and overpopulated then? Do not also forget, India like very country in the world, has debt and is also controlled by Bankers, who can destroy India's Economy, at any time. The harsh reality is, it will eventually happen, when you do not expect it.

This is not a systematically planned country, everything is just popping up from anywhere and for all the wrong reasons like corruption. People are illiterate despite the degrees they are earning from chop shop colleges, they have impeccable third world and slave like attitude and mentality. There is really nothing more to say.

I'm an Indian but I regret being an Indian. it's the worst country to live. no proper system in India.

You are absolutely correct it's a curse to be born in this hole and further curse to study in this country.

India is just facing overpopulation. Even China has controlled their population. After some 10 to 20 years after India will be the largest country in terms of population, if they don't take it seriously.

India is as close to Dante's version of hell as it gets. I live here and am working my ass off to leave this godforsaken place. Overpopulated, filthy, corrupt, racist, xenophobic,...and much much more.

Mi in India now from Africa India is the hell on earth, India is bad in every aspect racism, food, pollution, weather, Dirty, smell corn any lairs every evil every bad thing under sun and beyond human knowledge is here don't waste your money to come to India is like going to HITLER CONCENTRATION CAMP... Every time noise

Horrible, dirty place, overcrowded and the people are vile and rude. Avoid like the plague that you'll eventually get from the barrage of bad food and dirty water

Well, I know how you people reacted to this list after seeing this list. I am not gonna say anything about the criticism of women here. Although I am an Indian girl and see the day-to-day happenings here but surely I am gonna say that I have something good in me that the more I listen about my country (whether its good or bad), the more I get attracted. Well, it deserves to be in the list but not in the top one because it's better than a country which is filled with the feeling of terrorism... Keep guessing which one is highlighted over here!

Lack of everything which you can imagine

This country is sick! Indians have low IQ, poor hygiene and no care for their country. They litter everywhere they go. They believe in all kind of stupid superstitions and their ugly gods.

No. 1 is right and for those who think it is wrong, wait for another 10 years and see with your own eyes. Even North Korea and Afghanistan are better in some aspects. India is not worst in every aspect (worst in 80% and lies in bottomlines in rest 20%) but also not the best in any, and the cocktail of troubles here has placed India on number 1 in worst nation category.
If we see all the problems of this country and their sources collectively and the reality that Indians and Indian govt both are just unwilling to take any serious actions for saving this nation, its easy to conclude this nation is has failed and heading towards a great social and economical collapse, and will be the cause of trouble for rest of the world which would already become fragile and volatile by 2030...just imagine 1400 millions in chaos on a small piece of land with hostile neighbours and no where to go.

India is a colonized slave country historically. IQ of Indians are very low (85). Government of India is most corrupt and, perverted. People of India are too corrupt, untrustworthy and crony. India is filthy, underdeveloped, western-aping and confused corrupt country. This country is destined to be broken apart and people will beg to world.